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February 8, 2014

Back on track

Andover's Haut back from injuries, wins long jump at MVC meet

By Christopher Smith

---- — BOSTON — Andover’s Catherine Haut fought through a rough junior year, dealing with a severe case of shin splints during indoor track and a pulled hamstring that derailed her spring campaign.

But so far, the Golden Warrior’s senior year has gone quite a bit better.

Haut jumped 17-7 to win the long jump at the MVC girls indoor championship yesterday here at the Reggie Lewis Center. That shattered her previous best of 16-0.

The Andover girls finished second in the team standings with 68.5 points, behind only Lowell (88). North Andover captured third (48). Central Catholic fifth (32.5), Methuen seventh (27) and Haverhill ninth (23).

“To have the fifth best jump in the state so far, going 17-7 is amazing,” Andover coach Peter Comeau said about Haut. “This is her third time long jumping this season. She’s nursing an ankle injury. She’s been banged up. So I’m just ecstatic for her. She’s the hardest worker we have on the team. And it means a lot to her and just as much to me to see her as an MVC champ.

“She came back (from last year’s injuries), worked in the offseason so hard, relentlessly.”

Haut entered yesterday without much practice in the long jump because Andover has not used its indoor pit this winter.

“We don’t use it because it’s right in the middle of the track so no one can run while we’re using it,” Haut said. “So we’ll probably pull it out before States just to get in a few jumps but we rarely jump in it.”

Haut has worked hard to increase her strength and speed.

“I’ve been lifting a lot and I think that’s what’s really given me the power to long jump,” she said. “I’ve been running a lot this year, too.”

A star in the triple jump outdoors, Haut is quite the student. She has applied to eight schools: Amherst College, UMass Amherst, Bates, Bowdoin, Colby, Holy Cross, Dartmouth and Middlebury.


On the boys side, Lowell won (79) with Andover second (58), North Andover third (57), Methuen fourth (40), Central Catholic fifth (39) and Lawrence sixth (38).


Methuen’s Jeff Reddy wanted to run the mile at States next week because he’s less than a second away from breaking the Methuen sophomore school record for the event. The record is 4:35.65. Reddy’s best time this year is 4:35.77.

But now he’s reconsidering running the mile after winning the 2-mile yesterday in 9:50.31.

“After this race I don’t know because I could potentially get to All-States for the 2-mile,” Reddy said.

Reddy didn’t run indoor track last year. He started for the Rangers freshman basketball team. He loves basketball but realized his true calling is long-distance running.

“After this cross country season, when I made it to All-States and I ran well there, I decided I should go out for this so I can get even better,” Reddy said.


Haverhill’s Riley Gilmore added to her long list of accomplishments that already includes being named an Eagle-Tribune All-Star five times (three times in cross country, once in winter and spring track).

The UNH-bound senior won the 2-mile (11:25.63) yesterday.

“I’ve just been kind of working on having my miles stay pretty much as even as possible and staying smooth,” Gilmore said. “I think I did pretty well today. My splits were pretty even so I’m happy with it.”


Central Catholic’s Dan Wilson won the boys long jump (20-61/2).

“My goal is always to get over 20 at least,” Wilson said. “I just pushed myself. I saw the kid from Andover (Jeremy Travaglini) get one inch in front of me with his last jump. So I really kicked it into gear.”


Methuen’s Ruddy Severino won the 300 in a personal best 36.38 to win his first MVC title.

Severino has been accepted to New Haven, Stonehill and St. Anselm and plans to run track and study engineering in college.

“I definitely have to train hard and eat healthy because college level can be tough and I want to be prepared, I want to go in dominating,” he said. “I don’t want to go in gradually getting better.”

But first things first ...

“I’ve got States next week so I definitely want to see if I can break 36 (seconds),” he said. “That would be a good sign.”


John St. Hilaire won the 600 in 1:23.32, setting a new Methuen High junior class record for the event. Erik Gonzalez held the old record (1:23.92 in 2004).

Lawrence’s Kelvin Flores won the 55 meters (6.65). North Andover’s Joseph Staudt won the 55 hurdles (7.78), North Andover’s Owen Jordan won the high jump (6-2). Meanwhile, Andover’s Oliver Eberth, George Cardillo, Kevin Chen and Hamza Naveed won the 4x200 (1:33.09).

North Andover’s Mikayla Guthrie, Deven Sportelli, Mary Lavery and Jenna Smolag won the 4x400 (4:08.37).

Boys Indoor Track

Andover takes second

Boys MVC Indoor Championships

Team results: 1. Lowell 79; 2. Andover 58; 3. North Andover 57; Methuen 40; 5. Central Catholic 39; 6. Lawrence 38; Haverhill 4

Area placers:

55 meter dash: 1. Kelvin Flores (Lawrence) 6.65; 2. Jose Adames (Lawrence) 6.66; 5. Jacob Toledo 6.71; 55 hurdles: 1. Joseph Staudt (North Andover) 7.78; 2. Steve Caveney (Andover) 7.79; 3. Jack McInnis (Central) 8.04; 4. Zachary Kryznski (Central) 8.06; 2-Mile: 1. Jeffrey Reddy (Methuen) 9:50.31; 3. Zachary Frahlich (North Andover) 9:59.64; 300: 1. Ruddy Severino (Methuen) 36.38; 2. Oliver Eberth (Andover) 36.74; 6. Julio Berroa (Lawrence) 37.46; 600: 1. John St. Hilaire (Methuen) 1:23.32; 3. Sebastian Silveira (Andover) 1:24.94; 4. Robert Perry (Andover) 1:26.57; 1,000: 3. Dan Marino (North Andover) 2:36.50; 4. Edward Quezada (Lawrence) 2:40.36; 6. Christopher Dalke (North Andover) 2:43.16; Mile: 6. Devin Allen (Methuen) 4:36.86;

SP: 2. Noah Joyce (Central) 48-2.25; 3. Stephen Sullivan (Central) 48-1; 5. Brian Davis (North Andover) 46-1.5; 6. Yanni Falaras (North Andover) 45-7.5; HJ: 1. Owen Jordan (North Andover) 6-2; 3. Wynn Bourassa (North Andover) 5-10; 4. Kery Cajou (Lawrence) 5-8; 4. John Maginnis (Methuen) 5-8; 6. Kelvin Flores (Lawrence) 5-8; LJ: 1. Dan Wilson (Central) 20-6.25; 2. Jeremy Travaglini (Andover) 19-8; 3. Joseph Staudt (North Andover) 19-0; 4. Xavier Laguerre (North Andover) 18-11.5; 4x400: 2. Andover 3:34.78; 3. Methuen 3:36.12; 4. Haverhill 3:37.17; 6. Lawrence 3:39.16; 4x800: 3. Andover 8:35.60; 4. North Andover 8:44.97; 4x200: 1. Andover (Eberth, George Cardillo, Kevin Chen, Hamza Naveed) 1:33.09; 2. Lawrence 1:34.77; 4. Central 1:35.89; 6. North Andover 1:36.77

Girls Indoor Track

Andover takes second

Girls MVC Indoor Championships

Team results: 1. Lowell 88; 2. Andover 68.5; 3. North Andover 48; 5. Central Catholic 32.5; 7. Methuen 27; 9. Haverhill 23

Area placers:

55 meter dash: 2. Hannah Ameen (Andover); 4. Courtney Woronka (Central) 7.76; 5. Yonnie Collins (Haverhill) 7.87; 6. Miranda Lawrence (Andover) 7.91; 55 hurdles: 2. Courtney Comeau (Andover) 8.76; 4. Katie Equi (Central) 9.08; 6. Hannah Chapman (Andover) 9.28; 2-Mile: 1. Riley Gilmore (Haverill) 11:25.63; 3. Tiffany Simione (Central) 11:37.13; 6. Leila Aruri (Andover) 12:07.84; 300: 2. Wileshka Samuel (Methuen) 41.98; 3. Jenna Smolag (North Andover) 42.21; 4. Michelle Gencorelli (Andover 43.00); 5. Catherine Haut (Andover) 43.37; 600: 4. Mary Lavery (North Andover) 1:41.8; 6. Taylor DePalo (Central) 1:44.34; 1,000: 2. Jenna Swadel (North Andover) 3:07.75; 3. Catherine Donovan (Andover) 3:07.95; 5. Samantha Wise (Haverhill) 3:09.12; 6. Erin Dwinell Central) 3:09.88; Mile: 4. Kylie Regan (Central) 5:24.57;

SP: 2. Katie McManus (North Andover) 36-4.25; 3. Alexandra Layne (North Andover) 35-1; 5. Shayna Kennedy (Central) 31-4; 6. Yonnie Collins (Haverhill) 30-6.25; HJ: Eladia Cespedes (Methuen) 4-11; 2t. Michaela Sliney (Haverhill) 4-11; 2t. Casey McCarroll (Andover) 4-11; 6t. Emily Mills (Central) 4-8; 6t. Wyllie Boughton (Andover) 4-8: LJ: 1. Catherine Haut (Andover) 17-7; 6. Lauren McAndrew (Methuen) 15-11; 4x400: 1. North Andover (Mikayla Guthrie, Deven Sportelli, Lavery, Smolag) 4:08.37; 2. Andover 4:11.12; 3. Methuen 4:11.61; 4x800: 3. Central Catholic 10:04.73; 4. Andover 10:18.23; 6. Haverhill 10:30.75; 4x200: 2. Andover 1:50.18; 3. North Andover 1:53.49; 4. Central 1:53.55; 5. Methuen 1:54.43