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October 2, 2012


The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Cute Scott

Are you kidding, Scott Brown? During the debate with Elizabeth Warren, Brown said she is not of Native American descent and that you could tell by looking at her. Come on, don’t you know that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover? I could call you cute but dumb.

Sickening Scott

Is it just me or does Scott Brown look like a very sickening goody-two-shoes person?

Stuck-up Liz

While we are about the same age and educated, I don’t think that Elizabeth Warren would have befriended me when growing up. She was raised in a single-family home, I was raised in a tenement. She attended an elite girls’ high school, I attended public schools. She drove around in an 8-year-old MG whereas I didn’t have a car until college. When she speaks, she sounds authoritative and pretentious. I know that she is a good woman and cultured, but I really don’t think that she views the world the same way I do. I think Scott Brown will get my vote.

Lord help us

John Cartier’s letter to the editor is right on target. What is wrong with the present picture of our country? Is there anyone who can write a detailed letter like Cartier’s explaining all of the accomplishments of the present administration of the United States? As we’ve read before, if we ever needed the Lord before, we sure do need him now.

History lesson

To the person who said that President Obama is no President Reagan and to the caller who replied, “Thank God for that”: Ronald Reagan became president in 1981. He was not serving in 1973. That president was Richard Nixon. You should really check your facts.

Warning! Warning!

Whatever you do, do not have a fender bender. I had a spotless driving record for over 26 years. I had a fender bender one night. I had to go to court 13 months in a row. I had to come up with $800 and now I’m fighting to get my license back. I went for a road test yesterday. I did everything the guy asked. But he felt that I was overly confident, so he flunked me. Now I’m trying to get a hold of a lawyer or lawyers to help me out.

In my prayers

When I lived at home, the most wonderful lady delivered The Eagle-Tribune to us. I just found out that her husband is seriously ill and she can’t deliver the paper anymore. She is a truly wonderful lady. In all kinds of weather, she was always on time. I’m saying prayers for her and for her husband.

Receiver dropped ball

The city of Lawrence should get rid of the receiver. He hasn’t done a thing about anything that’s been going on in Lawrence. All he cares about is drawing a paycheck. We don’t need him anymore. Just get rid of him.

No action hero

Sen. Scott Brown: You’ve been in the National Guard for years. You were even promoted to be an officer, a leader of men and women. Yet you’ve never seen the front line. I heard that you went to Afghanistan to train. Train for what? You saw a white flash and jumped in a fox hole. Three hours later, you were on a plane going home.

Food stamp president

President Obama was recently asked what he felt his biggest failure in office was and he mentioned that he couldn’t do anything with immigration reform. My question is: Has he been food shopping? He’s supposed to be looking out for the middle class. Unless you’re on food stamps, it’s impossible to feed a family. He’s worrying about other people. That’s my biggest regret: that he is in office right now. Maybe it will change.