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December 14, 2012

Central boys a strong contender for another state title

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Merrimack Valley Conference


2011-12 season: 12-10, lost in Division 1 North first round

Returning starters (2): Sam Dowden, 6-4, Sr., forward; Chris Dunn, 6-0, Sr., guard

Returning lettermen: Evan Singleton, 5-9, Sr., guard; Tyler Verrette, 6-0, Sr., forward; Max Silveira, 5-11, Sr., guard; Greg Dreyfus, 5-11, Sr., forward; David Giribaldi, 5-9, Soph., guard; Connor Merinder, 6-4, Soph., forward; Alex Brickman, 6-1, Soph., forward; Reid Bryant, 5-11, Soph., guard

Promising newcomers: Jack Konevich, 6-0, Sr., guard; Jack Pisacreta, 6-0, Jr., guard; Jeff Dreyfus, 6-1, Jr., forward; Kenny Doherty, 6-3, Jr., forward; Ben Brown, 6-1, Jr., forward; Jon Rodriguez, 6-2, Frosh., forward; Alex Marshall, 6-5, Frosh., center

Captains: Sam Dowden, Chris Dunn

Candidates: 75

Returning leaders: Sam Dowden 14.5 ppg, Chris Dunn 9.2 ppg (44 3’s)

Returning honorees: Sam Dowden, Eagle-Tribune All-Star; Chris Dunn, MVC All-Star

Fast facts: The Golden Warriors are happy to put last year’s hazing scandal-marred campaign behind them. … David Giribaldi returns to action after a nasty hip injury cost him the football season. … Connor Merinder is a two-year starting goalie on the soccer team. … Sam Dowden is looking at some power Division 3 academic schools like NYU, Brandeis, WPI and the NESCACs.

Assistant coaches: Stephen Jette, Carol Martini; Alan Hibino, JV; Michael Votto, Freshmen

Coach David Fazio (24th year, 357-165): “I think we’re going to be pretty good once the pieces are together. Connor Merinder broke his wrist in soccer and is having surgery this week. He’s out 6-8 weeks at least. Reid Bryant is coming off surgery for a dislocated knee cap. And Sam (Dowden) is finally back 100 percent for an ankle sprain that’s been like Aaron Hernandez. If we get all pieces together, we’ll be OK. Hopefully, everyone can get healthy at the right time and we’ll be at our best. I like our senior leadership, and hopefully it gets us through.”

Central Catholic

2011-12 season: 22-2, lost in Division 1 North semifinals

Returning starters (4): Lucas Hammel, 6-2, Sr., guard; Doug Gemmell, 6-4, Sr., forward; Joel Berroa, 6-4, Sr., forward; Tyler Nelson, 6-2, Jr., guard

Returning lettermen: Mike Barry, 6-3, Sr., forward; Jamahl Lopez, 5-10, Sr., guard; Ryan Barry, 6-4, Sr., forward; Nick Cambio, 6-5, Jr., forward

Promising newcomers: Andrew Hamel, 6-8, Sr., forward; Nick Boes, 6-1, Jr., guard; Anthony Crespo, 6-0, Jr., guard; Aaron Hall, 6-6, Jr., forward; Austin Perry, 6-2, Jr., guard; Neil Sheehan, 5-9, Jr., guard; Alex Santos, 6-0, Soph., guard

Captains: Doug Gemmell, Joel Berroa

Candidates: 95

Returning leaders: Tyler Nelson 13.0 ppg (50 3’s), Joel Berroa 11.9 ppg, Doug Gemmell 11.7 ppg, Nick Cambio 9.0 ppg

Returning honorees: Tyler Nelson, Eagle-Tribune Super Team; Doug Gemmell and Joel Berroa, Eagle-Tribune All-Stars; Nick Cambio, MVC All-Star

Fast facts: Junior Tyler Nelson already has a scholarship offer from UMass Lowell. … Joel Berroa has been offered a three-quarter ride at UMass Lowell as well … Giant Andrew Hamel, at 6-foot-8, was the leading pitcher on the Central staff last spring. Neil Sheehan’s dad, Bobby, was part of the foundation of the Raiders’ hoop resurgence under Dick Licare, starting on the 1982 team that went 17-4. … Austin Perry’s older brother Connor is a 2012 grad now at Holy Cross, playing baseball.

Assistant coaches: Kevin McCarthy, varsity assistant; Jonathan Cruz, varsity assistant; Wilfredo Pagan, varsity assistant; Jose Otero, JV; Mike Isola, freshmen

Coach Rick Nault (7th year, 136-16): “This is one of the more balanced groups I have had, five different guys who can make plays on the floor. That’s a difference than in years past. You look at a kid like Joel, with four years on varsity. That experience, especially in so many big games, is huge. He was there with the 2010 state title team. And both Tyler and Doug have been there for so many big games. We should have a lot of confidence in the crucial situations. I’m feeling more and more confident in the bench, too. Guys like Jamahl Lopez, Mike Barry, Austin Perry and Aaron Hall could make the bench a strength for us.”


2011-12 season: 5-15, didn’t make tourney

Returning starters (3): Anthony Dionne, 6-1, Jr., guard; Shain Roche, 5-10, Sr., guard; Matt Jameson, 5-10, Jr., guard

Returning lettermen: Nick Comei, 5-8, Sr., guard; Sean Wrenn, 6-5, Sr., forward; Tommy Morgan, 6-3, Sr., forward; Michael Attah, 6-0, Jr., forward; Matt Burns, 6-3, Jr., forward

Promising newcomers: Jordan Hunt, 5-7, Jr., guard; Stephane Bristol, 6-0, Jr., guard; Jordan Javier, 6-3, Soph., forward; Saul Phiri, 6-2, Frosh., guard

Captains: Anthony Dionne, Shain Roche

Candidates: 65

Returning leaders: Anthony Dionne 9.0 ppg, Matt Jameson 8.8 (35 3’s)

Returning honorees: None

Fast facts: The Hillies are hoping to snap a seven-year streak of not making the state tourney. … The drop to the MVC Division 2 should help. … Tommy Morgan, Shain Roche, Jordan Javier and Stephane Bristol all come off a huge, 8-3 football season. … Bristol is the younger brother of former Hillie standout Javier Bristol. … Nick Comei is one of the top returning baseball players in the conference.

Assistant coaches: Mike Bierwirth, JV; Matt Witte, varsity assistant; Ray Gooding, varsity assistant; Bryan Lamontagne, freshmen

Coach Mike Trovato (6th year, 28-72): “Our depth has been excellent in the preseason, and our senior leadership phenomemal, with a couple guys who’ve been in the program 3-4 years. The freshman (Saul Phiri) is playing really well and could start for us. We’re excited about the new challenge.”


2011-12 season: 15-6, lost in Division 1 North quarterfinals

Returning starters (2): Denny Gonzalez, 6-2, Sr., forward; Roberto Speing, 6-2, Jr., forward

Returning lettermen: Esmelin Romero, 5-8, Sr., guard; Luis Torres, 5-9, Soph., guard; Kevin Fabian, 5-10, Jr., guard; Gregory Trinidad, 5-10, Soph., guard; Anderson Morales, 6-1, Jr., forward; Bryan Morales, 5-6, Jr., guard

Promising newcomers: Julius Martinez, 5-7, Jr., guard; Adrian Medina, 5-9, Jr., guard; Jonathan Paulino, 5-10, Jr., guard; Dantae Neal, 6-0, Soph., guard; Carlos Padilla, 5-9, Jr., guard; Jeovanny Santana, 6-1, Soph., forward; Andy Henriquez, 5-10, Soph., forward; Gabriel Cepeda, 5-9, Jr., guard; Chen Chen, 5-7, Soph., guard

Captains: Not named yet

Candidates: 200

Returning leaders: Roberto Speing 6.5, Luis Torres 4.4

Returning honorees: Roberto Speing, MVC All-Star

Fast facts: JV coach Raymond Nunez, the Greater Lawrence Christmas Tourney MVP at Central Catholic in 2000, took over for Paul Neal, who had to step aside due to his new principal’s job at the school. Neal posted a 181-101 record in 13 years as head coach. ... The Lancers are waiting hopefully on a fifth-year waiver for forward Tre’von Farley, an all-leaguer last year. ... You have to credit forward Denny Gonzalez, who tried football for the first time since freshman year, suffered a foot injury earlier, then stuck out the whole season despite being going basically un-used by the Lancers at 6-foot-2, 225 pounds. He could be an automatic double-double this winter.

Assistant coaches: Stevie Martinez, assistant; Samuel Hunter, JV; Frank Torres, Freshmen

Coach Raymond Nunez (1st year): “Right now, we’re inexperienced. These kids have something to prove. It will happen when we become workers in practice every day. Esmelin, I’m looking for him to pick it up. We’ve been working hard with Luis Torres, trying to keep him healthy. Julius Martinez can play and watch out for Dantae Neal. He’s an athlete.”


2011-12 season: 11-9, lost in Division 1 North first round

Returning starters (1): Nathan Bueno, 5-10, Sr., guard

Returning lettermen: Tim Galloway-Burke, 6-5, Soph., forward; Cooper Hammel, 6-3, Soph., guard/forward; Mark Sicard, 5-11, Soph., guard; Jamal Rene, 5-10, Soph., guard; Corey Bell, 6-3, Soph., forward

Promising newcomers: Chris Leblanc, 6-2, Sr., forward; London Torres, 5-8, Sr., guard; Jon Pierce, 5-10, Jr., guard; Rami Majed, 6-1, Jr., forward; Jimmy Njoroge, 6-1, Soph., forward; Freddy Santiago, 6-1, Soph., guard

Captains: Nathan Bueno

Candidates: 150

Returning leaders: Nathan Bueno 8.2 ppg

Returning honorees: Nathan Bueno, MVC All-Star

Fast facts: Last year’s club earned the Rangers’ first state tourney win since 2000. … Mark Sicard and Corey Bell are cousins. … Jon Pierce is a standout golfer. Cooper Hammel is the younger brother of Central point guard Lucas Hammel. Both are sons of Merrimack coach Bert Hammel.

Assistant coaches: Anthony Curet; Malik Curry, JV; Chris Samataro, freshmen

Coach Matt Curran (2nd year, 11-9): “We have a lot of young kids and will start four sophomores, with our 6-7-8 guys all sophomores as well. We have to get them experience, if at some point, they are going to succeed in the MVC large. The hope is to make the tournament this year, win 13 or 14 next year, and then who hopefully things go right when they are seniors. Tim Galloway-Burke is a kid a lot of coaches around the league and from colleges were asking about in the preseason. Mark Sicard played for us as a freshman. They should both be ready to play at a high level.”

North Andover

2011-12 season: 21-2, lost in Division 2 North semifinals

Returning starters (2): Derek Collins, 6-2, Sr., guard; Isaiah Nelsen, 6-6, Sr., forward

Returning lettermen: Alex Gorgoni, 5-11, Sr., guard; Aaron Straus, 5-8, Sr., guard; Garrett Upson, 5-10, Sr., guard; Brendan Miller, 6-2, Jr., guard; Casey Walsh, 6-1, Jr., guard; Brett Daley, 5-9, Soph., guard

Promising newcomers: Chris Bardwell, 6-4, Sr., forward; John Enright, 6-1, Jr., guard; James Testa, 6-3, Jr., forward; Jeff Warden, 5-10, Jr., guard; Kyle White, 5-9, Jr., guard; Robert “Bubba” Shkliew, 5-9, Soph., guard

Captains: Derek Collins, Alex Gorgoni, Isaiah Nelsen

Candidates: 65

Returning leaders: Isaiah Nelsen 13.2 ppg (25 3’s), Brendan Miller 6.4 ppg, Derek Collins 5.9 ppg

Returning honorees: Isaiah Nelsen, Eagle-Tribune All-Star

Fast facts: When healthy Derek Collins, who missed most of last season after back surgery, could return to his form as one of the top players in the region. ... Before leaving for the MVC, the Knights had won four straight (outright or shared) CAL Large titles including last year’s perfect CAL campaign. ... Isaiah Nelsen has committed to St. Anselm’s, becoming the first scholarship Scarlet Knight since Dick Licare (NA ‘75). ... The Knights were outscored 4-0 in the final 2:35 in the North semis in a 47-45 loss to Wakefield. ... Chris Bardwell was a reserve last year at Central but has played at an all-star level for the Knights in the preseason.

Assistant coaches: Ted Schruender, JV; Dan Rasanen, freshmen

Coach Mike McVeigh (31st year, 478-171): “We are still in the process of defining our roles on this team. Certainly, there is some talent, but our daily work ethic, unselfishness and chemistry will determine our success.”

Cape Ann League


2011-12 season: 7-13, didn’t make state tourney

Returning starters (3): Angel Sanquintin, 6-0, Sr., forward; Ben Noelk, 6-1, Jr., guard; Pat Bjork, 6-5, Jr., forward

Returning lettermen: C.J. Ingraham, 5-6, Sr., guard; Christian Gesualdi, 5-8, Sr., guard; Matt Gott, 6-2, Jr., forward; Brandon Willis, 6-4, Jr., forward

Promising newcomers: Alan Navarro, 5-10, Sr., guard; Joey Torgersen, 5-8, Jr., guard; Cameron Durkee, 6-1, Jr., forward; Ben Denoncour, 6-1, Jr., forward

Captains: Angel Sanquintin, Pat Bjork

Candidates: 30

Returning leaders: Pat Bjork 9.3 ppg

Returning honorees: Pat Bjork, CAL All-Star

Fast facts: Last year’s club might have been among the elite in Division 4 North if not for Johnny Spears transferring to Pingree.

Assistant coaches: Barry Spears Sr., JV; Chris Young, freshmen; Pat Corr, assistant

Coach Mike Rowinski (8th year, 86-66): “We did not enjoy watching the tournament for the first time since I have been at Georgetown. It is our goal to get back to it and compete for a title in CAL Small Division. Our strength is in the front court led by (CAL All Star) Patrick Bjork, Matt Gott, Brandon Willis and Angel Sanquintin. The keys to our success will be how our guards play and who is going to pick up the scoring void left when Tyler Wade graduated. Joey Torgersen and Christian Gesauldi have shown in scrimmages that they can score but can they do it consistently?”

North Reading

2011-12 season: 7-13, didn’t make state tourney

Returning starters (4): Tommy Hogan, 6-2, Sr., guard; Chris Capozzoli, 6-5, Sr., forward; Mike O’Brien, 6-3, Sr., forward; Carl Lipani, 5-11, Sr., guard

Returning lettermen: Dan Fitzgerald, 6-3, Sr., forward; John Fortes, 6-2, Sr., forward; Evan Wade, 5-11, Sr., guard; Nate Seed, 5-10, Sr., guard;

Promising newcomers: John Mastascuca, 6-4, Sr., forward; Scott McDonough, 6-0, Jr., guard; Colby Maiola, 6-2, Jr., forward; Will Mitchell, 6-2, Jr., forward; Scott Allan, 6-1, Jr., forward; Chas Hill, 5-10, Jr., guard; John Fitzgerald, 6-3, Jr., forward

Captains: Tom Hogan, Dan Fitzgerald

Candidates: 60

Returning leaders: Tommy Hogan 11.1 ppg, Mike O’Brien 10.4 ppg, Chris Capozzoli 10.1 ppg; Evan Wade 24 3’s

Returning honorees: None

Fast facts: Last year could have been a big year but when 6-4 star Kyle Lentini transferred to Pingree, the Hornets were left in a rebuilding stage. … Dan Fitzgerald missed 17 games with a back fracture. … Senior John Mastascuca transfers in after being named a Catholic Conference All-Star at Malden Catholic last winter. … Colby Maiola was dynamite in center for the state champion Hornet baseball team last spring.

Assistant coaches: Mark Bisognano, JV; Chris Sullivan, freshmen

Coach Joe Casey (12th year, 127-104): “Mastascuca helps out immensely. We have the ability to score. To beat people, we have to defend. We have everybody back. If that’s a good thing, we will see. We took our lumps last year, experience wise and injury wise. We’re hoping to put it all together this year.”


2011-12 season: 14-8, lost in Division 3 North quarterfinals

Returning starters (None)

Returning lettermen: Calvin Wiles, 6-0, Sr., guard; Jake Chory, 5-11, Sr., guard; Josh Creamer, 5-7, Sr., guard; Ryan Kuchar, 5-11, Jr., guard; Mike Aiduk, 6-0, Jr., guard; Jake Bordeianu, 6-4, Jr., forward

Promising newcomers: Nathan Boone, 6-0, Sr., forward; Adam Chory, 6-0, Jr., forward; Jeff Porter, 5-9, Jr., guard; Connor Beaton, 5-9, Soph., guard; Ryan Beaton, 5-9, Soph., guard; Pat Beaton, 5-9, Soph., guard; Will Sullivan, 6-2, Soph., forward

Captains: Calvin Wiles, Jake Chory

Candidates: 48

Returning leaders: Calvin Wiles 3.0 ppg

Returning honorees: None

Fast facts: Leo Parent stepped down after posting a 154-198 record in 17 years as head coach. New coach Ed Hickey, the chairman of the math department at Pentucket, went 86-94 in eight years at Dedham. He was a former student manager at Ohio State and last year was an assistant at Phillips Exeter. ... Last year’s team won one tourney game and the previous year’s club won two. In 23 years before that, the Sachems only had one tourney victory. … Tim Freiermuth would have been the top returning scorer at 4.1 points a game. Instead, he chose track and field. … Pat Beaton opens the year on the injured list with a broken arm. He is a cousin to twin brothers Connor and Ryan Beaton.

Assistant coaches: Steve Hayden (JV); Dan Leary (freshmen)

Coach Ed Hickey (1st year): “We’re young. The only guy who sniffed the floor last year was Calvin. Hopefully, guys like Ryan Kuchar, Jake Bordeianu and Mike Aiduk can step up. I know what we are, but I’m just not sure what to expect from the rest of the league.”

Commonwealth Conference

Fellowship Christian

2011-12 season: 0-18, didn’t make state tourney

Returning starters (4): David Quiroa, 6-0, Sr., forward; Tim Anderson, 5-9, Jr., guard; Adam Tran, 5-7, 9th-grade, guard; Johnny Morimizu, 5-8, Soph., guard

Returning lettermen: Blain Ouellette, 5-8, Frosh., guard; Luke Kirmelewicz, 5-10, 9th grade, guard

Promising newcomers: Connor Kearn, 5-8, Frosh., guard; David Ertsos, 5-7, 8th grade, guard; Isaac Sidman, 5-9, 8th grade, guard; Hagen Kenny, 5-7, 8th grade, guard; Nathan Sidman, 5-8, 7th-grade, guard; Paul Childs, 7th-grade, 5-5, guard

Captains: David Quiroa, TIm Anderson

Candidates: 12

Returning leaders: David Quiroa, 9 ppg.

Returning honorees: None

Fast fact: Fellowship’s last win came on Feb. 29, 2010 against Notre Dame of Lawrence.

Assistant coaches: None

Coach Russ Glines (32nd year, 35-188 in 12 MIAA seasons): “First time in over a decade, I am super-enthusiastic with this team. They’re excited about practicing. They play a lot of intense defense, which I think will get turnovers. Definitely have some athleticism. We feel like this year’s team will heap the pressure on. I see some of these guys really taking off this year.”

Greater Lawrence

2011-12 season: 11-12, lost in Division 3 North first round

Returning starters (2): Oscar Reynoso 6-1, Jr., forward; Frankely Estrella, 6-1, Jr., forward

Returning lettermen: Bryan Centeno, 5-9, Sr., guard; Cristian Rivera, 5-10, Sr., forward

Promising newcomers: Alex Kinsley, 6-0, Sr., forward; Marcos Maldonado, 5-9, junior, guard; Stanley Martinez, 5-9, Jr., guard; Ellicen Pena, 5-11, Jr., forward; Grismaldi Martinez, 5-10, Jr., guard; Luis Gonzalez, 5-9, Jr., forward; Anthony Almanzar, 5-11, Jr., forward; Javier Franjul, 6-2, Jr., center; Anthony Fabian, 5-8, Soph., guard; Alexis Estrella, 5-10, Soph., forward; Maikel Guerrero, 6-0, Soph., forward

Captains: Not named yet

Candidates: 85

Returning leaders: Papaciro Ortiz 9.1 ppg

Returning honorees: None

Fast facts: Last year’s club won its last three games including an upset of Methuen in the season finale to qualify for the state tourney. ... Javier Franjul, who came on during the baseball season, has returned to hoop program after taking last year off. He’ll be a huge addition.

Assistant coaches: Jamie Qualter, Kevin Maloney, JV; Sergio Rijo, freshmen

Coach Dan Habib (6th year, 53-51): “We have two returning starters. We expected eight back, and only had four. We’ll be very young, inexperience but athletic. I would hope we are better later. Two scrimmages showed how green we are. Attitude is great.”


2011-12 season: 21-2, lost in Division 3 North quarterfinals

Returning starters (4): Ryan Grant, 6-1, Sr., guard; Justin Reyes, 6-3, Sr., forward; Andrew Wells, 6-0, Sr., guard; Nathan Frongillo, 5-11, Sr., guard

Returning lettermen: Jaylin Deveau, 6-1, Jr., forward; Andres Hernandez, 5-11, Jr., guard; Mitchell Rudis, 6-0, Jr., guard; Gage Alicea, 5-10, Soph., guard

Promising newcomers: Scotty Curcio, 6-2, Sr., forward; Jesse Triplett, 5-1, Sr., forward; Gio Sanchez, 5-10, Jr., guard; Jake McCartney, 5-10, Jr., guard; Liam Burns, 5-10, Jr., guard

Captains: Justin Reyes, Ryan Grant, Nate Frongillo, Andrew Wells

Candidates: 110

Returning leaders: Justin Reyes 16.3 ppg, Ryan Grant 15.3 ppg, Andrew Wells 9.8 ppg (54 3’s)

Returning honorees: Ryan Grant, Eagle-Tribune All-Star; Justin Reyes, All-CAC Large

Fast facts: Complete Eagle-Tribune records go through the 1987-88 season, in that span Whittier’s previous high win total was 20 in 1988. According to coach Tom Sipsey, it was Whittier’s first CAC title since 1995.... The No. 1 Cats were stunned by No. 8 Saugus last winter in the North quarters. … Andrew Wells and Nate Frongillo were integral parts on the 2011 North sectional baseball championship team. … Justin Reyes was the surprise of the fall, playing football for the first time in his life and having a solid season at wide receiver.

Assistant coaches: Joe Boland, JV; Jim Carlson, freshmen

Coach Tom Sipsey (4th year, 46-21): “We’re OK so far. It’s a senior group withfour senior starters who’ve been around a long time. They should know the deal. I’ve got high expectations for all four. Gage Alicea could be huge for us off the bench, too, as a sophomore. I’d like to have a solid 7-8 man rotation. Talent-wise with Justin Reyes and Ryan Grant I feel really good, but it’s chemistry and the little things that will determine just how good this team can be.”


Notre Dame (Lawrence)

2011-12 season: 7-7

Returning starters (3): Charbel Bourouphael, 6-0, Sr., forward; Gio Rojas, 5-10, Jr., guard; Germaine Lebron, 6-1, Soph., guard

Returning lettermen: Cesar De Pena, 6-2, Sr., forward; Angel Martinez, 5-8, Sr., guard; Justin Benitez, 5-11, Sr., forward; Carlos Santos, 5-10, Sr., guard; Freddy Ascencio, 5-8, Sr., guard; Jonathan Cruz, 5-10, Jr., forward; Luis Martinez, 5-9, Jr., guard

Promising newcomers: Croilen Lorenzo, 6-3, Sr., forward; Miguel Monclova, 6-3, Jr., forward; L.J. Figueroa, 6-0, Frosh., forward; Crocky Ventura, 5-10, Frosh., guard; Maury Ortega, 6-0, Frosh., forward; Manny Ramirez, 5-10, Frosh., guard; Joseph Espinal, 5-7, Frosh., guard

Captains: Charbel Bourouphael, Gio Rojas; Germaine Lebron

Candidates: 30

Returning leaders: Germaine Lebron 15.5 ppg

Fast facts: Miguel Monclova is a transfer from Lawrence High. … Sharp freshman L.J. Figueroa averaged just under 20 points a game in the Hoops for Hope Summer League. ... After missing the second half of the season as a freshman, due to grades, Germaine Lebron is back in the fold. “He’s back, focused on his grades and basketball. He’s taking this seriously, and that’s a great thing,” said coach Zach Lebowitz.

Assistant coaches: None

Coach Zach Lebowitz: (2nd year, 7-7): “Our team has completely reloaded and ready for our success. We’re gunning for the school’s first state tourney bid ever. Cesar De Pena is going to have to step up in the middle. And the future looks extremely bright.”

New Hampshire


2011-12 season: 10-12, lost in Division 1 first round

Returning starters (1): Drew Coveney, 6-0, Jr., guard

Returning lettermen: Rob Wilson, 6-6, Soph., Center; Chris Corey, 6-3, Sr., forward; Taylor Simpson, 5-10, Sr., guard; Cody Ball, 5-10, Soph., guard; Max Coleman, 6-0, Jr., guard; Brendan Enwright, 6-2, Jr., forward; Nicolas Stevens, 6-0, Jr., guard

Promising newcomers: Ben Parker, 5-8, Jr., guard; Alex Champa, 5-8, Jr., guard; Grant Peters, 6-2, Jr., forward; Mike Russell, 6-5, Jr., center; Joey Kwiatkowski, 6-0, Soph., guard

Captains: Not named yet

Candidates: 50

Returning leaders: Drew Coveney 27 3’s

Returning honorees: None

Fast facts: Chris Corey is the son of assistant school superintendent and former Central Catholic standout, Andy Corey ... Taylor Simpson is an Eagle-Tribune Golf All-Star ... The Lancers open non-league play with host Lowell in the Greater Lowell Christmas tourney after the holiday.

Assistant coaches: Tim Finnegan (JV), Steve Campo (freshmen)

Coach Jeff Gustavson (4th year, 33-25): “We’re young, with potential to be pretty good. We should have some inside-outside balance. We only return one starter and 3-4 guys who played varsity minutes. We’re going to need guys to make that quick adjustment and help contribute early in the season. Drew Coveney, Cody Ball and Taylor Simpson have looked sharp in the backcourt, and we’re counting on Chris Corey up front.”


2011-12 season: 15-7, lost in Division 1 first round

Returning starters (2): Scott Bradley, 6-5, Sr., center; Cam Welch, 6-3, Sr., forward

Returning lettermen: Mike Thomson, 6-1, Sr., forward; Justin Scott, 6-7, Sr., center; Andrew Lechner, 6-2, Jr., guard; Thomas Lennon, 5-10, Jr., guard; Luke Testa, 6-2, Soph., guard

Promising newcomers: Derick Coombs, 6-4, Jr., forward; Danny Courter, 6-2, Jr., forward; Jeremy Dietzel, 5-11, Jr., guard; Addison Wood, 6-3, Jr., guard; Ryan Burke, 6-4, Soph., forward; Eric Fyfe, 6-3, Soph., guard; Fred Payan, 6-2, Soph., forward; Luke Rosinski, 6-6, Frosh, forward

Captains: Scott Bradley, Mike Thomson, Luke Testa

Candidates: 100

Returning leaders: Cam Welch 6.3 ppg, Scott Bradley 3.8 ppg

Returning honorees: None

Fast facts: After last season, Luke Testa was ranked the No. 7 freshman in New Hampshire by nhnotebook.com. ... Last year the Astros were upset in a No. 12 vs. No. 5 tourney matchup to Memorial 37-35. ... Promising freshman Luke Rosinski, who threw down some dunks in middle school games, is the son of the coach.

Assistant coaches: Jeremy Howell; Jay Long; Glen Neagle; Rich Parent, JV; Todd Royce, JV assistant; Carl McAllister, JV assistant; Mark Cahill, freshmen; Matt Lefrancois, freshmen assistant

Coach Peter Rosinski (11th year, 115-109): “We’re young, but it’s like a mystery. The freshman is still growing, so we’ll see. We’re young with a lot of potential. How quickly do we come together. Guys have to prove themselves. We have a lot to learn. We have great depth. We’re athletic. Scott Bradley and Cam Welch have the most experience. So they will have to lead us.”


2011-12 season: 15-7, lost in Division 1 first round

Returning starters (2): Jack Hartman, 6-2, Sr., guard/forward; Steven Nugent, 6-0, Sr., guard

Returning lettermen: Andrew Ruffen, 6-2, Sr., guard; Michael Felix, 5-11, Jr., guard; Jeffrey LaRosa, 6-2, Jr., forward; Trevor Couture, 5-8, Jr., guard

Promising newcomers: Chris Caraballo, 6-1, Sr., forward; Jeff Frias, 5-11, Jr., guard; Brent Barrett, 6-3, Jr., forward; Miguel Pimentel, 6-0, Jr., guard/forward; Jacob Slepian, 5-10, Jr., guard; Anthony Lopez, 6-2, Soph., guard/forward; Nicholas Shumski, 5-7, Frosh., guard

Captains: Not named yet

Candidates: 60

Returning leaders: Michael Felix 6.3 ppg, Jack Hartman 4.0

Returning honorees: None

Fast facts: Last winter Rob McLaughlin was named Division 1 Coach of the Year for the second straight year. ... The No. 2 Blue Devils may have been the surprise team in Division 1 but the season ended on a down note when No. 15 Dover KO’d them in the first round. ... Andrew Ruffen (cracked knee cap) missed all but a couple late season games last winter. … Jack Hartman played a strong football season, his first ever, at receiver.

Assistant coaches: Nate Stanton (varsity assistant), Mike LaRosa (JV), Brian Stanton (freshmen)

Coach Rob McLaughlin (3rd year, 30-15): “We graduated a lot of guys again last year, but our returners saw significant playing time on a team that went 14-4. Outside of staying healthy, the key to our success will be how the newer players step up and respond to the Varsity level, which should enhance our chemistry as the year goes on.”


2011-12 season: 1-20

Returning starters (1): Erik Nelson, 5-10, Jr., guard

Returning lettermen: Mitch McDonald, 5-11, Sr., forward; Travis Dudal, 5-6, Sr., guard; Pat Mahoney, 5-10, Sr., guard; Lucas Manthorn, 6-1, Jr., forward

Promising newcomers: Shaun Berthel, 6-2, Sr., forward; Aaron Sickel, 5-10, Jr., forward; Jake Perkins, 5-11, Jr., forward; Tommy Johnston, 5-6, Soph., guard; Mike Murphy, 6-3, Soph., center; Cam Donnelly, 5-11, Soph., forward; Kyle Faucher, 6-0, Frosh., forward

Captains: Not named yet

Candidates: 38

Returning honorees: None

Fast facts: Last year was a tumultuous one, to say the least. Three upperclassmen quit, one was thrown off the team, first-year coach Dave Kirsch was fired and his son, star freshman Max Kirsch (7.8 ppg), transferred to Phillips Exeter. ... Jeff Baumann is the Owls’ third head coach in the last three years. A math teacher at the school, is Timberlane’s girls soccer coach and is a veteran JV coach in boys basketball and baseball.

Assistant coaches: Nick Fiset, freshmen; Sean Hogan, JV

Coach Jeff Baumann (1st year): “It’s a group we’re trying to develop the right mentality in. They’re willing to work and be coachable. There’s no hiding the fact we’re trying to get better. They are willing to learn. They feel the pressure. They want to win. We’re focused on the small goals. Let everything fall where it may. We’re trying to focus on seeing progress. Erik Nelson certainly has athleticism and skill. He has to be able to score the basketball for us. Lucas Manthorn has been pretty good so far. He’s an undersized big, who’s accepted the challenge of battling on the boards.”


2011-12 season: 12-9, lost in Division 2 first round

Returning starters (1): Jake Vaiknoras, 5-11, Jr., guard

Returning lettermen: Kevin Cheam, 6-0, Sr., forward; Alex Newton, 6-3, Sr., forward; Brad Pomerleau, 5-9, Sr., guard; Joe Slattery, 5-10, Jr., guard; Joe McArthur, 6-2, Jr., forward

Promising newcomers: Dan Spicer, 6-2, Jr., forward; James Lapolice, 6-1, Jr., forward Mike Pelletier, 5-10, Jr., guard; Ryan Frank, 5-11, Jr., guard; Ryan Cloutier, 6-4, Soph., forward; Nick Wolfrom, 6-3, Soph., forward; David Rogers, 6-0, Soph., guard; Keith Brown, 6-1, Frosh., guard

Captains: Jake Vaiknoras, Alex Newton, Kevin Cheam

Candidates: 34

Returning leaders: Jake Vaiknoras 10.3 ppg (35 3’s)

Returning honorees: None

Fast facts: Jake Vaiknoras is the third brother to play at Pelham. He, Alex Newton, Brad Pomerleau and Ryan Frank all played on the Python golf team that enjoyed an unbeaten regular season. ... Kevin Cheam is a state champion hurdler. ... The Pythons welcome as an assistant, one of, if not the all-time great in Pelham High history, James Roman, who recently graduated from SNHU.

Assistant coaches: Mike Larson, JV; James Roman, varsity assistant

Matt Regan (3rd year, 30-15): “It’s probably been the best practices since I took over, the effort, energy, willingness to learn. I think we’ll be pretty good. Where we had a good defensive team last year, we didn’t turn it over. This team is relentless, end to end, kind of like we used to play. The freshman (Keith Brown) will be our sixth man, with scoring off the bench. Ryan Frank’s been a huge surprise. He’ll start for us. By far, he’s our best defender. I know the schedule isn’t conducive to a young team, but we’ll see where we are at. And I know we’re going to get better.”


2011-12 season: 2-18, didn’t make tourney

Returning starters (4): Jordon Johnson, 6-0, Sr., forward; Kyle Seale, 6-1, Sr., forward; Ken Jenkins, 6-2, Sr., forward; Jackson Morton, 6-0, Jr., forward

Returning lettermen: Jake Mann, 5-10, Sr., forward

Promising newcomers: Ben Hayes, 5-9, Sr., guard; Louis Davis, 6-1, Sr., forward; Gandhi Morrisseau, 5-9, Sr., guard; Joe Bemnan, 5-10, Sr., guard; Tyler Sherry, 5-9, Soph., guard; Tyler Austin, 6-3, Soph., forward; Logan Kalinowski, 6-4, Frosh., forward

Captains: To be named

Candidates: 53

Returning leaders: Jackson Morton 11.9 ppg

Returning honorees: None

Fast facts: Jackson Morton was a captain as a sophomore. ... Gandhi Morriseau’s family moved into town, just in time for his senior season. ... Jordon Johnson enjoyed an outstanding football season in the fall.

Assistant coaches: Joe Tardif, John Morano, JV

Coach Bob Ficker (7th year, 20-104): “Good group of kids, a couple in the program for a while. Jackson Morton put some work into his game. 3-sport athlete … Gandhi Morrisseau may end up in starting role … excited about the prospects of the playoffs, I think we can make the tournament this year.”


2011-12 season: 8-14, lost in Division 2 first round

Returning starters (3): Alex Whitehead, 5-10, Sr., guard; Joe Lorenz, 6-2, Sr., forward; Andrew Lowman, 6-3, Jr., forward

Returning lettermen: Conor Redmond, 6-3, Sr., center; Matt Shamon, 6-0, Sr., forward; Tucker Lippold 5-11, Jr., guard; Tyler Masone, 5-7, Jr., guard; David Carbonello, 5-11, Soph., guard

Promising newcomers: Joe Frake, 6-1, Soph., forward; Mark Shamon, 6-1, Soph., forward; Zack Breton, 5-10, Sr., forward; Evan Todd, 6-6, Jr., forward

Captains: Joe Lorenz, Alex Whitehead, Andrew Lowman

Candidates: 40

Returning leaders: Andrew Lowman 9.4 ppg, Joe Lorenz 8.7 ppg

Returning honorees: None

Fast facts: Senior Danny Cannone will focus on football training and didn’t return. ... Joe Lorenz is the only starting QB Windham High has known. ... Alex Whitehead, Andrew Lowman, Tucker Lippold, David Carbonello and Tyler Masone all played major roles on the championship soccer team.

Assistant coaches: Alex Ward, JV Chris White, varsity assistant; Matt Blair, varsity assistant; Chris Baribeau, Freshmen

Coach Todd Steffanides (3rd year, 14-29): “This is a group with a very strong bond. They’ve played together since middle school. They are great kids who work hard and believe in themselves. We’re excited to meld the players from the two fall winners and forge our own identity. Andrew Lowman and Joe Lorenz each have played very strong so far. We have a very good chance to be in the top half.”

Prep Schools


2011-12 season: 17-8, lost in N.E. Prep B semifinals

Returning starters (2): David Berroa, 6-0, Sr., guard, Lawrence; Jayde Dawson, 6-1, Sr., guard

Returning lettermen: Dylan Quigley, 6-0, Sr., guard; Sam Milbury, 6-2, Sr., forward; Patrick Gordon, 5-10, Sr., guard

Francisco Zeno, 5-10, Jr., guard; Dontae Christian, 5-9, Soph., guard; Aser Ghebremichael, 6-6, Soph., forward

Promising newcomers: Matt Hurchick, Sr., 5-11, guard, Andover; Lavar Herewood, 6-3, Soph., guard; Nate Leeson, 5-11, Soph., guard; Ikenna Ndugba, 5-10, Frosh., guard; Tamenang Choh, Frosh., 6-3, guard

Captains: David Berroa

Candidates: 55

Returning leaders: Jayde Dawson 16.5 ppg

Returning honorees: None

Fast facts: Jayde Dawson has committed to play at Cornell. … Sam Milbury is the nephew of former Boston Bruins defenseman/coach Mike Milbury. … David Berroa, whose brother Joel is a co-captain at Central Catholic, returns from a devastating compound leg fracture. ... Brooks opened with a big win over Lawrence Academy and is currently 2-0.

Assistant coaches: Michael O’Connor, Kenya Jones

Coach John McVeigh (10th year, 128-73): “It’s an incredibly hard working group with a nice mix of experience and new talent. To be successful, we’re going to need to play the game the right way every time we step on the court.”

Phillips Andover Academy

2011-12 season: 10-14, lost in New England Prep A quarterfinals

Returning starters (1): Brendan O’Connell, 6-1, Sr., guard, Andover

Returning lettermen: Rory Ziomek, 6-3, Sr., guard; Sahil Bhaiwala, 5-9, Sr., guard, Andover; Josh Heyward, 6-2, Sr., guard; Nate Meehan, 6-0, Jr., guard; Greg Devlin, 5-9, Jr., guard; Jake Howell, 6-3, Jr., guard

Promising newcomers: Richard McAllister, 6-3, Post-grad., guard/forward; Larry Flynn, 5-9, Sr., guard, North Andover; Chris Holstein, 6-2, Jr., forward; Kene Adigwe, 5-8, Jr., guard; Germane Wright, 5-8, Soph., guard

Captains: Brendan O’Connell

Candidates: 65

Returning leaders: Brendan O’Connell 6.0 ppg, Sahil Bhaiwala 3.4 ppg, Rory Ziomek 3.2 ppg

Returning honorees: None

Fast facts: Leon Modeste stepped down after 25 years as head coach. ... Terrell Ivory, who averaged 22.3 points for Phillips as a post-grad in 1999-00, is the new coach. Ivory went on to captain Davidson College and coached at powerhouse Blair (N.J.) Academy, Davidson and last year was at Colgate. He’s working in admissions at Phillips. His brother, Titus, also starred at Phillips (PA ‘96) and Penn State.

Assistant coaches: Dan Schneider, Kevin O’Connor, JV

Coach Terrell Ivory (1st year): “I’ve seen the league from a college coaching standpoint, to be successful, we’re going to work pretty hard. To win the games, we’re not supposed to win on paper, we’re going to have to outwork the opposition to make up for the talent difference. Brendan is a great leader. Richard is by far our most talented player. He leads by example. I don’t have to coach effort, so we can spend a lot of time coaching technique. Great kids, who work really hard.”