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June 27, 2013

Four Nicks at top of Healey leaderboard

Fairweather, Pandelena share early lead

Hector Longo

---- — HAVERHILL – With all the college players atop the Joseph F. Healey Memorial Golf Championships, you had to wonder if they played for their tuition bills yesterday at Crystal Lake Golf Club.

URI’s Nick Fairweather and BC’s Nick Pandelena set the tone early with 2-under par rounds of 70, while Mars Hills College’s Nick Caruso and St. Anselm’s Nick Maccario were right behind at 71.

Last year’s senior runner-up Colin Ahern looks to crash this fairway frat party, thanks to his opening even par round of 72, leaving him alone in fifth. Meanwhile, Fairweather’s soon-to-be teammate at URI, defending Healey champ Joe Leavitt, has some work to do, after a first-round 41-34 — 75 left him back tied in 13th.

Round 2 is today at Haverhill Country Club.

For Fairweather and Pandelena, yesterday was all about positioning.

“You know, I played OK. I had a couple loose bogeys, but I have to be happy with four birdies and an eagle on the day,” said Atkinson’s Pandelena, who just completed his freshman year at Boston College. “I think it’s pretty impressive, looking at that leaderboard. It kind of shows the young golfers that are coming up. It would be nice to see a couple of us in that final group Saturday at Atkinson, too.”

Windham’s Fairweather relentlessly attacked the greens and fairways. He was even par headed to the par-5 18th, where he struck the first of only two eagles all day on that hole.

“I’m feeling it. I was hitting a lot of greens, pretty much 20 feet-and-in for birdie on nearly every hole,” said Fairweather. “It just flowed.”

Both leaders agreed that the college atmosphere among the top guns was expected.

“I think there’s just a lot of young talent in the group,” said Fairweather.

Recent North Andover High graduate Alec Brown, who will play at Methodist (N.C.) University, tied at 73 with Indian Ridge Country Club’s Chris Dunham.

Methuen High’s Jake Hulme headlined a quintet at 74, which brings us to the defending champ Leavitt, who at six-over through seven holes, was in danger of letting the tourney slip away early.

“At that point, I couldn’t get frustrated,” said Atkinson’s Leavitt. “I mean, I wasn’t hitting it badly, I just made a couple mistakes. I knew I had to be bogey free from there, and if I could get it back to 75 or 76, I’d be in it.”

Both leaders noted they expect to hear from Leavitt before it’s over.

“Not a chance that Joe’s out of it, not playing Atkinson on Saturday. Joe owns that course,” said Fairweather.

Leavitt said he’ll need to be under par today at Haverhill CC for a realistic shot at chasing the four Nicks.

“I’ll need 67, 68 and that should get me there,” said Leavitt. “There are a lot of talented guys out there. Whoever wins, it won’t be easy.”


Round 1 scores at Crystal Lake GC (Par 72)

Nick Fairweather, Windham CC 36-34--70

Nick Pandelena, Atkinson CC 35-35--70

Nick Caruso, Merrimack GC 37-34--71

Nick Maccario, Bradford CC 38-33--71

Colin Ahern*, Indian Ridge CC 35-37--72

Alec Brown, Far Corner GC 38-35--73

Chris Dunham, Indian Ridge CC 39-34--73

T8 Dan Koerner, Merrimack GC 39-35--74

Jake Hulme, Merrimack GC 39-35--74

Larry Michaud*, Andover CC 37-37--74

Rich Campiola, Atkinson CC 37-37--74

Steve Fournier, Indian Ridge Country Club 39-35--74

T13 Ernie Lupi, Bradford Country Club 37-38--75

Joe Leavitt, Atkinson Resort & CC 41-34--75

Shane Donahue, Atkinson Resort & CC 39-36--75

T16 Brian Denney, Bradford CC 36-40--76

John Carroll*, Indian Ridge CC 39-37--76

Jon Desrocher, Merrimack GC 40-36--76

Mark Mancini, Atkinson CC 38-38--76

Shawn Roderick, Bradford CC 37-39--76

Mike Holbrook, Ferncroft CC 39-38--77

Pete Desjardins*, Atkinson CC 42-35--77

Tim Miller*, Haverhill CC 42-35--77

Angelo Battaini*, Atkinson CC 42-36--78

Jeff Weishaar, Renaissance GC 40-38--78

Jim Grant*, Crystal Lake GC 41-37--78

Richard Early, Renaissance GC 38-40--78

Ryan Mahoney, Atkinson CC 43-35--78

Tim Harris*, Crystal Lake GC 42-36--78

Tyler Stahle, Andover CC 42-36--78

Chris Ruggierio, Windham CC 40-39--79

Jason Mottola, Andover CC 40-39--79

Jeff Cohen, Windham CC 44-35--79

Jim Drohen*, Bradford CC 44-35--79

Jim Holbrook*, Ferncroft CC 42-37--79

Rich Citrano, Andover CC 40-39--79

Ryan Cronin, Bradford CC 42-37--79

Ryan Trignani, Far Corner GC 39-40--79

Scott Farley, Bradford CC 41-38--79

Dave Baker, Far Corner GC 41-39--80

Jason Bere, Renaissance GC 42-38--80

Len Trignani*, Merrimack GC 41-39--80

Mike Mottola, Merrimack GC 46-34--80

Nick Schena, Bradford CC 43-37—80

Rick Halloran, Atkinson CC 40-40--80

Ryan Paris, Bradford CC 36-44--80

Will Sullivan, Haverhill CC 43-37--80

Jason Michaud, Andover CC 44-37--81

Ryan Butler, Windham CC 40-41--81

Chris Sargent, Far Corner GC 41-41--82

Jonah Choe, Atkinson CC 42-40--82

Ki Kwon, Far Corner GC 42-40--82

Rey Garcia, Merrimack GC 43-39--82

Donny Hunt, Renaissance GC 41-42--83

Jamie Vaiknoras, Windham CC 43-40--83

Mike Spencer, Crystal Lake GC 45-38--83

Scott Lumb, Merrimack GC 38-45--83

Travis Koocher, Far Corner GC 43-40--83

Jesse Kattar, Windham CC 43-41--84

Matt Walsh, Far Corner GC 42-42--84

Nick Ricci, Far Corner GC 41-43--84

Pete Beaulieu*, Atkinson CC 45-39--84

Joel Silverwatch, Windham CC 42-43--85

John Cruickshank*, Crystal Lake GC 45-40--85

Stephan Vaz, Andover CC 44-41--85

Tim McGonagle, Bradford CC 46-39--85

Andy Puglise*, Merrimack GC 45-41--86

Davis Clark, Renaissance GC 45-41--86

Peter Gale*, Haverhill CC 43-43--86

Wayne Melvin*, Crystal Lake GC 41-45--86

Dustin Rollins, Renaissance GC 48-39--87

Ron Harwood*, Bradford CC 43-44--87

Walter Newell*, Crystal Lake GC 47-40--87

Lenny Desmarais*, Bradford CC 46-42--88

Matt O’Neill, Renaissance GC 45-43--88

Henry Kruschwitz*, Merrimack GC 48-41--89

Stephen Dale, Haverhill CC 45-44--89

Bobby Demers*, Far Corner GC 46-44--90

John Pettoruto, Windham CC 45-45--90

Peter Mullett*, Windham CC 48-42--90

Mike Lucas, Merrimack GC 47-44--91

Chris Murphy, Renaissance GC 47-46--93

Eddie Wunderlich*, Crystal Lake GC 46-47--93

Matt Howard, Windham CC 46-47--93

Joe Tucker, Far Corner GC 51-43--94

Jim Mahoney, Andover CC 48-48--96

Ron Clayton*, Crystal Lake GC 51-45--96

Jamison Kattar, Merrimack GC 56-41—97

Barry Verville, Windham CC 49-49--98

Chris Tierney, Renaissance CC 57-41--98

Joe Sapienza, Merrimack GC 49-49--98

Dave Richards*, Far Corner GC 56-45--101