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April 11, 2013

Five reasons Sox deserve our passion again

A Fan's Persective
Ed Warnshuis

---- — We all know that last year’s Red Sox team was a gang of surly pouters that didn’t seem to like the media, the fans, the manager (I can’t blame them there), the president and the owners.

Worst of all, they didn’t like each other.

But that’s old news, really old news if we are to believe what we’ve seen the last week and really the last few months.

I’ve come to this conclusion in just a short time. the 2013 Red Sox deserve our support, respect, and even a piece of our hearts.

Here are five reasons why.

1. The pitchers know how to pitch.

With the possible exception of Alfredo Aceves, these guys all throw strikes, work quickly and know how to get guys out.

The first time through, all 5 starters went at least five innings with the exception of Lackey, who’s arm seized up after 4 and 2/3.

Through the first six games, the bullpen has only given up eight runs and Aceves gave up five of them.

Joel Hanrahan is 3 for 3 in save situations and set-up man Andrew Bailey is lights out.

2. They know how to run the bases.

They go from first to third on singles, they hit and run, they steal bases and they get into the opposing pitchers’ head.

3. They play great defense.

Through the first six games, they didn’t commit a single error and they were playing in two very big ball parks, Yankee Stadium and the Rogers Center.

All three outfielders can fly and catch the ball.

The arms are so-so, but nobody’s perfect.

Last night, outfielders committed two errors against the Orioles but that won’t be the norm.

4. They like each other.

All through camp and during the first road trip, you can see them high-fiving and talking to each other animatedly in the dugout. After the normally mild mannered Koji Uehara got three outs on just five pitches in Yankee Stadium, he went roaring through the dugout, high-fiving everybody but the batboy.

5. The manager is classy.

John Farrell is everything Bobby Valentine was not. He respects everybody, including his players, he’s a thoughtful man who knows this game inside and out, and, by his own admission, he works his butt off.

I know it’s only April and we have 140-something games to play, but there’s a lot to like about the 2013 Red Sox. If you haven’t been paying attention, you owe it to yourself to start doing so.