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December 20, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Seniors for pot

The citizens of Haverhill overwhelmingly voted to legalize medical marijuana. The residents that voted were intelligent and thought this through. Sit down with a group of senior citizens from this community, and you will see that we are in favor of medical marijuana. The registered voters of Haverhill have spoken, Councilor Macek, we are the voice of the community. We take our responsibilities seriously including the right to vote for what we want. We do not want a medical marijuana center in a part of town where we will be scared to go. Those of us in need, want you to realize that whatever we take for our pain and well-being is extremely important to us and our caregivers. Councilor Macek, go easy on what you do not understand, please get more knowledgeable about how medical marijuana can help.

Masters of deceit

So Hillary Clinton gets a stomach virus, faints and gets a head concussion. Doesn’t go to the hospital but somehow she says it’s serious enough that she won’t be able to testify Thursday regarding the Benghazi cover up. Typical of a liberal Democrat, who will make up excuses not to be truthful. To be a liberal Democrat is to be a master of deception. But I for one am not buying it.

Get tough

We need to make our punishment of people using guns to commit crimes tougher. If you use a gun of any type to commit any crime, an automatic 5 years in jail. If you shoot a person during the commission of that crime, 10 years in jail. If you kill a person with a gun, the death penalty. The other issue is ownership of assault-type weapons. You don’t need a 30-round clip to shoot a deer. You don’ need high-capacity weapons of any type for protection of life and property. I am not against gun ownership, just against these types of heavy weapon, which should only be available to our military and law enforcement personnel.

Where’s the outrage?

I feel great pain over the tragedy in Connecticut, and I do firmly believe that we need better laws, national data bases on guns. While I have the same outrage over these 26 deaths as many folks, where is the outrage over the 1.2 million deaths of children annually through abortion? What did those children do to deserve that fate?

Fight the NRA

Perhaps because the victims were mostly children, perhaps because it came on the heels of three other mass shootings, but whatever the reason, America is ready to replace sympathy and condolences with action. For the first time in our history, we’re ready to tell the gun lobby that we’ve had enough. When NRA spokesmen hit the talk shows this week, pleading, “Let’s not get too hasty,” this time, we’re ready to do just that, act quickly and hastily before the next round of shooters can claim any more victims. This time, when NRA spokesmen hide behind the Second Amendment, we’ll reach behind it, grab them and hold them accountable. When they sit smugly on the talk shows and claim, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” we’ll respond no, sir, actually, guns kill people.