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December 26, 2013

Coach of Year award named after Bill Tarbox

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — In a neat twist, the Eagle-Tribune Boys Soccer Coach of the Year award is being named after Bill Tarbox the same year his son, Fred, is being named our Coach of the Year in girls soccer.

And his assistant coach? Dad.

Bill carved out a legendary career at Greater Lawrence Tech and then North Andover before stepping down after the fall 2012 season. In 40 years he went 423-206-87, smashing the area standard for wins.


Boys Soccer Coaches of the Year (Bill Tarbox Award)

2012: Mike Hachey, Windham; 2011: Chris DiFranco, Georgetown; 2010: Christian Langlois, Pentucket; 2009: Bill Tarbox, North Andover; 2008: Ron Comeau, Georgetown; 2007: John Coppola, Haverhill; 2006: Kerry Boles, Pinkerton; 2005: Mike Sorter, Timberlane; 2004: Mike Wartman, Andover; 2003: Al Magnusson, Sanborn; 2002: Tony Karibian, Salem; 2001: Claude Beaudet, Methuen

Girls Soccer Coaches of the Year

2012: Jaime Gilbert, Brooks; 2011: Bud McCarthy, North Andover; 2010: Casey Grange, Central; 2009: Peter Kitsos, Methuen; 2008: Kendrick Whittle, Salem; 2007: Bud McCarthy, North Andover; 2006: Meghan Matson, Andover; 2005: Jeff Petry, Timberlane; 2004: Paul Bellacqua, Haverhill; 2003: Sean Killeen, North Reading; 2002: Paul Cleary, Londonderry; 2001: Amy Quinlan, Central

Football Coaches of the Year (Dick Collins Award)

2012: Tim O’Connor, Haverhill; 2011: Bill Raycraft, Windham; 2010: E.J. Perry, Andover- 2009: Jack Gati, Salem; 2008: Pat Graham, Methuen; 2007: Tony Sarkis, Gr. Lawrence; 2006: Brian O’Reilly, Pinkerton; 2005: Kevin Bradley, Whittier; 2004: Ken Maglio, Andover; 2003: Jim Pugh, Masconomet; 2002: Jack Gati, Salem; 2001: Ken Sciacca, Haverhill

Field Hockey Coaches of the Year (Denise Rioux Award)

2012: Jen Resmini, Pinkerton; 2011: Lindsay Breen, North Reading; 2010: Maureen Noone, Andover; 2009: Mim Ryan, Timberlane; 2008: Marcia Manseau, Londonderry; 2007: Dianne Freiermuth, North Andover; 2005-06: Carol Merchant, Salem; 2004: Erin Carroll, Brooks; 2003: Dianne Freiermuth, North Andover; 2002: Ruth Beaton, Pentucket; 2001: Cindy Hendy, Timberlane

Swim Coaches of the Year

2012: Jason Smith, Methuen; 2009-11: Marilyn Fitzgerald, Andover; 2008: coach was honored in the winter; 2007: Marilyn Fitzgerald, Andover; 2006: Rick Battistini, Haverhill; 2005: Marilyn Fitzgerald, Andover; 2004: Jason Smith, Methuen; 2003: Scott Young, Central; 2001-02: Marilyn Fitzgerald, Andover

Boys Cross Country Coaches of the Year (Larry Martin Award)

2012: Matt Smith, Londonderry; 2011: Jay Santomassino, Gr. Lawrence; 2010: Derek Dorval, North Reading; 2009: Mike Clark, Pinkerton; 2008: Bill James, Methuen; 2007: Rick DelleChiaie, North Andover; 2006: Mike Maguire, Haverhill; 2005: Mike Clark, Pinkerton; 2004: Larry Martin, Londonderry; 2003: Steve Meline, Pentucket; 2002: Bill James, Methuen; and Larry Martin, Londonderry; 2001: Art Demers, Pelham

Girls Cross Country Coaches of the Year

2012: Amy Bernard, Pinkerton; 2011: Mark Behan, Timberlane; 2010: Leo Lafond, Andover; 2009: Ed Burgess, Londonderry; 2008: Nancy Lang, Phillips; 2007: Mike Maguire, Haverhill; 2006: Amy Bernard, Pinkerton; 2005: Nancy Lang, Phillips; 2004: Joe Casey, Masconomet; 2003: Mike Maguire, Haverhill; 2001-02: Mike Beeman, Pinkerton

Volleyball Coaches of the Year (Bill Brouder Award)

2012: John Roemer, Salem; 2011: Dan Young, Salem; 2010: George Sullivan, Andover; 2009: Peter Willis, Londonderry; 2008: Roger Konstant, Pinkerton; 2007: Keri Forrest, North Reading; 2006: Dan Young, Salem; 2005: Bill Brouder, Lawrence; 2004: Veronica Mulholland, North Andover; 2003: George Sullivan, Andover; 2002: Nathalee Black, Central; 2001: George Sullivan, Andover

Golf Coaches of the Year

2012: Joe Vaiknoras, Pelham; 2011: Jayne Beaton, Pentucket-Georgetown; 2010: Vin Pastore, Central; 2009: Kevin Murphy, Haverhill; 2008: Ben Adams, Salem; 2006-07: Ken Kwajewski, Andover; 2005: Ben Hodges, Masconomet; 2004: Ben Adams, Salem; 2003: Peter Farley, North Andover; 2002: Kevin Murphy, Haverhill; 2001: Vin Pastore, Central