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Girls Basketball Preview: With 5 starters back, Central eyes state title

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Posted: Thursday, December 13, 2012 11:05 pm

Merrimack Valley Conference


2011-12 season: 27-0, Division 1 state champion

Returning starters (3): Devon Caveney, 5-8, Sr., guard; Jackie Alois, 5-4, Sr., forward; Rebecca Alois, 5-7, Jr., forward

Returning lettermen: Olivia Biles, 5-6, Sr., guard; Angelice Gonzalez, 5-5, Sr., guard; Abby Katz, 5-7, Sr., forward; Emma Bentley, 6-0, Sr., center; Jessica Witten, 5-7, Jr., forward; Rachael Cormier, 5-4, Soph., guard; Talia Dellatto, 5-7, Soph., forward

Newcomers: Jordan Day, 5-3, Sr., guard; Josie Saiz, 5-7, Jr., forward; Erin Nastari, 5-7, Jr., forward; Colleen Caveney, 5-7, Soph, guard

Captains: Devon Caveney, Jackie Alois

Candidates: 48

Returning leaders: Devon Caveney 10.5 ppg (35 3’s), Angelice Gonzalez 6.0 ppg, Jackie Alois 4.4 ppg, Rebecca Alois 3.4 ppg

Returning honorees: Devon Caveney and Jackie Alois, Eagle-Tribune All-Stars, All-MVC; Rebecca Alois, MVC All-Star

Fast fact: Andover joined Haverhill (1994-96) as the only Division 1 teams to three-peat in the 36-year history of the modern girls state tourney. ... Andover has won 39 straight games since losing to Central on Feb. 6, 2011. ... With the graduation of Nicole Boudreau (BC), it’s looking like possibly a rare rebuilding year, but the Golden Warriors still have three returning starters. ... Devon and Colleen Caveney are cousins.

Assistants: Dick Muller, Leo Lafond (JV), Kerri O’Dea (freshmen)

Coach Jim Tildsley (18th year, 360-53): “We graduated two great players (Nicole Boudreau, Ally Fazio). I think we’re going to be pretty good. I love how hard we work. I don’t think many teams work as hard as we do.”

Central Catholic

2011-12 season: 14-10, lost in Division 1 North semifinals

Returning starters (5): Casey McLaughlin, 6-0, Sr., forward; Courtney Walsh, 5-7, Jr., guard; Alex Nagri, 5-2, Jr., guard; Caitlin Dell’Orfano, 5-7 Jr., guard; Amanda Williams, 6-0, Jr., forward

Returning lettermen: Darion Summers, 5-6, Sr., guard; Allie Tierney, 5-8, Sr., guard; Erica Hadad, 6-2, Soph., center

Newcomers: Natasha Santana, 5-3, Jr., guard; Colleen Frey, 5-7, Soph., guard; Toni Joy, 5-7, Soph., guard; Madison Borrelli, 5-8, Frosh., forward

Captains: Casey McLaughlin

Candidates: 72

Returning leaders: Casey McLaughlin 14.2 ppg, Courtney Walsh 12.0 ppg (27 3’s), Amanda Williams 9.6 ppg, Caitlin Dell’Orfano 7.5 ppg

Returning honorees: Courtney Walsh, Eagle-Tribune Super Team; Amanda Williams, All-MVC; Alex Nagri and Casey McLaughlin, MVC All-Stars

Fast facts: Stonehill recruit Casey McLaughlin, who missed more than half the year with a knee injury, looks to have returned to her sophomore form when she was an Eagle-Tribune Super Teamer. .... Central had its fewest wins in nine years but the Raiders were the walking wounded with McLaughlin, Caitlin Dell’Orfano and Erica Hadad out much of the year. ... Madison Borrelli is the sister of Alex Borrelli, a forward who graduated this past spring.

Assistants: Casey Grange, Keri Guertin Ryan (JV), Bob Rooseboom (freshmen)

Coach Sue Downer (17th year, 279-95): “The girls are working extremely hard in preseason and I am very excited about the possibilities this season.”


2011-12 season: 15-8, lost in Division 1 North first round

Returning starters (1): Molly Hoopes, 5-11, Sr., center

Returning lettermen: Erica Jarosz, 5-5, Sr., guard; Emily Cranston, 5-9 Sr., forward; Laurel Akowuah, 5-6, Sr., guard; Brittany Houle, 5-9, Sr., forward; Theresa Ross, 5-6, Jr., guard; Allison Lahiff, 5-11, Jr., center; Brett Johnson, 5-7, Soph., forward; Felecia Murray, 5-11, Soph., center

Newcomers: Britney Lacasse, 5-5, Sr., guard; Caitlyn Yunker, 5-4, Jr., forward; Nathalia Ulysse, 5-7, Jr., center; Rakel Tavitian, 5-6, Soph., forward; Marlayna Buco, 5-4, Soph., guard; Jordyn Poole, 5-3, Frosh., guard; Courtney McDonald, 6-0, Frosh., center; Alison Grise, 5-6, Frosh., guard; Alexis Ellsey, 5-4, Frosh., guard; Emma Cowley, 5-4, Frosh, guard

Captains: Molly Hoopes, Brittany Houle

Candidates: 27

Returning leaders: Molly Hoopes 8.1 ppg

Returning honorees: Molly Hoopes, MVC All-Star

Fast fact: Haverhill, which benefited again from not playing a full MVC schedule, had its best winning percentage since going 15-7 in 2002-03. .... Junior guard Kelleigh Cokely (5.2 ppg last year) decided not to come out.

Assistants: Kara Melillo, John Campbell (JV)

Coach Bob Melillo (4th year, 31-33, 59-47 overall): “Other than Molly (Hoopes) and Brittany (Houle), nobody has played significant minutes. We’re expecting a lot from Laurel Akowuah, Allison Lahiff and Felecia Murray.”


2011-12 season: 1-19, didn’t make tourney

Returning starters (2): Karisha Jimenez, 5-8, Jr., forward; Karla Dominguez, 5-8, Soph., guard

Returning lettermen: Meaghan Belton, 5-7, Sr., guard; Teresia Njeri, 5-7, Sr., guard; Kiara Rodriguez, 5-3, Sr., guard; Stephanie Garcia, 5-8, Jr., forward; Janel Guillermo, 5-5, Soph., guard

Newcomers: Samantha Gethers, 5-6, Sr., guard; Aracelis Andino, 5-5, Sr., guard; Angie Rodriguez, 5-6, Sr., forward; Sonia Feliciano, 5-8, Sr., forward; Luz Pimentel, 5-4, Jr., guard; Genesis Santana, 5-7, Soph., guard; Emily Ramos, 5-8, Frosh., forward; Devinya Robinson, 5-7, Frosh., guard

Captains: Kiara Rodriguez, Karisha Jimenez

Candidates: 55

Returning leaders: Karla Dominguez 5.7 ppg, Karisha Jimenez 12 3s

Returning honorees: None

Fast facts: Last year’s club took a big hit when MVC All-Star Angelice Gonzalez transferred to Andover. Lawrence, which has enjoyed a resurgence under Dan Blouin, suffered through it’s worst season since going 1-18 in 1997-98. ... Genesis Santana scored 12 points in season opening 71-36 loss to Billerica.

Assistants: Mike Mansour, Cassandra Pelissier JV, Tiffany Colon (freshmen)

Coach Dan Blouin (9th year, 67-97): “We’re going to rely on some speed, hopefully make some shots and play defense.”


2011-12 season: 8-12, didn’t make tourney

Returning starters (3): Amanda Petrow, 5-10, Sr., forward; Mollie Condon, 5-8, Sr., guard; Abby Galloway-Burke, 5-10, Sr., forward

Returning lettermen: Roseli Rodriguez, 5-3, Sr., guard; Courtney Zacharias, 5-8, Sr., forward; Nicole Carroll, 5-6, Jr., forward; Madison Carroll, 5-6, Jr., guard; Murphy Carroll, 5-6, Jr., guard; Kelly Dorandi, 5-5, Soph., guard; Tyra Scott, 5-8, Soph., forward

Newcomers: Lexi Hardy, 5-7, Soph., guard

Captains: Amanda Petrow, Abby Galloway-Burke

Candidates: 50

Returning leaders: Amanda Petrow 13.9 ppg, Abby Galloway-Burke 13.3 ppg

Returning honorees: Abby Galloway-Burke and Amanda Petrow, MVC All-Stars

Fast fact: Tyra Scott’s father, 6-8 Tyrone Scott, starred at BC in the mid-’80s. ... Madison and Murphy Carroll are sisters and Nicole Carroll is not related.

Assistants: Brendan Cripps, Jackie Burns (JV), Mary Sicard and Kelly Sicard, freshmen

Coach Karen McLaughlin (9th year, 71-96): “Hopefully, we’re going to be better organized and disciplined where I have 10 of the 11 (players) back. We’re in the large division so we have our work cut out for us there.”

North Andover

2011-12 season: 14-8, lost in Division 2 North quarterfinals

Returning starters (4): Morgan Lumb, 5-8, Sr., guard; Pam Coufos, 5-7, Sr., guard; Michaela Mello, 5-10, Sr., forward; Mackenzie Mello, 5-9, Jr., forward

Returning lettermen: Christina Castaldo, 5-8, Jr., guard; Leah Chittick, 5-6, Soph., guard; Megan Collins, 5-8, Soph., guard

Newcomers: Cheyenne Kaplan, 5-8, Jr., forward; Maura Barry, 5-6, Soph., guard; Emma Butterbrodt, 5-10, Soph., forward; Abbie Karalis, 5-6, Frosh, guard

Captains: Morgan Lumb, Pam Coufos, Michaela Mello

Candidates: 42

Returning leaders: Morgan Lumb 15.4 ppg (44 3’s), Leah Chittick 6.6 ppg (11 3’s)

Returning honorees: Morgan Lumb, Eagle-Tribune Super Team, Pam Coufos, CAL All-Star

Fast fact: Morgan Lumb has 821 career points. She signed with Hartford, becoming the first Scarlet Knight hoopster since Sharon Zagorski Karalis (NA ‘78) to sign a Division 1 basketball scholarship. Sharon’s daughter, Abbie, is a freshman with the Knights. ... The Mellos are sisters ... Megan Collins is the sister of NA boys basketball player Derek Collins. .. New assistant coach Katie Boringa (NA ‘08) was the Knights’ lone captain her senior year.

Assistants: Meghan Pinksten (JV), Katie Boringa (freshmen)

Coach Sue Breen (14th year, 190-91): “We play a tough schedule but the kids are excited and confident they can complete. They are very athletic and I think that and (defense) are going to be our strengths.”

Cape Ann League


2011-12 season: 12-12, lost in Division 4 North quarterfinals

Returning starters (4): Kristin Hogan, 5-4, Sr., guard; Kylie Troy, 5-0, Sr., guard; Marisa Agganis, 5-5, Sr., guard; Ali Newbury, 5-10, Sr., forward

Returning lettermen: Laraesha Adorno, 5-9, Sr., forward; Graceann Conte, 5-7, Soph., guard; Olivia Monroe, 5-11, Soph., forward

Newcomers: Devin Cudmore, 5-5, Sr., guard; Paige Leighton, 5-8, Sr., forward; Taryn Loomis, 5-8, Sr., forward; Shannon O’Brien, 5-10, Sr., forward; Isabel Block, 5-8, Soph., forward; Mollie Swanton, 5-5, Soph., guard; Cayla Durkee, 5-3 Frosh., guard; Maya Spence, 5-9, Frosh., forward

Captains: Kristin Hogan, Marisa Agganis, Kylie Troy

Candidates: 26

Returning leaders: Kristin Hogan 14.7 ppg (59 3’s), Marisa Agganis 9.8 ppg, Ali Newbury 5.2 ppg

Returning honorees: Kristin Hogan, Eagle-Tribune All-Star, All-CAL; Marisa Agganis, CAL All-Star

Fast fact: Kristin Hogan has 944 career points. ... Isabel Block is the sister of Eagle-Tribune soccer All-Star Jamie Block.

Assistants: Mark Schruender, assistant varsity, JV

Coach Dave Tucker (4th year, 29-40): “We have a very fast team and we have some good size.”

North Reading

2011-12 season: 10-11, lost in Division 3 North first round

Returning starters (3): Elise Makowski, 5-8, Sr., guard; Morgan Maiola, 5-10, Jr., forward; Tarah Reilly, 5-4, Jr., guard

Returning lettermen: Alicia McCauley, 5-7, Sr., forward; Jenn Castro, 5-4, Jr., guard; Adrianna Flanagan, 5-6, Soph., guard; Frankie Ellliott, 5-9, Soph., forward; Sophie Warren, 5-6, Soph., guard

Newcomers: Carly Swartz, 5-4, Frosh., guard; Jess Lezon, 6-5, Frosh., center; Carli Eldridge, 5-4, Frosh., guard

Captains: Elise Makowski, Alicia McCauley

Candidates: 36

Returning leaders: Morgan Maiola 11.8 ppg, Elise Makowski 8.9 ppg

Returning honorees: Morgan Maiola, CAL All-Star

Fast fact: Last year’s star Lauren Hebert earned a scholarship to New Haven. ... Jess Lezon, a towering 6-foot-5 freshman, should see some time this winter said coach Hank DeSantis.

Assistants: Rob Gibbs (JV), Beth Weiss (freshmen)

Coach Hank DeSantis (2nd year, 10-11): “This being my second year, I think they (the players) understand the philosophy and what we’re trying to do.”


2011-12 season: 23-4, Division 3 state champion

Returning starters (3): Coley Viselli, 5-8, Sr., guard; Tess Nogueira, 6-0, Sr., center; Alex Moore, 5-8, Sr., guard

Returning lettermen: Emily Dresser, 5-10, Sr., forward; Sydney Snow, 5-6, Jr., guard; McKenna Kilian, 5-8, Soph., guard; Kelsi McNamara, 5-5, Soph., guard

Newcomers: Madeline Torrisi, 5-8, Soph., forward; Kassidy Kennefick, 5-5, Soph., guard; Sarah Wiles, 5-7, Soph., forward; Carolyn Modlish, 5-9, Frosh., forward; Hannah Hollow, 5-6, Frosh., guard; Taylor Moore, 5-3, Frosh., guard; Rebecca Torrisi, 5-6, Frosh., guard; Riley Holden, 5-9, Frosh., forward

Captains: Coley Viselli, Tess Nogueira, Alex Moore

Candidates: 37

Returning leaders: Coley Viselli 10.8 ppg (57 3’s), Tess Nogueira 8.1 ppg, Alex Moore 7.1 ppg, Kelsi McNamara 5.1 ppg (23 3’s)

Returning honorees: Coley Viselli, two-time Eagle-Tribune All-Star; Tess Nogueira and Alex Moore, CAL All-Stars

Fast fact: Last year’s state title was the first winter championship in any sport at Pentucket, which opened 59 years ago. ... Coley Viselli has scored 772 career points. ... Alex and Taylor Moore are sisters.

Assistants: Bob Beaton, Amy Beaton (JV)

Coach John McNamara (7th year, 134-18): “Some younger kids have to step up and fill minutes and we also need to replace senior leadership (from last year).”

Commonwealth Conference

Fellowship Christian

2011-12 season: 0-14, didn’t make state tourney

Returning starters (3): Leigh-Ann Trepanier, 5-6, Soph., guard; Keri Lundquist, 5-9, Frosh., center; Ashley Okech, 5-6, Frosh., center

Returning letterman: none

Newcomers: Bree Smith, 5-7, Sr., forward; Luisa Pinto, 5-5, Soph., forward; Kelly Hutchings, 5-7, Frosh., forward; Franchesca Fortuna, 5-6, 8th grade, forward; Lydia Safford, 5-5, 8th grade, guard; Emily Lemay, 5-5, 7th grade, forward; Lexi Gingrass, 5-4, 7th grade, guard; Francina Fortuna, 5-4, 7th grade, guard

Captains: Leigh-Ann Trepanier

Candidates: 11

Returning leaders: Leigh-Ann Trepanier 7.4 ppg

Returning honorees: none

Fast fact: New coach Mary Lou Greige is coaching basketball for the first time. She’s taking over for Scott Phillips. ... Assistant coach Tim Holmes is a senior at Fellowship. He approached Greige about helping out. ... Bree Smith returned to the team after not playing last year.

Assistants: Ray Nicolsi, Tim Holmes

Coach Mary Lou Greige (2nd year 0-14): “They have such heart and desire and every day they are improving. It’s fun to watch. I couldn’t be more blessed with these girls.”

Greater Lawrence

2011-12 season: 6-14, didn’t make tourney

Returning starters (3): Escarlin Reynoso, 5-3, Jr., guard; Ivonne Ruiz, 5-2, Jr., guard; Kiana Rodriguez, 5-4, Jr., guard

Returning lettermen: Juleece DeJesus, 5-6, Sr., guard; Thalia Tejeda, 5-7, Sr., forward

Newcomers: Yereleni Guillermo, 5-6, Jr. forward; Adriana DeJesus, 5-4, Jr., guard; Samantha Morillo, 5-3, Jr., guard; Jasmine Severino, 5-8, Soph., forward; Jazmine McMillon, 5-8, Soph, forward; Kiana Perez, 5-4, Frosh., guard; Johairy Hernandez, 5-4, Frosh., guard; Alyssa Goulet, 5-8, Frosh., forward

Captain: none

Candidates: 45

Returning leaders: Escarlin Reynoso 11.5 ppg (16 3’s)

Returning honorees: None

Fast fact: Alyssa Goulet, who had two sibling who starred at Whittier, is daughter of Reggies Hall of Famer Sandra Michaud. ... Former Salem and St. Anselm star Katie (Qualter) Pudil is in her fourth year as an assistant. Her father, Jim, was the longtime Reggie coach and her brother, Jamie, is the track coach.

Assistants: Katie Pudil, Melissa Tarpy (JV)

Coach Tara Mansour-Neilon (4th year, 21-39): “Our goal every year is to make the tourney. We’ve fallen short the last couple of years. We are going to look to our juniors who have been in the program to hopefully guide us along.”

Presentation of Mary

2011-12 season: 11-10, lost Division 4 North first round

Returning starters (1): Amari Spears, 5-7, Soph., guard

Returning lettermen: Katie Britner, 5-4, Jr., guard; Chanelle Garcia, 5-7, Jr., center; Amanda Morin, 5-7, Soph., forward

Newcomers: Na’Blahge Adaramola, 5-4, Soph., forward; Waleska Velez, 5-5, Soph., guard; Erin Henrick 5-5, Frosh., forward; Hannah Walworth, 5-4, Soph., guard; Allie LaTorre, 5-3, Frosh., guard; Jordan Lena 5-3, Frosh., guard; Jodi-Ann Simmonds, 5-3, Frosh., guard

Captains: none

Candidates: 18

Returning honorees: Amari Spears, All-CAC Division 2

Fast fact: PMA graduated five of the six players in last year’s rotation and the team is without any seniors and little experience.

Assistants: Aaron Dumonty

Coach Joe DeBlois (4th year, 37-28): “The outlook is to approach each game as a chance to gain more experience. This core will be together for the next 3-4 years.”


2011-12 season: 16-9, lost in Division 4 North first round

Returning starters: none

Returning lettermen: Josie Sanchez, 6-0, Sr., forward; Toni Mariano, 5-5, Jr., guard; Michaela Martin, 5-10, Soph., guard; Kayla Riley, 5-8, Soph., guard; Andrea Terranova. 5-7, Soph., guard; Samnell Vonleh, 6-4, Soph., forward; Dominique Ortiz, 5-11, Soph., forward; Kiana Guadalupe, 5-8, Soph., guard; Anyelina Martinez, 5-5, Soph., guard

Newcomers: Christina Boutin, 5-9, Frosh., guard; Haley Allbee, 5-5, Frosh., guard; Maeve Dubiel, 5-7, Frosh., guard; Amanda Greene, 5-6, Frosh., guard; Erica Erelli, 5-10, Frosh., forward; Rachel Guzman, 5-5, Frosh., guard; Katie Hailson, 5-10, Frosh., forward; Danielle Hartt, 5-6, Frosh., guard

Captains: None

Candidates: 73

Returning leaders: Andrea Terranova 7.7 ppg, Kayla Riley 7.2 ppg (15 3’s), Samnell Vonleh 6.0 ppg, Michaela Martin 4.5 ppg

Returning honorees: None

Fast fact: Whittier has just one senior and no returning starters. ... Michaela Martin is the sister of former Whittier standout Danielle Martin. ... Samnell Vonleh’s older brother Noah Vonleh recently committed to Indiana. ... Andrea Terranova had 16 points in season-opening romp over Cape Cod Tech.

Assistant coaches: Cheryl Begin, Paul Bonasoro, Lauryn Jules

Coach Kevin Bradley (16th year, 241-119): “As young as we are, they all got some time as freshmen.”


Notre Dame

2011-12 season: 14-5, lost in Division 4 North first round

Returning starters (4): Kiara Torres, 5-7, Sr., guard; Yaniery Martinez, 5-8, Sr., forward; Jessica Brito, 5-9, Sr., center; Shanelle Bonilla, 5-5, Jr., guard

Returning lettermen: Annie Bello, 5-9, Sr., center; Daizha Ng, 5-6, Jr., forward; Joaly Rosario, 5-9, Jr., forward; Jhallyne Reyes, 5-9, Jr., center; Kyna Rivera, 5-4, Soph., guard

Newcomers: Anabel Depena, 5-8, Soph., forward; Marilyn Taveras, 5-9, Soph., forward/center; Mary Dine, 5-10, Soph., center; Genesis Ventura, 5-10, Frosh., forward/center; Erykah Santiago, 5-6, Frosh., guard

Captains: Jessica Brito, Kiara Torres, Yaniery Martinez

Candidates: 32

Returning leaders: Yaniery Martinez 11.1 ppg, Kiara Torres 10.3 ppg

Fast fact: Notre Dame was 10-5 vs. MIAA schools last winter. ,,, Notre Dame added a JV team this year.

Assistants: Hennesis Ulloa

Coach Ushearnda Reynolds (third year): “The three seniors are excited. They have big competition as far as playing Reading and Fenway, two state champions from last year.”

New Hampshire


2011-12 season: 21-3, Division 1 runner-up

Returning starters (4): Katherine Dzenis, 5-9, Sr., guard; Aliza Simpson, 5-9, Jr., guard; Jaime King, 5-7, Jr., guard; Casey Evans 5-10, Soph., forward

Returning lettermen: Kirsten Enwright, 5-9, Sr., forward; Liz Caron, 5-9, Jr., forward; Jordan Marett, 5-9, Jr., guard; Taylor Collins, 6-2, Jr., forward; Brittany Roche, 5-11, Soph., forward

Newcomers: Kim Radzelovage, 6-1, Jr., forward; Jenna Conroy, 5-2, Soph., guard; Noelle Lambert, 5-4, Soph., guard

Captains: Aliza Simpson, Katherine Dzenis, Jaime King

Candidates: 37

Returning leaders: Aliza Simpson 15.0 ppg (28 3’s), 6.9 assists, 5.5 steals, 5.0 rebounds; Casey Evans 9.2 ppg, Jaime King 8.0 ppg (38 3’s); Katherine Dzenis 5.2 ppg (26 3’s)

Returning honorees: Aliza Simpson, Eagle-Tribune Super Team; Jaime King, honorable mention All-Division 1

Fast facts: The Lancers dethroned five-time reigning champ Winnacunnet last winter in the semis. It could very well be a Londonderry-BG rematch in the final but the Cards will be mighty tough to beat. ... The past two years have been the Lancers’ first 20-win seasons since the 1995-96 season. ... Aliza Simpson, who had a near tripled double in a season-opening win over Winnacunnet, has been offered scholarships to UNH and Holy Cross. ... Londonderry’s JV team was unbeaten. ... rates Casey Evans No. 2 in the Class of 2015 in N.H., Brittany Roche 12th, Jenna Conroy 13th and Noelle Lambert 18th.

Assistants: Nick Theos (JV), Stan Miller (freshmen)

Coach John Fagula (10th year, 150-58; 30th year overall, 582-130): “The starting lineup might depend on style of team we play. We have (depth).”


2011-12 season: 16-7, lost in Division 1 quarterfinals

Returning starters (2): Samantha Breslin, 5-5, Sr., guard; Kayla Stacy, 5-4, Jr., guard

Returning lettermen: Colleen Fortier, 5-8, Jr., forward; Corina Moore, 5-6, Jr., guard; Skyla Gorman, 5-4, Jr., guard; Courtney Collins, 6-0, Jr., center; Val Martin, 5-10, Soph., forward

Newcomers: Ashley Hugh, 5-7, Jr., forward; Melissa Martel, 5-4, Soph., guard; Emilie LaLiberte, 5-5, Soph., guard; Marissa Stacy, 5-4, Frosh., guard; Sara McLeman, 5-8, Frosh., forward

Captain: Samantha Breslin

Candidates: 55

Returning leaders: Kayla Stacy 8.7 ppg (18 3’s), Samantha Breslin 8.4 ppg (20 3’s)

Returning honorees: Samantha Breslin, Eagle-Tribune All-Star, First-team Division; Kayla Stacy, honorable mention All-Division 1

Fast facts: rates Val Martin No. 7 in the Class of 2015. ... Kayla and Marissa Stacy are sisters. ... Colleen Fortier had 12 points in the season-opening win over Nashua South.

Assistants: Doug Mixon; Lani Buskey (JV), Kathie Garrish (freshmen)

Coach John Barry (16th year, 255-90): “We are having fun and that usually translates to (wins).”


2011-12 season: 8-14, lost in Division 1 first round

Returning starters (3): Brenna Blakslee, 5-4, Jr., guard; Emily Hickey, 5-7, Jr., guard; Amanda Bickford, 5-8, Jr., guard

Returning lettermen: Kelsey Perrault, 5-10, Sr., guard/forward; Ayla Rowell, 5-9, Sr., forward; Alyssa Kolbert, 5-10, Jr., guard/forward; Lizzy Twomey, 5-5, Soph., guard

Newcomers: Jill Tiner, 5-10, Soph., guard/forward; Skylah Longtin, 5-9, Soph., forward; Kelly Lamarre, 5-9, Frosh. guard/forward; Allie Sirmaian, 5-5, Frosh., guard

Captains: Kelsey Perrault and Brenna Blakslee

Candidates: 42

Returning leaders: Brenna Blakslee 11.8 ppg (15 3’s), Emily Hickey 9.8 ppg, Amanda Bickford 9.0 ppg (13 3s)

Returning honorees: None

Fast fact: The team’s motto is “Brick by Brick … Now we Build.”

Assistants: Sal Alosa, John Gatsas (JV); June Frechette (freshmen)

Coach Annie Alosa (2nd year, 8-14): “This is a very exciting year for Salem girls basketball with a strong mix of maturity and youth.”


2011-12 season: 10-12, lost in Division 1 first round

Returning starters (4): Dakotah Vondrasek, 5-6, Sr., guard; Shawna Weidman, 6-1, Sr., center; Cassidy Cefalo, 5-6, Sr., guard; Masha Lange, 5-6, Sr., guard

Returning lettermen: Mollie Freedman, 5-9, Sr., forward; Mary Olson, 5-4, Sr., guard; Rachel Allen, Soph., 5-4, guard; Janelle Colon, 5-5, Soph., guard

Newcomers: Moesha Murray, 5-8, Soph., forward; Isabella Theberge, 5-2, Soph., guard; Ally Collins, 5-5, Frosh., forward; Meghan Lee, 5-4, Frosh., guard; Ally Ruth, 5-1, Frosh., guard; Courtney Sickel, 5-5, Frosh., guard

Captains: TBA

Candidates: 21

Returning leaders: Dakotah Vondrasek 10.6 ppg (39 3’s)

Returning honorees: None

Fast fact: Courtney Sickel’s cousins Lauren and Katie once played for head coach Bruce Johnson. ... Dakotah Vondrasek was the hero in the season-opening OT win over Trinity. ... Cassidy Cefalo is the younger sister of former Owls player Taylor Cefalo.

Assistants: TBA

Coach Bruce Johnson (15th year, 150-157): “We’ve got to develop a fifth starter and some depth. We have an awful lot of young people. We don’t have much size.”


2011-12 season: 8-13, lost in Division 2 first round

Returning starters (5): Becca DeBaldo, 5-8, Sr., forward; Alicia Gendron, 5-6, Sr., guard; Kirsten Salois, 5-8, Sr., center; Jordan Parece, 5-6, Jr., point guard; Katelyn Surprenant, 5-7, Soph., guard

Returning lettermen: Makenzie Masiello, 5-4, Sr., guard; Brenda Pietrillo, 5-7, Sr., forward; Hannah Paitchel, 5-5, Jr., guard; Lauren Anderson, 5-3, Soph., point guard

Newcomers: none

Captains: Becca DeBaldo, Alicia Gendron

Candidates: 20

Returning leaders: Becca DeBaldo 10.3 ppg, Jordan Parece 6.2 ppg, Hannah Paitchel 6.2 ppg

Returning honorees: None

Fast fact: Senior Gina Grimes, a 5-8 forward who averaged 10.7 ppg last year, did not come out for the team. ... All five seniors have played together since fourth grade. ... Hannah Paitchel scored 14 points in season opening win over Portsmouth. ... Assistant coach Derek Gendron is the father of senior Alicia Gendron.

Assistants: Derek Gendron, Michaela Galvin (JV)

Coach Bob Shepard (2nd year, 8-13): “We’re a small and fast team. I think we’ll exceed our win total from last year.”


2011-12 season: 7-14, didn’t make tourney

Returning starters (3): Amanda Turco, 5-7, Sr., forward; Lauren Barker, 5-4, Sr., guard; Elyse Law, 5-6, Sr., guard; Becky Laliberte, 5-4, Sr., guard; Josie Eacho, 5-7, Jr., center

Returning lettermen: Bri George, 5-6, Sr., forward

Newcomers: Mariah Barnum, 5-3, Sr., guard; Heather O’Brien, 5-5, Sr., guard; Deven Freihofer, 5-8, Jr., forward; Gina Canatselos, 5-8, Jr., center; Felicia Bailey, 5-5, Soph., forward

Captains: Amanda Turco, Lauren Barker, Elyse Law

Candidates: 45

Returning honorees: None

Fast fact: Sanborn moved from Division 2 to Division 3. ... The Indians are off to a 1-2 start.

Assistants: Al Magnusson, Brian Gray (JV); Mark Guicculio (freshmen)

Coach Vicki Parady-Guay (12th year, 50-170): “We have a very hard working group of girls looking to raise the bar for our program.”


2011-12 season: 19-6, lost in Division 2 semifinals

Returning starters (3): Bernadette Connors, 5-9, Sr., forward; Kelsey Schiebel, 5-3, Sr., guard; Clairee Putnam, 5-5, Jr., guard

Returning lettermen: Amanda Schiebel, 5-2, Sr., guard; Brianna Angelini, 5-9, Jr., forward; Sarah Chau, 5-2, Jr., guard;

Newcomers: Taylor Darcy, 5-5, Jr., guard; Danielle Fischer, 5-9, Soph., forward; Amanda Carey, 5-7, Frosh., forward; Kelsey Kendzulak, 5-7, Frosh., forward

Captains: Bernadette Connors, Kelsey Schiebel, Clairee Putnam

Candidates: 16

Returning leaders: Clairee Putnam 11.2 ppg (27 3’s), Bernadette Connors 10.7 ppg (32 3’s), Kelsey Schiebel 7.8 ppg (31 3’s)

Returning honorees: Bernadette Connors, Eagle-Tribune All-Star; Clairee Putnam, honorable mention All-Division 2

Fast fact: In only their second year as a varsity program, the Jaguars upset the top seed, won 19 games and reached the semifinals. ... Madalina Jeans did not return to the team. ... The Jags romped in their opener behind 21 points from Clairee Putnam.

Assistants: Joe Mancinelli, Anne Haky (JV)

Coach Joe Mason (3rd year, 32-16): “We’re looking to get all 10 players involved.”

Prep Schools


2011-12 season: 12-11

Returning starters (4): Meaghan Flanagan, 5-11, Sr., forward, North Andover; Thalia Garcia, 5-6, Sr., guard; Suki Smith, 6-1, Sr., center; Lyndsay Domoracki, 5-6, Sr. guard

Returning lettermen: Abby Hammerl, 5-5, Sr., guard; Sarah Bresette, 5-6, Sr., guard, Andover; Naomi Nelson, 5-7, Jr., guard, Haverhill; Alex Norgaisse, 6-0, Jr., forward, Haverhill

Newcomers: Monica Abou-Ezzi, 5-5, Frosh., guard, North Andover; Megan Neal, 5-7, Frosh., forward, Andover; Andrea Scarfo, 5-5, Frosh, guard

Captains: Thalia Garcia, Suki Smith, Meaghan Flanagan

Candidates: 30

Returning leaders: Thalia Garcia 11.5 ppg (23 3’s), Meaghan Flanagan 9.0 ppg (16 3’s), Suki Smith 8.5 ppg, Lyndsay Domoracki 8.0 ppg

Returning honorees: Thalia Garcia, First Team All-ISL, New England Prep Schools All-Star; Suki Smith, Second Team All-ISL

Fast fact: Alex Norgaisse missed all of last season after July ACL surgery. Kim Neyman also missed the year with a torn ACL. ... Last year Brooks won its first eight games and had its first winning season since 2005-06. ... Shannon Alvino fractured her leg in practice and will miss the season. ... Meaghan Flanagan is verbally committed to play at Skidmore College.

Assistants: Jim Hamilton, Jaime Gilbert; Suzanna Whitaker (JV)

Coach Amy Kenneally (5th year, 29-54): “We have a great veteran group. They are probably the most athletic group we’ve had here in a long time. ... We run (the floor) a lot and we can score at every position.”

Phillips Academy

2011-12 season: 8-12

Returning starters (1): Maggie Brown, 5-11, Sr., guard

Returning letterman: Amanda Simard, 5-9, Sr., forward; Kasey Hartung, 5-8, Jr., guard, Haverhill; Nekele McCall, 5-7, Jr., guard, Katie Kreider, 5-8, Jr., guard; Cara Cavanaugh, 6-1, Soph., forward, North Andover

Returning lettermen: Giovanna Pickering, 5-9, PG., guard; Victoria Everett, 6-1, Jr., forward; Meredith Collins, 5-9, Jr., forward; Hannah Guzzi, 5-3, Jr., guard; Ravenne Nasser, 5-8, Soph, guard, Methuen; Savannah Mastrangelo, 5-8, Frosh., guard

Captains: Amanda Simard

Candidates: 25

Returning leaders: Maggie Brown 10.1 ppg

Returning honorees: None

Fast fact: Coach Lani Silversides is on maternity leave. ... Former JV coach Lewis Robinson is the interim coach. An author, he wrote the novel Water Dogs (Random House, 2009) and Officer Friendly and Other Stories (HarperCollins, 2003). He won the PEN/Oakland-Josephine Miles Award. ... Last year’s star, 6-4 Alex Kiss-Rusk, is playing at Virginia Tech. ... Post graduate Giovanna Pickering graduated from Thayer Academy last year and was a league All-Star.

Assistants: Chris Jones, Kiley Horne

Interim coach Lewis Robinson: “We’re a tight-knit athletic team who plans to work hard on every possession.”


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