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November 5, 2013

Sound Off

President Pinocchio

As millions of Americans receive notification that their health insurance is being cancelled, the Prevaricator in Chief at the White House (“You can keep your insurance company, you can keep your doctor ...”) points his finger at everyone but himself (Republican opposition, greedy insurance companies, etc.). The buck will never stop at the Oval Office and President Pinocchio’s nose will continue to grow longer each day.

Preventative care

Many people in America die each day because they never had access to preventative care for the many insidious, untreated ills like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart irregularities and other ills that go untended. But that has never been a Republican concern on a national basis. And even though Romney succeeded in Massachusetts, he promised he would cancel the Affordable Care Act if elected. If Republicans had a heart, they should assist in making ACA work rather than trying to destroy it. If Republicans continue their lack of concern for the health of Americans, they can expect a long, cold winter.


I read 13 articles in the mainstream media and on liberal sites that the Republicans “sabotaged” healthcare.gov by not approving funding and starving the project of money. This is a laughable lie in the face of the fact that they spent $634 million, making it the most expensive e-commerce site in history.

Same result

To the caller who voted twice for Obama and hopes that this term will be better: Insanity is doing the same thing twice and expecting a different outcome.

Must vote

To the person who chooses not to vote because there are no honest politicians: I have never voted for someone. But I have always voted against someone. You have to at least try because in other countries you can’t.

Lost freedom

I am an older veteran, serving in the military was my life and I am a very proud American who realizes how hard we fought for the freedom and the liberties we have in the United States. Therefore, I do not understand what is happening in our country. It is in my understanding that our government will fine us if we do not choose to sign on to their health-care plan. This is not right. What gives our government the right to make our choices for us or we will get penalized if we do not do as they say? If we as Americans allow our government to do this, where does it end?

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