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June 11, 2013

Tebow always a Patriot at heart

Bill Burt
The Eagle-Tribune

---- — How can some of us call Tim Tebow “a sideshow” when he plays for the New York Jets, but call him a weapon when he plays for the New England Patriots?

Because we can. And because it’s true.

The Patriots have signed Tebow to a deal for four reasons:


1. Is a winner.

2. Is unselfish.

3. Gives the Patriots options they haven’t had.

4. Won’t be a sideshow in Foxboro.

While books have been written about the first two reasons, the last two are the ones we will discuss today.

The fact the Tebow can play quarterback (hey, he’s not that bad), running back, tight end or the RB-TE hybrid is one of coach Bill Belichick’s favorite qualities in a player: Position flexibility.

Add in the fact when Tebow is on the field, maybe even on the punt block team like he was for the Jets, the opposing team will have an all-points bulletin out on the fact that Tebow is on the field.

And guess what having Tebow on your team means?

Opposing coaches have to spend, at the very least, at least two hours of research on his tendencies, etc. That means two fewer hours on Tom Brady’s cadences or Patriots blitz packages or goal line defenses ... or all of the above.

As for the non-sideshow reference, that could easily be the Reason No. 1. Adding Tebow, circa Denver Broncos, would be a risk for nearly any team with an issue at quarterback. In Foxboro, that is not an issue. Also, Tebow will not be allowed to have his say in front of his locker every day like he did with the Jets.

He will be forewarned, as Wes Welker ratted out a few days ago, that some topics are off the table during media interviews. Funny, Welker would’ve accepted being “shut up” if the Patriots up the ante to $7 million a year, guaranteed. But I digress ...

Can’t we honestly say the Jets adding Tebow was a joke. It was for the back page of the N.Y. city tabloids. They got their back page spreads, but they also got an embarrassing record (6-10) and half of the front office fired.

What does Tom Brady think? I’m guessing he wasn’t thrilled upon hearing the news, but then again maybe he is so focused on his legacy, which desperately needs one or two more Super Bowl titles to become the “all-time best.”

The key factor in Tebow being a Patriot is the fact he has accepted, for now (probably in the short term), that he won’t be a starting quarterback in the NFL very soon.

And if that’s not going to happen, he’ll go to a franchise that will treat him for what he is:

A winner and a football player.

Sounds like a perfect fit to me.

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