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November 1, 2007

Former Red Sox weigh in on champs

"Dustin Pedrioia, period. He fooled them all. What a year that kid had, defensively and offensively. He might be the smallest guy that couldn't run very well, that did what he did offensively. I like him. He knows he can play. It makes it so much easier as a manager when a player has that attitude. The other thing that struck me was that they answered every charge with runs of their own. They always killed any momentum the Rockies had."

Former Red Sox manager Joe Morgan (1988-91)

"What strikes me the most was the blend of the youth and the older experience. It's that blend of young passion along with experience of the veterans, like Mike Lowell. I also thought the Red Sox starting rotation and bullpen came through when they were needed."

Former Sox pitcher Dennis Eckersley (1978-84, '98)

"The consistency of the Red Sox was incredible. They had it with their pitching, hitting, defense ... They had it everywhere. The Rockies were no match for them. The other thing that I really thought was key was that (Jacoby) Ellsbury kid. He stepped right in and looked like a star. He was great in the field, too."

Ex-Sox manager Dick Williams (1967-69).

"They were a very deep team. They seemed to enjoy each other's company. They keep coming at you. Most teams have a few guys that can hurt you, but the Red Sox had a lot of different guys that could hurt you. They were deep in their rotation, deep in their bullpen and guys that could come off the bench, like Jacoby Ellsbury, and be key players. That's a tough combination to beat."

Ex-Sox pitcher John Tudor (1979-83)

"It was a very resilient team. If someone got hurt, someone else picked them up. If one or two guys weren't hitting, other guys would. It seemed like there was a different guy helping out every game in the playoffs. What also impressed me was how they stayed focused the entire year. There were a close-knit club. I never played on a club that played so well in the late innings."

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