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October 13, 2013

Around the Horn with Melissa Cino, Windham volleyball

Michael Muldoon

---- — Windham senior Melissa Cino has put up big numbers on the volleyball court and the lacrosse field.

She recently passed 1,100 career assists in a win over St. Thomas, which had beaten the Jags the seven previous times they had played.

Cino is a returning All-Division 2 player and is an Eagle-Tribune All-Star for the two-time defending Division 3 state champion lacrosse team.

She learned her lacrosse skills from her father, Paul, a Pinkerton grad who was second-team All-American one year and third-team All-American another at West Point.

She also learned leadership from him. He teaches sports leadership courses and she’s a two-time team captain in both sports.

In this week’s Around the Horn, Cino spoke about leadership, playing both sports for coach Julie Bartlett and why she may give up sports after this spring.

That must have been a special night beating St. Thomas and getting your 1,100th career assist? “That night was probably one of the best nights of my volleyball career. I’ve played them seven times, just to finally beat them was huge. And getting the award was huge. It was an amazing night.”

Why is everyone making a big deal out of 1,100? Isn’t 1,000 the big one? “For the 1,000th, it was an away game. They wanted to do it at a home game.”

What are your goals for this year? “For our team, we’ve never made it to the final four. That’s the big goal and hopefully win it from there.”

How are you doing academically? “I’m No. 32 of 170. I’m in the National Honor Society.”

Will you play college sports? “I might play lacrosse in college. It’s what I’ve done my whole life, play sports. I almost want to try something new.”

What schools are you considering? “My top choice is Bentley. Behind that are Endicott and Bryant.”

What’s been the lowest point of your career? “Last year we had a dip in our season and kind of lost it. That was tough.”

Very few people have been two-year captains in two sports. Why do you think you were? “My dad, one of his companies, is Team Captain (to develop leadership skills in sports teams). I think I just took a lot of qualities from him. I think I’m a natural leader and I work pretty hard so I think people look up to that.”

What’s it like having Coach Bartlett for two sports? “For me, I love it. She’s someone you can always turn to. We all know how much she cares. I’ve been very lucky to have her. Because of her personality, it’s great.”

What’s your favorite personal athletic achievement? “The 1,100 assists is probably my favorite.”

Do you play any other sports? “I run winter track.”

Do you work? “My family is big on traveling. We went a week with our church, Windham Presbyterian Church, where we fixed a house in West Virginia. We went to San Francisco. Also my sister is studying in Thailand. My father and I met her in Australia. Next summer we’ll be going on a mission to Haiti.”

What’s your dream job? “I want to be in event management. My goal is to work at a Marriott.”

Do you have any pets? “Three cats, Izzy, Furby and Tigger.”

What’s something people don’t know about you? “I’m a vegetarian. My sister Sarah in sixth grade decided she wanted to be one. My mom (Robin) followed a few years later and I joined them in eighth grade.”

Come on, you must miss eating meat? “The only time I ever miss it is when somebody makes bacon in the morning and I can smell it.”

What is the most embarrassing song you have in your iPod? “It’s a Spanish song, ‘Ojos De Cielo.’”

If you were named principal, what’s the first thing you’d do? “I’d change the homework policy. So we didn’t have as much.”

melissa’s FAVORITES

Group or singer: Safetysuit

Song: Hey, Pretty Girl by Kip Moore

Book: The Scarlet Letter

Game: RollerCoaster Tycoon

Actor-actress: Channing Tatum

Movie: The Proposal

TV show: Grey’s Anatomy

Athlete: Paul Pierce

Food: Macaroni and cheese

Car: GMC Terrain

Restaurant: T-Bones

Teacher: Miss (Kayleigh) Murray for English