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Posted: Sunday, October 28, 2012 12:05 am

Clear differences between Obama and Romney

To the editor:

More and more, with the presidential election upon us, it seems that a lot of people are saying and blogging things like “there’s no difference”, “they’re all the same” and “it doesn’t matter who wins.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

One candidate stands for a woman’s right to choose, one is adamantly opposed to it. One stands for the rights of all Americans, including gays, to marry, one does not. One changed policies that saw the U.S. lose 700,000 jobs a month and has now had 51 consecutive months of job growth, one would go back to the old failed policies of you-know-who. One would have us engaged in eternal warfare, one has brought our troops home. One want the wealthy who have benefitted disproportionately from the last 10 years of tax cuts to pay 4 percent more in taxes to help the country, one would cut their taxes even more.

One stands for affordable health care, one stands for failed “market-based” solutions that have resulted in the highest costs of health care in the world and the fewest number of insured citizens of any industrialized nation. One stands up to insurance companies for disallowing those with “pre-existing conditions” from receiving insurance, one kowtows to the insurers. One candidate brought bin Laden to justice, one said he “wouldn’t move heaven and earth” to get him.

One has had the same consistent message for four years, one has changed virtually every position he took in the primaries to cover up his more extreme views. One would not sign legislation guaranteeing equal pay for men and women, one did so as his very first official act.

And one stands to allow all to vote, one would restrict voting to the privileged.

All of which is why I think voting for President Obama is the only choice in this election that will keep the country moving on the right track — unless you think all the above positions Romney has taken sound intelligent.

Now, this is America. You can vote anyone you want — it’s none of my business and I don’t really care anyway. But don’t for a minute think there’s no difference between the two men. The difference couldn’t be more obvious.

Domenic A. Feroce


Hassan, Duncan are best for N.H.

To the editor:

Gov. John Lynch has been a very popular governor for New Hampshire. He was elected and re-elected four times. The reason for this was the fact that he was a moderate, a genuinely nice person and very capable. New Hampshire people like these qualities in their governors.

Maggie Hassan is cut from the same cloth. She is a very likeable person, very capable and not out of the mainstream.

If you plan on voting for Maggie, then you should plan on voting for Bill Duncan for Governor’s Council. The new governor will need all the help she can get. Duncan, a graduate of the Naval Academy, a veteran of the Vietnam War and a successful owner-businessman will be that person. Count on it!

Richard J. O’Shaughnessy


Lyons is right choice for 18th Essex

To the editor:

Jim Lyons is just the kind of person we need representing the 18th Essex District. Jim represents change and reform in state government. Jim has worked diligently to increase our local aid and he has fought against the reckless spending of our hard-earned tax dollars. Jim is fearless when standing up for the taxpayers, small business owners, and struggling working families of the district.

That’s why the big city Democrat power-brokers are frantically spending so much money to hurt Jim Lyons and his advocacy for local aid and responsible budgets. These power-brokers will do anything to defeat Jim and then bring back one of their own — Democratic insider Barbara L’Italien.

L’Italien followed along with the power-brokers to slash local aid and hike the sales tax by a whopping 25 percent. Our local communities were punished by the cuts, and our consumers and small businesses were hurt by the tax hike.

L’Italien was a willing ally of former Speaker Sal DiMasi and current Speaker Bob DeLeo. DiMasi and DeLeo misspent our tax resources on bailing out corruption like that of Mayor William Lantigua and his allies at Lawrence City Hall, giving taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal aliens, and lavishing patronage on the scandal-ridden Probation Department. It’s no surprise that L’Italien, herself, inherited a $100,000 per year patronage paycheck in the state bureaucracy. Now, she’s coming back and demanding more.

Is it any wonder these insiders and power-brokers fear the kind of reform, openness and transparency that Jim Lyons carries from our Merrimack Valley to Beacon Hill?

C.J. Gangi

North Andover


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