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July 31, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Freebie follies

Some states are working on issues involving EBT cards, but there will always be problems with government, taxpayer-funded freebie programs. People need to be helped at times, but they should not be rewarded for being immoral or playing the system. My husband and I raised our children without help and often went through tough times. The help government provides should not be all-encompassing. Recipients should be on very strict budgets and not able to buy whatever they wish. I know the children should not suffer for the mistakes of the parent. That said, many of these children grow up to start the cycle all over again and never contribute top society. Those of us who worked and are now on Social Security and Medicare are the ones having to worry about making ends meet.

Blog-gone shame

I’d like to thank those who posted their thoughts responsibly on the ET blog. I know a lot of us will no longer be posting due to the change in rules regarding aliases. I felt it was a good way of finding out how others felt about topics that interested me. Unfortunately, because some people are just plain ignorant and disrespectful, the rules are being changed. I understand the reasoning behind this, and I appreciate the efforts to keep the blog going for as long as it has. The new rule of using our actual names instead of an alias has a lot of decent bloggers uncomfortable. Some are concerned about their safety should somebody disagree with them. Some are concerned about the consequences of being openly critical of public officials. Some are concerned about their jobs or the jobs of family members being jeopardized. These are valid concerns. Some of the bloggers will continue posting, but will censor themselves out of caution. Some brave souls will hang in there regardless of the consequences. I will miss reading other people’s opinions on things and I will miss posting my own opinions. Being able to discuss differences of opinions without fear allowed us to be completely honest about our feelings and allowed us to get insights that we would not be able to get elsewhere. It’s just another example of a few bad apples spoiling the bunch. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts with me. It was always appreciated, even when we didn’t agree. — Haverhill Mom.

Diversionary tactics

Suddenly there is backlash about the recent increases in gas, cigarette and computer software taxes. Residents of this state have no one to blame but themselves. You continue to vote in tax-and-spend Democrats, and this is what you get. This is happening at all levels of our government. Mark my words, within the next couple of weeks, we will be seeing photo ops with our state legislators with senior groups to announce some new program to divert your attention to what is really going on.

Religious concern

I noticed that President Obama is more knowledgeable and more enthusiastic about the Muslim holiday Ramadan than he is about Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah and Passover as he demonstrated at a no-expense-spared and quite lavish dinner July 25 to celebrate Ramadan. We have a president who is substantially less interested in Christianity and Judaism, which this great country was founded on. If this doesn’t concern you, then nothing will.