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November 12, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Nonfiction?

Has anyone been reading any of the dystopian society trilogies -- “Hunger Games” and “Divergent” -- lately? As I turn the pages I am hearing today’s news. What is supposed to be fiction is turning into reality.

Know nothing

I know about this guy in Washington. He says that he knows nothing about the following: the “Fast and Furious” arms deal, the raid on Benghazi, the IRS scandal, losing your insurance with the Affordable Care Act and the inability to access the exchange. I’m just wondering: Does he even know his golf score? Snitching on telephone calls? Come on! He does know one thing: how to take a free country and turn it into a socialist state.


We never hear from Mayor Lantigua unless he speaks with Spanish-speaking radio and newspapers or through his attorney. He made a “public” statement after the election but only to Spanish-speaking outlets. So am I to believe that if you speak only English and live in Lawrence you don’t count? Doesn’t everyone need to know what the mayor of their city is talking about, not just those who speak Spanish?


Amazing, isn’t it? This state has just suffered a huge tax increase that was so much less than Gov. Deval Patrick wanted. Now, all of a sudden, he’s able to find $11 million to redo his offices. Is there anyone on Beacon Hill who is on the side of the taxpayer? Oh, I forgot, the Statehouse is dominated by tax-and-spend Democrats who could care less if we are being squeezed by the feds with their ridiculous health care act. Now it’s no problem for them to hit us up for an office renovation that must include a solid gold desk.

Lost choice

I am well into my 80s. I lived my life believing we had freedom of choice in our country but it does not seem that way now since our government is dictating the citizens of the United States have to buy into their health plan or be fined if they do not. To me this is in violation of our freedom of choice, which I believe is stated in our Constitution. Why is this happening in America?


If Obamacare is affordable and great, why doesn’t the president and politicians have it? Why are they exempt from it? Why are so many people saying it is costing them more. They cut food stamps to pay for this insurance, but everyone is still paying too much. I was willing to give Obama the benefit of doubt when he was elected, but he is destroying our country quickly! He believes we Americans are his followers. Let’s get him out now! This country is so far in debt and getting worse thanks to Obama. Seriously, you can’t blame Bush anymore!

Voting concerns

Funny how now that Lantigua and his followers lost, they’re all concerned about voting problems. Where were they the last two elections when people were complaining about problems at the polls? This election was the best administered at the polls I vote at. It’s the first pleasurable voting experience I’ve had in years.