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September 25, 2012

Sound Off

Stop chatting

I’d like to comment about the bus drivers who do not just do their jobs now that school is back in session. Please just pick up the children or drop them off and stop the sitting there chatting up the parents who are there to pick up or drop off. There are other people trying to get to or from work and sitting behind a school bus with no one getting on or off while you chat is rude. And to the parents who participate: Please just drop off your kids or pick them up and stop the chatter. The public would appreciate it.

Life isn’t fair

I think the decision that was made to cancel the father-daughter dance is disgusting. So because one parent complained, everyone suffers? What is this world coming to? I’m sure that parent could find an uncle or a friend who can take her daughter and if not, oh well. Life isn’t fair and sometimes you can’t be included in every little thing the world offers. The mother needs to teach her daughter that life isn’t fair and sometimes you aren’t the same as everyone else. What’s next? Shame on them for cancelling the father-daughter dance because of this mother’s complaints. Shame, shame.

The media

The media should be brought up on criminal charges. The Middle East is in chaos, threatening our national security as well as Israel’s and Iran is very close to having nuclear capability. Our ambassador and staff in the U.S. Embassy in Libya were without protection and brutally murdered, and Obama the next day was fundraising in Las Vegas. Our country is sinking in debt and strife, and the media, with all of this happening right now, can’t stop harassing Mitt Romney. Don’t let them get away with it. These issues are of utmost importance and part of the planned, yes planned, demise of America.

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