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February 6, 2012

Two-Minute Drill: Giants 21, Patriots 17


Why Belichick is better

He wasn't.

I have no problem with him letting his defense allow the Giants to score with a minute to go. In fact, I endorsed the move before the New Yorkers snapped the ball on 1st and goal from the 7.

If Bill Belichick is on top of his game, he makes that controversial call on first down.

He doesn't burn five seconds and a timeout contemplating things. And while we're at it, he doesn't make a stupid challenge at the 3:25 mark when Mario Manningham clearly had two feet down on the 38-yard catch.

We all saw this go down. Sorry, the coach dropped the ball.

Shame on us

Shame on the New England football media, who chose to ignore Bill Belichick's gaffe in the postgame interview session.

Talk about an embarrassment from the media.

They asked him to take "us" through the decision-making process.

When it was clear that nobody was going to come with the tough questions, I did.

I asked if he thought about letting them score on first down to save time and the timeout. He answered, "Yeah."

Thanks coach, but what changed between 1st and goal from the 7 and 2nd and goal from the 6?

Bottom line is, Belichick and his staff — so good for so long — needed time to make the biggest decision of the season. It was time they didn't have.

You don't think Tom Brady could have used that extra timeout when he found Aaron Hernandez down the middle for 11 yards at the Pats' 44?

Belichick has to be thinking steps ahead there.

As for the Manningham review, Belichick said, "it was close."

I read body language. The official who called him in was very confident. The first replay shown had him in bounds with the ball and both feet down.

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