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October 1, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Live with it
I’m outraged about the sound barriers being put up on Interstate 93 North. Excuse me, the highway was there first. If those people decided to build their houses there, then they should just adjust to the noise. I lived right near there for many years. You get used to it. It’s a waste of money. The money should be spent elsewhere. I’m disgusted.

Corbett Street blues
I see in the paper that they’re putting in a sound barrier in Andover. They don’t know what sound is unless they live on Corbett Street in Andover, where one side is Interstate 495 24 hours a day. Corbett Street itself is nothing but a raceway for people coming back and forth into Lawrence over the bridge. It’s an absolute disgrace.

Reason to fire 
We pay President Obama’s salary. He supposedly works for us. When an employee fails in industry, they are put on a performance plan. Eventually, they are laid off or fired. Obama has failed. We are wrong to allow him four more years of failure. He has already proven he is incapable of doing the job. He needs to go.

Needs more help
People getting help with food allotments need to call their federal representatives and urge the passage of a farm bill now rather than after the election. They may also want to talk with these representatives about current food prices and food stamp allotments that will be set in the coming months. I realize that there’s a lot of negativity on the part of the general public toward this kind of help. However, as a senior citizen on Social Security alone, I’m pushed to the wall. I need all of the help I can get.

Jobs wanted
I am so sick of hearing about the 47 percent that are on some kind of aid. In the first place I find that too high to be realistic. If it is true, does anyone really think that if there were decent paying jobs around they would go unfilled? If we could get jobs with a living wage, we would see that 47 percent dry up, and you can take that to the bank.

D for Disney
With all the attacks on Warren-Brown and Romney-Obama, I'm voting for Minnie for senator and Goofy for president. We can't do any worse than them. Or maybe I'll just flip a coin.

Foolish Dems 
What disturbs me about President Obama is that he hopes to change America from the bottom up. This really disturbs me because there’s not that much wrong with America. I think the Democrats are acting very foolishly. They do absolutely nothing about all of the illegal immigrants who are part of the problem in this country. Why doesn’t Obama get rid of the illegal immigrants? What’s he doing about the border?

No change
President Obama’s new slogan is "Forward." I want to know what happened to the word "Change."

Merrimack annex
Regarding the overpopulation of students at Merrimack College: Has Merrimack College ever thought of buying or renting the former Stevens Estate? The Stevens Estate has facilities for students there. This would make a great acquisition for Merrimack College, and it would be great for the town of North Andover as well.

To the Sound Off caller who said to stop picking on the mayor of Lawrence and let him do his job: What has he done that was good for the city, besides having his picture or name in the paper all of the time? You must be a friend of Mayor Lantigua to think that he’s done a good job for the city or for anyone he comes in contact with.