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May 5, 2013

Under the Lights: Rondo the king of the tweets

Michael Muldoon
The Eagle-Tribune

---- — tweeting rondo

Worcester Telegram & Gazette reporter Bill Doyle cornered Rajon Rondo before Game 3 of the Knicks series and pressed him to talk. Rondo declined. Doyle implored that the fans wanted to hear from him.

The Celtic guard’s response was they can hear from him on Twitter. Unfortunately for sportswriters, that’s a response they’ll be hearing more and more often from athletes.

@RajonRondo, by the way, went over a million followers last week!

Shady past

It’s still amusing to look back when the Patriots cut serial abuser Christian Peter in 1996, citing character concerns. They just traded for LeGarrette Blount, who is best known for being suspended for most of the 2009 season at Oregon after sucker-punching a Boise State player in the face.

Cakes are baking

UTL birthday wishes go out to Merrimack tennis player Katie Veasey of Atkinson (22 today), Central Catholic soccer coach Casey Grange (turns 28 Wednesday) and former Central and Merrimack softball star Monique Gosselin (turns 23 Thursday).

Betcha didn’t know

A couple of old-time football legends, Don White of Haverhill and Notre Dame and Jack Moynihan of Central Catholic and Holy Cross, were teammates with the Haverhill Gems of the Northeast Baseball League in 1959.

Sleazy agent

Sports Illustrated had a funny note on ex-Raiders owner Al Davis. They wrote that in his declining years he had to end some nearly completed negotiations because he was feeling ill. The next day he asked where they had left off. The agent said they had agreed on a figure $1 million higher than the actual figure. Davis just took him at his word!

Sport or not?

MMA fighter Ronda Rounsey said, “Any activity like archery or golf of pistol shooting ... If you don’t break a sweat it’s a skill. If you break a sweat doing it, it’s a sport.”

Smile for the camera

Sports Illustrated’s Steve Rushin quipped, “Hockey fights aren’t my cup of teeth.”

Under the Lights

Pinkerton football’s Sept. 13 home opener will be a special one ... it’s first home night game. The cost to light the field and track was about $150,000 and was raised through fundraisers and alumni contributions.

Size doesn’t matter

It’s pretty remarkable that Lowell High senior Colin Hoey, who is just 6-1, 180, has thrown the shot put 59-3.

Another Carlos pena

Greater Lawrence Tech has a senior reserve infielder by the name of Carlos Pena. He may not equal his major league namesake from Haverhill, but Reggie coach Kevin Maloney says he’s been a nice addition to the squad.


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