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March 5, 2010

Star and supporter

Nicole Boudreau loves helping lead Andover, her twin Danielle loves watching her do it

By Chris Smith

ANDOVER — Danielle Boudreau sat in the bleachers wearing her fraternal twin Nicole Boudreau's No. 25 home basketball jersey at the Division 1 North semifinal contest Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Nicole, who leads all local scorers with 79 3-pointers this winter, was out on the court wearing her No. 25 away jersey, scoring in double figures for the 21st time this season and helping lead Andover to a berth against Central Catholic in the Division 1 North final today at the TD Garden.

Nicole and Danielle are twins. But they are very, very different.

Nicole is a varsity star, averaging 20.0 points per game. She's more the athletic-type.

Danielle is on the junior varsity, still working to improve her defense and shooting and hoping to make varsity next year. She's more — as Nicole describes her — "the girly-girl type'' who likes to go shopping for clothes.

The two sophomores are best friends. Danielle said watching Nicole score a barrage of 3-pointers is an amazing feeling.

"I turn around and go, 'That's my sister,'" Danielle said. "It's just so much fun to watch people in the crowd stand up and cheer for her every time she makes a 3."

The lowdown on Nicole

Nicole, who also is a standout golfer on the boys' team, has received recruiting interest from Division 1 basketball programs, including Boston College and Stanford.

Nicole immediately loved the game when she saw her first hoop. That was around kindergarten at St. Augustine School in Andover.

"She would not leave the house, in kindergarten, without a basketball under her arms," said their mother, Denise LeCompte. "They had basketball hoops on the playground. She taught all the kids."

Nicole's passion for the sport grew when her parents took her to an Andover High game in third grade. Andover's Merry Fish quickly became her favorite player.

"(Fish) shot 3-pointers and Nicole just thought that was coolest thing," the twins' father, Richard Boudreau, said. "She made her own shirt with (Fish's) name and put masking tape on the back with the number and she went to the games and wore the T-shirt and I think she was kind of hooked on basketball after that."

Her mother said before Nicole started playing organized basketball, she spent tons of time down in the unfinished basement hitting a tennis ball against the concrete wall with a racquetball racket.

"She was born with great motor skills and hasn't been without some kind of ball in her hand since she's been born," LeCompte said.

Nicole always has been the star in basketball, her 22-year-old brother Andrew Boudreau said. He said he had a bunch of friends over his house his senior year of high school for a lacrosse team dinner and they all started to play a two-against-two basketball tournament at the court in their backyard.

Andrew said he picked Nicole as his teammate.

"She was half our height," said Andrew, who graduated from Johns Hopkins and currently lives in Baltimore. "We were 18 and she was 12. They were all laughing at me because I picked my sister, but then we got out on the basketball court and she started dribbling circles around these guys."

The lowdown on Danielle

Danielle enjoys basketball, too, but she always had her other interests as well.

"She likes to shop," Nicole said. "She's more of a girly-girl. She's not as into sports as I am."

Danielle also liked to dance while growing up and she is into fashion, LeCompte said.

Danielle, who is about three inches smaller than her 5-foot-7 sister, admitted she does not take as much interest in basketball.

"We both like the Celtics and going to games together but a lot of time I'll come into the family room and sit down with her and she'll be watching men's college basketball and I won't have interest in watching with her," Danielle said.

Danielle is not looking to be a star like her sister.

"If I do make the (varsity) team (next winter) I might not play a lot but just being at practice and being with the team is worth it," Danielle said.

In junior high, Danielle asked to be put on a different AAU team than Nicole.

"Danielle said to me, 'I'll never shine if I'm on the same team as Nicole,'" LeCompte said. "I think that helped. But I think they totally accept each other for who they are and with Danielle I don't think there's any jealously. She's totally happy with whatever Nicole does and vice versa. Danielle has her strengths."

Danielle said she has a ton of fun watching Nicole and then reading about her in newspapers.

"I'm not jealous," she said. "It's never been something that I get envious of. I just actually have a lot of fun bragging about her to our friends."

No sibling rivalry

Surprisingly, the twins said that they are not that competitive with each other.

Nicole said she was more competitive with her two brothers, Andrew and 19-year-old David who is a sophomore at Bentley.

"Me and her used to be competitive together a lot," David said. "We'd go out back and play basketball and I'd give her a hard time and beat up on her a little bit."

As for Nicole and Danielle, they enjoy working together and helping each other out for the most part.

"She'll help me out with my sports and my schoolwork and everything but I can help her out with clothes and makeup and all that stuff and it all works out," Danielle said.

"I've looked up to her," Danielle added. "My sister is always there for pointers. When we used to be on the same team together she'd pull me aside and tell me what I need to work on and she'd do it really friendly and helpfully."

The girls said they mostly have the same friends and spend a lot of time hanging around with each other.

"To see (Danielle) walk in with Nicole's No. 25 shirt, that was pretty impressive to me," Andover coach Jim Tildsley said.

The Nicole Boudreau factor

So it goes like this: Nicole Boudreau having a good game equals Andover beating Central Catholic.

Every time Boudreau has scored more than 20 points, Andover has won against Central. The one time she scored fewer (10 points), Andover lost by two. In that loss, Boudreau was playing with a hurt ankle and she was faceguarded heavily.

"She gets the shot off as quick as anyone I've ever coached," Andover coach Jim Tildsley said. "She follows through and she knows how to get open. I believe shooting is 75, 80 percent confidence and she has a lot of confidence and when she misses, she's going to keep shooting."

Boudreau's games against Central

Date Points 3-pointers outcome

Jan. 7, 2009 30 9 Andover won 77-54

Feb. 3, 2009 24 5 Andover won 61-54

Dec. 30, 2009 39 9 Andover won 86-74

Jan. 8, 2010 10 0 Central won 55-53

Jan. 31, 2010 25 6 Andover won 60-54

The Starting Lineup

Andover Golden Warriors (22-3)

Player Pos. Height Yr. Pts

Natalie Gomez-Martinez PG 5-7 Jr. 15.6

Nicole Boudreau G 5-9 Soph. 20.0

Aly Fazio G 5-7 Soph. 5.4

Alex Alois F 5-6 Sr. 6.3 ppg, 6.8

Dianna Bill C 5-10 Sr. 6.3 ppg, 4.8

Central Catholic Raiders (21-2)

Player Pos. Height Yr. Pts

Gabie Polce PG 5-8 Jr. 10.4

Courtney Williams G 5-3 Jr. 4.3

Brianna Martin G 5-6 Jr. 4.7

Melissa Miller F 6-0 Jr. 12.6

Katie Zenevitch C 6-3 Sr. 17.5