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Darn. I had skirted the issue for the first 17 weeks of the NFL season. Then they had to add that 18th and 17th game.

editor's pick

The byes are gone. Thursday night games are gone, too, thankfully. and now it’s football the way we’re used to following: Sunday (15 games) and Monday (one game).

The good news is the Patriots are off and thus there are no heart strings being pulled when filling out your Week 14 pro football picks.

Due to a tabulation error in the "I Beat Burt" Contest results for Week 16, using the wrong Patriots point total tiebreaker -- 19 was used instead of 9 -- here is the corrected list of the winners for last weekend's games.

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As expected and predicted, the unpredictable NFL returned after a week off (in Week 2).

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