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April 6, 2013

Louisville alum: Hoops is always special event

The Eagle-Tribune


AGE: 23

FAMILY: Father, Robert Dixon, Mother, Jamie Dixon, Brothers, Adam and Andrew Dixon.

HOMETOWN: North Andover


OCCUPATION: Associate Director, Fields of Growth International


MAJOR: Sport Administration, Political Science

WHY DID YOU ATTEND LOUISVILLE?:As a transferee from UMASS- Amherst, I came to the University of Louisville [U of L] for it’s commitment to athletics. Paired with a storied athletic department, Louisville provided a close-knit community transcending the campus into the city and countryside. U of L is embedded with rich history, specifically in sports. I knew if I were to thrive as a student- athlete in college, it would be as a Cardinal in Louisville, Kentucky.

WHAT DID YOU LOVE ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE THERE?: Everything! Louisville proved to be an especially unique city. The strong sense of community was radiant from the playing field, to the classroom, to our fans in every corner of the state.

DID YOU ATTEND BASKETBALL GAMES?: Every chance I could get.

:A FAVORITE HOOP-RELATED MEMORY AT LOUISVILLE?: Louisville has a way of making each and every game special. From the moment you step into the arena, the electric vibe sparked in the warm up video, the continuous flows of energy throughout the game, and the emotion from the court all the way up to the nose bleed sections. You leave the arena proud to call yourself a Louisville Cardinal. My two favorite moments were Louisville’s T-Will (Terrance Williams) fast break dunks in the Big East playoffs & Peyton Siva’s relentless will to steer is his team to success.

WHY I WOULD RECOMMEND LOUISVILLE TO HIGH SCHOOLERS: From its elite athletic department, to the campus lifestyle, to the community, you won’t receive this type of college experience anywhere else.

WHERE WILL YOU WATCH GAMES ON SATURDAY?: Any sports bar in Kamp I can convince to put the game on.

WHY DO YOU THINK LOUISVILLE WILL WIN?: Relentless, passionate, and determined. This recipe of strong willed and multifaceted players with the nations quickest defense, and arguably the best collegiate coach is a deadly concoction for any opponent. #WinforWare #L1C4

University of Louisville facts :Motto: It's Happening Here Established: 1798 Type: Public Endowment: $760 million President: James R. Ramsey Enrollment: (est.) 22,350 :Location: Louisville, Kent. Campus: Urban School colors: Red and black Nickname: Cardinals Mascot: Cardinal bird Affiliations: Big East Conference Website: www.louisville.edu Famous alums: Diane Sawyer: TV journalist Christopher Dodd: U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell: U.S. Senator Deion Branch: pro football player Howard Fineman: Newsweek writer Did you know ... The student athletes from both of the University of Louisville Sweet 16 teams have over a 3.0 GPA? The women are at 3.09 and the men 3.28.