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December 19, 2013

Mass. Girls Hockey Preview

Methuen's Conway looks to repeat Cinderella season

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — andover

2012-13 season: 12-8-2, lost Division 1 first round

Returning lettermen: Alex Ritchie, Sr., defense; Weezie Gross, Sr., forward; Mikayla Panneton, Sr., forward; Jessica Leone, Jr., forward; Caroline Hughes, Jr., forward; Brianna Deloury, Jr., forward; JoJo Olson, Jr., defense;Meghan Johnson, Jr., goalie; Veronica Alois, Soph., forward; Jillian Hughes, Soph., defense; Brenna Keefe, Soph., defense; Jacquelyn Leone, Soph., defense

Promising newcomers: Laura Ritzer, Sr., forward; Rachel Harris, Sr., defense; Krystal Brighton, Soph., forward; Haley Driscoll, Soph., forward; Caroline Curtin, Soph., forward; Emma Plourde, Soph., forward; Katheryn Devaney, Frosh., defense; Caroline Ingrim, Frosh., defense

Captains: Laura Ritzer, Mikayla Panneton, Weezie Gross

Candidates: 30

Returning leaders: Veronica Alois 13 goals

Assistants: Greg Manning

Fast fact: Weezie Gross was recently named an Eagle-Tribune All-Star in field hockey and is a star in lacrosse. ... Jacquelyn Leone (12 goals)was the top scorer on the field hockey team. ... Veronica Alois (17 goals) was an Eagle-Tribune All-Star in soccer. ... Laura Ritzer returns to the varsity team after spending two years on JV. She played varsity as a freshman.

Coach Liz Keady (Second year, 12-8-2): “Veronica Alois, Caroline Hughes and Jess Leone are our leaders up front. We are counting on a big year from Jacquelyn Leone. JoJo Olson plays a key role on defense and two freshmen (Katheryn Devaney and Caroline Ingrim) are looking promising. Meghan Johnson has passion for the game and is really the backbone of our team in net.”

Central Catholic

2012-13 season: 2-18

Returning lettermen: Natalie Macdonald, Sr., forward; Megan Rauseo, Sr., forward; Casey Pedro, Sr., forward; Molly Bryant, Sr., defense, Cait Derrickson, Sr., defense; Felicia Pandelena, Sr., defense; Sydney Thornhill, Sr., goalie; Julia August, Jr., defense; Lexi Stanisewski, Soph., forward; Lillie Bibeau, Soph., defense; Emily Frocione, Soph., forward; Fiona LaPierre, Soph., defense; Caitlin Menzies, Soph., forward; Kylee Babcock, Soph., forward

Promising newcomers: Rebecca Healey, Fr., forward; Meghan Dunbar, Fr., forward; Mary Lambert, Fr., forward; Emma O’Neill Fr., forward; Elana Glover, Fr., forward; Nicole Brennan, Fr., goalie

Captains: Molly Bryant, Cait Derrickson, Sydney Thornhill

Candidates: 25

Assistants: Michelle Collette, Niall Shanahan, Michael Bryant

Fast fact: Goalie Sydney Thornhill spent the offseason training at camps as well as with assistant coach.

Coach Jeff Marggraf (Second year, 2-18): “We are feeling optimistic. We have experienced girls back from last year. We are excited about how Sydney Thornhill looks in net.”

Haverhill/Pentucket/North Andover

Roster: Maggie Belanger, Jr., left wing, North Andover; Emily Galligan, Jr., forward, Pentucket; Alyson Ruzycky, Jr., forward, Pentucket; Alex Casale, Soph., defense, North Andover; Carli Klimas, Soph., forward, North Andover; Michaela Kane, Soph., goalie, Haverhill; Emma Johns, Soph., defenseman, North Andover; Lauren Hiller, Soph., forward, North Andover; Kimberly Carroll, Frosh., forward, North Andover; Jessica Chicko, Frosh., forward, North Andover; Andrea Albano, Frosh., defense, Haverhill; Katherine Capobianco, Frosh., forward, North Andover; Jamie Chiles, Frosh., North Andover; Tess Higgins, Frosh., forward, North Andover; Leah Rosenbaum, Frosh., goalie, North Andover; Danielle Sidoti, Frosh., forward, North Andover; Christina Hogan, Frosh., forward, North Andover; Tamara Hoar, 8th, defense, Haverhill; Rebecca Harty, 8th, forward, North Andover; Amanda Regan, 8th, forward, North Andover; Keelin Rogers, 8th, forward, North Andover; Maddie Fredo, 8th, defense, North Andover

Captains: Alex Casale, TBA

Candidates: 17

Assistants: Christina Lynch, Bernie Hoar

Fast Fact: New head coach Gary Kane is a youth coach who helped form the Haverhill girls program that included players from Pentucket and North Andover. ... This year’s co-op team is heavily loaded with North Andover players. ... Michaela Kane is the daughter of coach Kane and was the starting goalie for the Haverhill boys JV team last year. ... The team is pondering a nickname that will be appropriate for all three schools. ... North Andover’s Alex Casale and Emma Johns both played varsity hockey for the Masconomet co-op team last year. ... Maggie Belanger played for Lawrence Academy last year. ... Alex Casale has already taken a leadership role. ... Assistant Christina Lynch played hockey for UMass Boston and is a special needs teacher at Haverhill High.

Coach Gary Kane (1st year): “I have a feeling, with team we have, we’ll be very competitive. I think we have some strong young players, but part of our problem will be our youth, at least to start with. Having Michaela (Kane) will help. I told the team we could get outshot 40-10 and still win.”


2012-13 season: 11-8-3, lost Division 2 semifinals

Returning lettermen: Brianna Fotino, Sr., forward; Taylor Lirakis, Sr., goalie; Hayley Sutherland, Sr., defense; Amanda Conway, Jr., forward; Kristi Coutu, Jr., forward; Sophia Tiar, Jr., forward; Maddie Fotino, Jr., forward; Kelly Blackwell, Jr., forward; Hayley McCarthy, Jr., forward; Kathleen LeFebre, Soph., defense; Amanda Mambro, Frosh., defense; Niamh Cote, Frosh., defense; Catherine McVey, Frosh, forward; Sarah Norton, 8th grade, defense; Riley Cote, 8th grade, forward; Victoria Small, 8th grade, forward; Kelly Golini, 8th grade, forward

Promising newcomers: Brigh Cote, 7th grade, forward; Carolyn Curley, 7th grade, forward; Megan Forbes, 7th grade, defense; Jessica Marchand, 8th grade, defense

Captains: Taylor Lirakis, Hayley Sutherland

Methuen players: Kathleen LeFebre, Amanda Mambro, Victoria Small, Amanda Conway, Kelly Blackwell, Nan Williams, Kristi Coutu, Maddie Fotino, Brianna Fotino, Sophia Tiar, Megan Forbes, Jessica Marchand

Returning leaders: Amanda Conway 52 goals

Returning honorees: Amanda Conway, Eagle-Tribune All-Star

Assistant: Dan Merry

Fast fact: The team is coming off a Cinderella run to the Division 2 state semifinals in the first year of the program. ... Coach Kim Bruff is taking the season off on maternity leave. She plans to return next season. ... In her place is interim coach a longtime friend of Bruff Anna Rigano who played hockey with her at Austin Prep. ... Remaining assistant is Dan Merry, a Tewksbury teacher. ... Taylor Lirakis and Hayley Sutherland are captains for the second straight season.

Coach Kim Bruff: “The team looks great. We didn’t looks anyone from last year’s team. Obviously Amanda Conway is terrific. Kelly Golini, Hayley McCarthy and Catherine McVey are also been contributors on offense. On defense Hayley Sutherland and Kim LeFebre lead the way. Taylor Lirakis is also very important in net.”