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September 29, 2013

Around the Horn with Kelly Lennon, Methuen swimming

By Michael Muldoon

---- — @BoxText_boldintro,:What are your goals for this year? “I’d really like to break the team record in the 500 (freestyle). We thought we had it last year but then Smith called me (and said I didn’t). A general goal, I’d really like to beat Billerica. It would be nice to win MVCs and beat them in a dual meet.”

@BoxText_boldintro,:What’s your favorite personal athletic achievement? “Probably coming in second in States in the 200 IM. It was really unexpected. Freshman year I started at the bottom of the pack.”

@BoxText_boldintro,:How did you get into swimming? “My sister (Kara Lennon, MHS ‘08) started swimming in the seventh grade. One of her good friends was Laura Moriarty. I joined the same team a year after.”

Laura was a Ranger legend. Do you know her well? “I’ve talked to her multiple times about everything. Last year she helped out Smith. She helped me with my stroke and the college process.”

@BoxText_boldintro,:Are you being recruited by any schools? “It’s really exciting. I went to the University of Vermont two weeks ago. I’m looking at Boston College, University of Rhode Island, University of New Hampshire, too. It’s fun and exciting and I’m really looking forward to it.”

@BoxText_boldintro,:How are you doing academically? “I’m 35th out of 462 in my class.”

@BoxText_boldintro,:Do you play any other sports? “I was a softball player freshman and sophomore year. Coach Smith and I had a sitdown. I loved softball but swimming was going to get me to college so I put it aside.”

@BoxText_boldintro,:Do you ever think about softball? “Yeah, last season was tough. ‘(I thought), Wow, I wish I could pitch right now.’ I loved it. I knew at the end of senior year I would have to give up. It’s bittersweet. I knew it was the right thing to do.”

What’s been the lowest point of your career? “Last year I had an elbow injury. It was a setback. My elbow bent too far backwards. I reached a plateau for a while my sophomore year. It was kind of frustrating. Last year I hit my peak again.”

@BoxText_boldintro,:Do you have any other extracurricular activities? “I’m vice president of Best Buddies.”

@BoxText_boldintro,:Do you work? “In the summer I worked at Camp Rotary, an overnight camp in Boxford. But I don’t have time to work now.”

@BoxText_boldintro,:How crazy is your schedule? “Most of time it’s school, high school practice and then to club practice. Sometimes there is practice in the morning. It can get crazy.”

What time do you get up if you have morning practice? “4:45 a.m.”

@BoxText_boldintro,:Are you from an athletic family? “My dad, Bob Lennon, is a marathon runner. My sister swam and is a personal trainer at Boston Athletic Club.”

Would you like to run a Boston Marathon some day? “It’s on my bucket list. It’s such a cool experience.”

@BoxText_boldintro,:Did you go this year? “I was supposed to go. My mom and I went on a tour of the University of Vermont instead. My father decided not to run this year. He volunteered. After the whole thing (terrorist bombing) happened, he stayed a little extra, helping direct traffic.”

@BoxText_boldintro,:What’s your dream job? “I’d really like to be a high school English teacher. Writing when I was in seventh and eighth grade was my thing. In high school I’ve had the best English teachers the world has to offer: Mr. (Jeff) Bellistri, Miss (Joyce) Gagnon, Dr. (Lisa) Golobski and Mr. (Bud) Jennings. My mom is the principal at the Wetherbee school in Lawrence.”

Who’s your dream date? “Andy Samberg.”

@BoxText_boldintro,:What is your pet peeve? “It takes a lot to get on my nerves.”

@BoxText_boldintro,:Do you have a nickname? “Kellbell and Lemon”

@BoxText_boldintro,:Who do you follow on Twitter-Facebook? “Miley Cyrus and Seth Myers.”

@BoxText_boldintro,:Do you have any pets? “No, unfortunately, my dad and I are two against one on getting a dog.”

What’s something people don’t know about you? “I used to be an Irish step dancer. I stopped for swimming, which apparently was a good decision.”

What is the most embarrassing song you have in your iPod? “‘I Like Methuen’ by Bev Eskel.”

@BoxText_boldintro,:If you were named principal, what’s the first thing you’d do? “Let coffee be allowed in school. I’m a big coffee addict.”

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