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February 3, 2013

Flacco, Ravens don't stand chance

Hector Longo
The Eagle-Tribune

---- — The deciding factor in Super Bowl XLVII for me? Why, it’s your New England Patriots.

Simply put, I watched live as the Pats, one of the NFL’s elite franchises, hooked up at home with San Francisco and in a pair of games with the Baltimore Ravens.

The Pats could have and probably should have beaten the Ravens twice. We wonder today if the Ravens, four-point underdogs to the Niners tonight in New Orleans, even belong there after needing a Tom Brady lemon, an Aqib Talib exit and a Wes Welker drop to hold on in the AFC title game.

New England had zero chance to beat the 49ers.


Play 10 times, lose 10 times, decisively.

Turf or grass.

Indoors or in a snow storm.

No chance at all.

The Niners walked into Gillette Stadium and tore apart a Pats defense that at the time was feeling its oats.

Colin Kaepernick and Co. blasted to a 31-3 lead.

Patrick Willis and the defense decimated the Pats’ offense. Tom Brady was rendered lifeless in the pocket, and both Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen found nowhere to run or hide.

Think of what that Niners defense will do to Joe Flacco.

And yes, Flacco is reason No. 2 to love the Niners tonight. I apologize being so judgmental, but this guy is a loser, unworthy of a position like this. To get here, he hit a prayer against Denver and then torched one of the game’s worst secondaries in the Patriots. Trust me, you will not see Kyle Arrington or Alfonzo Dennard patrolling the corner in a San Francisco uniform tonight.

I can hear the arguments to the contrary about how guys like Trent Dilfer and Doug Williams have won Super Bowls. Not against teams like this. The San Francisco offense is explosive, not just efficient. Kaepernick is one of the game’s rising stars. He throws a better ball than most, and breaks games open not just with his legs but his decision-making.

Sorry, folks. Clearly, you all want to see the Ravens win, just so it vindicates the Patriots as a true potential Super Bowl winner. That’s just not going to happen.

San Francisco is clearly, clearly, the better football team. And the Niners will roll, 42-12.