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November 10, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Voting machines

Isn’t it interesting -- and extremely suspicious -- that some voting machines in Lawrence “broke down” during the voting hours on Nov. 5? Isn’t it peculiar that one of those machines just happened to be in South Lawrence West, where Rivera held a large following? Not that I’m accusing Rivera’s opposition of foul play, but the coincidence is outstanding.

Self destruction

It’s like shooting fish in a barrel watching these amateur tea party hacks self-destruct. First we watched Marco Rubio squash his 2016 hopes with immigration reform, then we saw Ted Cruz self-destruct in front of the entire world with his elementary school antics on the shutdown. And now this week we watched Rand Paul flush his career down the toilet with his admission that he’s a serial plagiarist. Now that was funny. But I ask you, folks: Are you really surprised that these phonies have self-destructed so quickly? I’m not. As predicted, it looks like the tea party will be nothing but a distant memory come 2016. Well done, boys. Well done.


To my neighbor who feels it necessary to pick up leaves and then dumps them in front of my gate to my property: Seriously, are you for real? I would advise you to read about nature. Leaves do not have names on them. Your leaves blow in other people’s yards just as mine do. Try being neighborly for a change. Try being nice.


I had to read the “Sound Off” comment about Kathleen Sebelius saying it was “against the law” for her to be covered by the Affordable Care Act three times to be sure I understood what I was reading. These politicians are fooling you big time and you are apparently unaware of it. She may be excluded from the law because of the way the Democrats wrote it. But she and the rest of the politicians absolutely should not be exempt. You live in the clouds and are probably happier than the rest of us since, to defend her, you are obviously oblivious as to what is going on in our country.


So only a few signed up for the affordable health care. I am not surprised there are only two kinds that will not sign up. First are the ones that work for Wal-Mart or fast foods like McDonald’s and can’t afford it. The others are the ones that if they are sick no one will let them die because then they can’t pay. I doubt the liberals, conservatives or the government can do anything about it.

Democratic wars

Reference the Iraq war being a “Bush war” and it not being ancient history: I agree but, we should also look a little further back and realize that all wars the U.S. has been in during the 20th century have been started by Democratic presidents. In fact, the Vietnam war was started by Lyndon Johnson, a Democrat, and ended by Richard Nixon, a Republican. So how many lives were lost and children maimed by these Democratic decisions? Note these kids were drafted and had no choice but to be offered up as political fodder.