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October 4, 2012

Sound Off


Life’s too short

I feel like I could go on and on about the inadequacies of our current president, but at my current age of 55, I wouldn’t live long enough to be able to tell them all.

So-called friends

To the person with the 83-year-old WWII vet Dad: I hope that you’re going to the VA for his medications. He earned that benefit and it is much cheaper. But while drug companies can sometimes make a drug for pennies, the cost to develop that drug is often in the millions. What you should be concerned is how Canada and the Europeans extort the drug companies to sell drugs at reduced cost or risk losing their patents. The U.S. government should be going after these so called “friends” to treat our companies with the fairness they deserve.

Follow the French

In the late ‘20s or early ‘30s, when England had financial trouble, they raised the taxes for the wealthy to 90 percent, and now in today’s paper, France has also raised the taxes for the wealthy, to 75 percent. That also should be the answer for this country, yet certain people have the audacity to ask for a tax cut. It stands to reason if the 1 percent own it all, they have to let taxes remedy the situation by taxing them well over 50 percent. They can still live up to their usual standard.

Chitown warrior

A letter writer Monday gave the all-too-tired “Blame Bush and Cheney” whine on Obama’s failure to improve just about everything. But more importantly, she complained about their lack of service in a combat zone. Hmm. So when did Obama serve in a combat zone or at all for that matter? And while Chicago can be a dangerous city, being a “community organizer” and a state rep fixing parking tickets and potholes does not count as combat duty.

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