BEAT BURT: Old-school teams are back to winning

PAUL BILODEAU/Staff photo. Daniel Wilder, 8, of Beverly, with executive sports editor Bill Burt. Wilder beat Burt as part if a weekly pro football “I Beat Burt” contest 9/20/16

The season started out in turmoil. Any NFL team could win any game on any given Sunday.

It was that way almost for a month, with an 8-7 record being very good.

Well, those days are gone and Old World Order -- the Patriots, Steelers and Packers -- is back and taken over the NFL.

Teams like Jacksonville and Miami, which appeared to be changing course (Jags just looking for consistency), are what we thought they were in previous years ... not ready for prime time.

The Eagles appear to have found their "mojo" too, with a lot of close wins and close games thus far.

Most people expected the L.A. Rams to be "all that" and they are, maybe the most well-rounded team -- and talented -- in the NFL. Again, let's pump the brakes until they visit a little adversity. 

The rest of the league is OK and tough to figure.

Burt continues steady pace

If you pick nine winners like I did in Week 6, you were pretty much on top of things.

That being said, there were some impressive entries this week, with 15 having 12 correct selections out of the 14 games.

Each week a maximum of 10 T-shirts are awarded. The first tie-breaker is the Patriots point total, which this week was a whopping 43 points. We expect many entries to write in high numbers than the standard "27" they've been averaging.

All of the this week's winners were within five points of the first tiebreaker. 

Week 6 winners

Jim Capodilupo of Lawrence

Bob Parker of North Andover

Warren Silva of Gloucester

Jonathan Morin of Haverhill

Dick Forgione of Atkinson, N.H.

Henry Theberge of Methuen

Robert Dichard of Salem, N.H.

Rick Gardella of Kingston, N.H.

Shaun Dunlevy of Methuen

Ellen Carter of North Andover