EagleTribune.com, North Andover, MA

March 30, 2013

Around the Horn with Central Catholic scholar-athlete Simon Serrano

By Michael Muldoon

---- — Simon Serrano is a fine distance runner and an extraordinary student.

If you ask him about his 800, he might not know if you’re talking about a race or his perfect math SAT score. He’s also been a key for the Raiders on the track with bests of 4:38.70 in the mile and a 10:09.78 two-mile.

In this week’s Around the Horn, Serrano talks about his elite list of potential schools, why it’s cool to be smart and his favorite athletic achievement.

Are you going to Yale? “I’m still waiting for other schools and seeing what’s up with financial aid.”

Did you get into any other schools? “I got into Yale, UMass Amherst, Maryland, UConn, BU and MIT. I’m waiting on Harvard and Brown.”

Do you have a favorite? “Yale definitely is the favorite. I definitely like the atmosphere. I had a couple great uncles who went there.”

How do you do it? “I’m studying and working constantly. It never really ends for me. I like to think I’m naturally smart but I definitely have the drive which has gotten me where I am.”

How did you do on your SATs? “2,330.”

I’ve heard you are in the running for valedictorian. “They announce class ranks sometime soon. I don’t want to say where I think I am.”

How do athletics factor in your life? “They are a really important part of my life. Mentally during day then physically. It’s a great balance even though it’s exhausting.”

What’s your favorite personal athletic achievement? “This fall when I was voted an MVC All-Star in cross country.”

What’s been the lowest point of your career? “A stretch the beginning of my junior year. It’s tough to get going. I plateaued a little but I can’t complain.”

Is it cool to be smart? “Definitely. Absolutely. As long as you’re not bragging. You’re working hard. There is nothing not cool about working hard.”

What’s something people don’t know about you? “I’m half Ecuadorian.”

Where do you live? “Wilmington.”

Not too many Wilmington kids go to Central. How did you end up there? “I went to middle school at St. Augustine’s in Andover. My brother went to Central and I just followed him.”

Who is your inspiration? “My family, they all are very hard workers. I follow their lead.”

Are you from an academically-oriented family? “My brother, Sebastian, was valedictorian at Central. He’s graduating from Maryland in a month or two. He’ll be going to grad school at Maryland, too.”

What’s your dream job? “Something in applied mathematics. I’m definitely headed down the analytical way with math.”

What is your pet peeve? “People being impatient.”

Do you have any pets? “A dog, Jackson, a collie-beagle mix.”

If you were named principal, what’s the first thing you’d do? “No school on Mondays.”


Group or singer: Foo Fighters

Song: Everlong by the Foo Fighters

Book: 1984

Website: ESPN.com

App: 4 Pics 1 Word

Actor-actress: David Duchovny

Movie: X-Files

TV show: Frasier

Athlete: Tom Brady

Food: Pizza

Restaurant: Macaroni Grill

Course in school: Math