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November 23, 2012

Two-Minute Drill

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — ADIOS, REX!

Honestly, if I’m Bill Belichick I’m on the phone looking for a real defensive coordinator the minute Rex Ryan gets fired by the Jets.

But that doesn’t excuse the disaster Ryan leaves here in the swamps of Jersey.

Ryan’s demise comes for one reason only – his pig-headed stance on Tim Tebow and his devotion to a pathetic Mark Sanchez.

It’s ripped his team to shreds.

They clearly quit on Sanchez, whether they liked Tebow or not.

The only way to squelch the Tebow issue is/was to let him play. And at Sanchez’s worst – he threw a pick and later ran into a lineman, fumbling it away -- Rex still ignored Tebow.

I will say this once and for all. Tebow can’t be any worse.


He ignored Tony Sparano’s phone calls. Rex didn’t.


With no score and the Jets moving into field goal range at the Pats’ 23, Mark Sanchez locked onto Bilal Powell and tried to jam a pass into him, which Steve Gregory easily intercepted.

The Pats then went on to score and roll off 35 unanswered points to end the misery before halftime.


1. Just when you think you’ve seen enough of the pathetic AFC East, the Miami Dolphins host the Pats after the mini-bye.

2. Do me a favor, folks. When I come up with this colossal mess of a reason that Ryan Tannehill and Co. have the stuff to upset the Pats, barrage me with e-mails, calling me an idiot.

3. The Patriots should have flown to Detroit after last night’s game, gotten off with about 15 dozen eggs and pelted Jim Schwartz’s house. The Lions coach’s idiotic attempt to challenge a play that is not allowed to be challenged cost his team the game against Houston. And it basically cost the Patriots a shot at the No. 1 seed, even if they can beat the Texans in a couple weeks.

4. When I look at the NFL, I figure there are 12 real teams, and 20 other jobbers out there, looking to get beat. The Jets clearly are the latter.

5. If I had NFL power rankings right now, my top 10 into the weekend would be: 10. New York Giants; 9. New Orleans; 8. Pittsburgh; 7. Denver; 6. Atlanta; 5. Houston; 4. Green Bay Packers; 3. New England; 2. Baltimore; 1. San Francisco