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December 20, 2008

Greater Lawrence Boys Christmas Tourney Results and Awards

990717_1_HAND_KELLEY : Ted Kelley ... 1981 MVP

Hector Paniagua ... 2004 MVP: 051208_ET_MLO_TOURNEYMUGS2 ...far right

John Jacobs ... 1997 MVP: 971210_1_CSE_SPT42 ... far right

Mike Heafey ... 1975 MVP: HAND_Heafey

Jamie Cunneen 1991 MVP ... left: 980318_3_HAND_TRAFICANT

991216_2_HND_HAND3 ...Barry Spears Jr. had one of the sweetest jump shots in Greater Lawrence Christmas Tourney history. His feathery touch and toughness (he played through an injury) enabled him to win MVP honors in 1992.

All-Stars and Award Winners

2007 All-Star team: Billy Marsden, Central (MVP); Josh Jones, Salem; Tristian Shannon, Andover; Romeo Diaz, Methuen; Justin Nieves, Lawrence; Carson Desrosiers, Central

Coaches Awards: Hector Heredia, Greater Lawrence; Steve Boudreau, North Andover; Zach Mathieu, Pinkerton; Josh Frederico, Salem; Sean Gallagher, Methuen; Zach Burdeau, Andover; Junior Veras, Lawrence; Wilfredo Pagan, Central

2006 All-Star team: Alex Oviedo, Lawrence (MVP); Jesus Moore, Lawrence; Ian Dempsey, Andover; Sean McManus, North Andover; Stephen Savage, Salem; Junior DeLaHoz, Central

Coaches Awards: Steve Eurieck, Pinkerton; Jose Vidal, Greater Lawrence; Rusty Bannister, North Andover; Romeo Diaz, Methuen; Nick Loomis, Salem; Jason Zenga, Central; Jason Perry, Andover; Willie Reynoso, Lawrence

Special Contributions Award: Dick Licare, Central Catholic

2005 All-Star team — Jonathan Cruz, Central (MVP); Ryan Lambert, Pinkerton; Casey Cosgrove, Andover; Alex Oviedo, Lawrence; Adrian Gonzalez, Central; Danny Rodriguez, Lawrence

Coaches Awards: Tunde Agboola, Methuen; Henry Ponciano, Greater Lawrence; Ryan Carter, Salem; Nick Pignone, Pinkerton; Tyler Carroll, Andover; A.J. Sousa, North Andover; Jesus Moore, Lawrence; J.J. Lietz, Central

2004 All-Star team: Hector Paniagua, Lawrence (MVP); Chris White, Salem; Alex Oviedo, Lawrence; Jonathan Cruz, Central Catholic; Greg Vetrano, Andover; Jose Vidal, Greater Lawrence

Coaches Awards: Ben Huntington, Pinkerton; Jim Connolly, North Andover; Jeremy Jones, Salem; Matt Alaimo, Methuen; Anthony Santiago, Greater Lawrence; Matt Renfro, Andover; Sean Hanlon, Central Catholic; and Ulises Espinal, Lawrence

Special Contributions Award: Art Yancy, Greater Lawrence

2003 All-Star team: Marquis Victor, Central (MVP); Chris Vetrano, Andover; Luis Perez, Lawrence; Jonathan Cruz, Central; Nate Stanton, Salem; Josh Carter, Salem

Coaches Awards: Ryan Furey, Methuen; Kevin Klipfel, North Andover; Jack Barrett, Andover; Jeffrey D'Angelo, Greater Lawrence; Hector Paniagua, Lawrence; Kevin Bolduc, Pinkerton; Mike Dunham, Salem; Mark Russell, Central

2002 All-Star team: Dan O'Shea, Central (MVP); Chris Vetrano, Andover; Marquis Victor, Central; Miguel Lora, Lawrence; Luis Perez, Lawrence; John Dowaliby, North Andover

Coaches Awards: David Marion, Greater Lawrence; Ryan Middlemiss, Methuen; Kevin Klipfel, North Andover; Pat Escabi, Pinkerton; Nate Stanton, Salem; Kevin Barrett, Andover; Tom Sipsey, Central; Juan Nunez, Lawrence

2001 All-Star team: Wilkins Victor, Lawrence (MVP); Olatungie Lightfoot-Taylor, Lawrence; Dan O'Shea, Central; Chris Vetrano, Andover; Kevin Boutilier, North Andover; Ruben Perez, Greater Lawrence

Coaches Awards: Tony Curet, Methuen; Luis Valdez, Greater Lawrence; Mark Terry, Pinkerton; Jay Cleary, Salem; Kevin Barrett, Andover; John Dowaliby, North Andover; Miguel Lora, Lawrence; Jose Otero, Central

2000 All-Star team: Raymond Nunez, Central (MVP); Bruno Zanotti, Andover; Patrick Escabi, Pinkerton; Pat Holland, North Andover; Jeff Nicholson, Methuen; Dan O'Shea, Central

Coaches Awards: Juan Nunez, Lawrence; Jonathan Medina, Greater Lawrence; Geordie Miliotis, Andover; Tim Lyons, Salem; Chaz Lietz, North Andover; Tim Pelletier, Pinkerton; Steve Marquis, Methuen; Joel Gil Central

1999 All-Star team: Scott Hazelton, Central (MVP); Jon Kirmil, Greater Lawrence; Tommy McLaughlin, Andover; Chris O'Rourke, Methuen; Jeremy Currier, Pinkerton; Fran Morales, North Andover

Coaches Awards: Craig Barnard, Salem; Ruben Perez, Greater Lawrence; Mike Remington, Pinkerton; Roberto Ruiz, Lawrence; Paul Tanglis, North Andover; Brad Stubenhaus, Andover; Matt Kobelski, Pinkerton; Elvin Reynoso, Methuen

1998 All-Star team: Scott Hazelton, Central (MVP); Mark Dunham, Pinkerton; Chris Urquhart, Salem; Tommy McLaughlin, Andover; Jared Clough, North Andover; Matt Qualter, Central; Tim Howlett, North Andover; Qualter and Howlett were both Boudreau winners

Coaches Awards: Brian Stanton, Salem; Jon Kirmil, Greater Lawrence; Eric Garcia, Lawrence; Brandon St. Amand, Pinkerton; Bobby Parker, Methuen; Brian Anderson, Andover; Randall Farris, Central and Justin St. Hilaire, North Andover

1997 All-Star team: John Jacobs, Central (MVP); Chris Urquhart, Salem; Mark Dunham, Pinkerton; Brendan Long, Andover; Tommy McLaughlin, Andover; Matt Qualter, Central

Coaches Awards: Tim Howlett, North Andover; Kenny Howshan, Methuen; Juan Flete, Greater Lawrence; Jeff Danis, Andover; Rafael Delgado, Lawrence; Jason Jones, Salem; Arty Hazzard, Pinkerton; Marty Glynn, Central

1996 All-Star team: Mike Dunn, Central (MVP); Corry McLaughlin, Andover; Brian Bettano, Methuen; Alex Hernandez, Lawrence; Mike Trovato, Central; Manuel Nunez, Lawrence

Coaches Awards: Chris Urquhart, Salem; Dave Caloia, North Andover; Sal Dominguez, Greater Lawrence; Mark O'Sullivan, Andover; Shaun Qualter, Central; Eddie Allen, Lawrence; Dennis Dube, Methuen; Dan Tynion, Pinkerton

1995 All-Star team: Richie Barden, Methuen (MVP); Paul McNeice, Andover; Brian Schaufenbil, North Andover; Mike Dunn, Central; Brian Bettano, Methuen; Juan Valerio, Salem

Coaches Awards: Ryan MacDougall, Salem; Pat Sharkey, Andover; Chris Hayes, North Andover; Mark Adams, Greater Lawrence; Nolasco Cortorreal, Lawrence; William Rivera, Central; Dennis Dube, Methuen

1994 All-Star team: Matt Gibson, Andover (MVP); Eric Danis, Andover; Rob Mosto, Salem; Tim Creegan, Salem; Josh Pfeil, Methuen; John Melia, Central

Coaches Awards: Tom Tanin, Andover; Juan Valerio, Salem; Chris Merli, North Andover; Sal Dominguez, Greater Lawrence; Mike Dunn, Central; Pedro Perez, Lawrence; Josh Rose, Methuen

1993 All-Star team: Kirk Stockwood, Andover (MVP); Domenic Tankersley, Greater Lawrence; Ryan Kearney, Central; Bob Ruggiero, Methuen; Eric Danis, Andover; Matt Curran, Methuen

Coaches Awards: Tim Creegan, Salem; Dan Ginley, Masconomet; Jose Vasquez, Lawrence; Shaun Carignan, Greater Lawrence; Brian Raposo, North Andover; Dan DeFillippo, Central; Eric Jeanes, Methuen; Frank Paone and J.J. McCormick, Andover

1992 All-Star team: Barry Spears Jr., Central (MVP); Mike Roberts, Andover; Fernando Cruz, Lawrence; Ryan Kearney, Central; Dean Tridenti, North Andover; Bob Ruggiero, Methuen

Coaches Awards: Rob Mosto, Salem; David Gardner, Andover; Shaun Carignan, Greater Lawrence; Rudy Jaime, Lawrence; Eric Denise, Methuen; Brad Trull, Masconomet; Scott Daley, North Andover; Shaun O'Rorke, Central

1991 All-Star team: Jamie Cunneen, Methuen (MVP); Chris Shea, Andover; Michelet Cadet, Lawrence; Chad Hamel, Salem; Dean Tridenti, North Andover; Mike Ouellette, Salem

Coaches Awards: Jim Naughton, Winnacunnet; Bob Ruggiero, Methuen; Rodolfo Brito, Lawrence; Kevin Ring, Andover; Alex Vega, Greater Lawrence; Jamey Beland, Central; Mike Brown, Salem; Peter Wefers, North Andover

1990 All-Star team: Rigo Nunez, Lawrence (MVP); Julio Vargas, Lawrence; Steve McAveeney, Central; Matt Perry, Andover; Jeff Clarke, Salem; Eric Grywalski, North Andover

Coaches Awards: Andy Kasprzak, Winnacunnet; Sean Foley, Methuen; Tim O'Neil, North Andover; Ramon Romero, Central; Bill Holtham, Salem; Jeff Hurley, Andover

1989 All-Star team: Ryan Ouellette, Central (MVP); Jeremy Dziadosz, Methuen; Edgardo Rovira, Greater Lawrence; Matt Perry, Andover; Dave Gibson, Central; Chris Eggert, Andover

Coaches Awards: Rigo Nunez, Lawrence; Tom Livingston, Methuen, Jim Matzouranis, North Andover; Jose Santiago, Greater Lawrence; Mike Stevens, Salem; Ricky Nault, Central; Stefan Tomlinson, Andover

1988 All-Star team: Steve Green, Lawrence (MVP); Brian McLaughlin, Salem; Todd Musterait, Andover; Chad Downer, North Andover; Ed Colon, Lawrence

Coaches Awards: Mike Huberdeau, Whittier; Matt Perry, Andover; Jamie Noble, North Andover; Fred Estrella, Lawrence; David Bueno, Methuen; Orlando Maldonado, Greater Lawrence; Jason Bates, Central; Tom Pierro, Salem

1987 All-Star team: John Perry, Andover (MVP); Craig Shirley, Haverhill; John Rimas, Central; Shane Donahue, Greater Lawrence; Steve Green, Lawrence

Coaches Awards: Mike Stallone, Methuen; Doug Brochetti, Haverhill; James Wilson, Greater Lawrence; John Daileanes, Central; Sean Brady, Lawrence; Chris Concemi, Andover; Eric Freund, Salem; David Cottone, North Andover

1986 All-Star team: Shane Donahue, Greater Lawrence (MVP); Mark Tucker, Andover; John Daileanes, Central; Matt Cody, Salem; Paul Neal, Greater Lawrence; Winn Matthews, North Andover

Coaches Awards: Martin Longo, Haverhill; Kevin Carpenito, Methuen; Joe Donovan, Salem; John Perry, Andover; Lou Perez, Central; Paul Matachun, Lawrence; Miguel Rodriguez, Greater Lawrence; Mike Gordon, North Andover

1985 All-Star team: Joe Bowab, Central (MVP); Tim Perry, Andover; Paul Matachun, Lawrence, Matt Jozokos, Methuen; Paul Neal, Greater Lawrence

1984 All-Star team: Chris Rowen, North Andover (MVP); Kevin Poole, Salem; Matt Jozokos; Rich Blinn, North Andover; Tim Perry, Andover

1983 All-Star team: Leo Parent, Central Catholic (MVP); all-star team not available

1982 All-Star team: Leo Parent, Central Catholic (MVP); Bobby Licare, Central; E.J. Perry, Andover; complete all-star team not available

1981 First Team: Ted Kelley, Andover (MVP); Matt Robinson, Central; Leo Parent, Central; Tim Hart Central; E.J. Perry, Andover; Carmen Scarpa, Andover; Second Team: David Giribaldi, Lawrence; Osiris Casado, Greater Lawrence; Elliot Guadelupe, Haverhill; Dave Ruffen, Salem; Pat Donovan, Salem

1980 All-Star team: Kip Jones, Andover (MVP); Gary Durgin, Salem; Vin Titone, Methuen; Tony Fultz, Haverhill; Guy Kothman, North Andover; Ted Kelley, Andover; Mike White, Andover; Rico Caruso, Lawrence

1979 First Team All-Stars: Rip Williams, Andover (MVP); Todd Orlando, Andover; Guy Kothman, North Andover; Brian Sifferlen, North Andover; Gary McLain, Methuen; Second Team: Vin Titone, Methuen; Gary Durgin, Salem; John Castillo, Greater Lawrence; Scott Shannon, Lawrence; Bob Uttley, North Andover

1978 All-Star team: Todd Orlando, Andover (MVP); Gary McLain, Methuen; John Castillo, Greater Lawrence; rest of all-star team not available

1977 All-Star team: Mike Hart, Andover (MVP); Kevin Bradley, Methuen; David Cotton, Haverhill; John Caruso, Greater Lawrence; Ron McDonald, Salem; Bill Smith, North Andover; Dave Solomon, Central; Gil Desrosiers, Lawrence; Dennis Morin, Lawrence; Eric Sullivan, Andover; Geoff Bragdon, Andover

1976 All-Star team: Billy Halton, Andover (MVP); Mitch Rousseau, Andover; Geoff Bragdon, Andover; Mike Laorenza, North Andover; Kevin Bradley, Methuen; Kevin Tiner, Salem; Kevin MacLean, Lawrence; Randy Beaudoin, Central; Lito Deschamps, Greater Lawrence; Kevin Desmarais, Haverhill; David Cotton, Haverhill

1975 All-Star team: Mike Heafey, North Andover (MVP); team MVPs % Wally Wright of Haverhill; Dave Twicken and Larry Douglas of Salem; other team MVPs not available

NOTE: The Ted Boudreau Memorial Sixth Man Award, instituted in 1989, is named after the late tourney announcer. It is for sportsmanship and outstanding play. The last player listed under All-Stars beginning in 1989 is the Boudreau winner.

Statistics compiled by Michael Muldoon