As expected and predicted, the unpredictable NFL returned after a week off (in Week 2).

Adding in the COVID-19 element and lack of training this off-season, what we saw in Week 3 -- weird games and finishes -- will be the norm.

Remember, veteran coaches and veteran quarterbacks have the edge.

Tom Brady, for one, is picking up his game each week, making the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dangerous as the weather gets chillier. Patrick Mahomes, honestly, has never looked better.

Then there is that guy in Seattle. Russell Wilson, having his best individual season ever. Oh yeah, in Pittsburgh, those Steelers with coach Mike Tomlin and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, looked like they haven't missed a beat during this difficult year.

That's my lecture.

Now some facts:

Only six home teams won, which seems to mean the home crowds are missed.

Only eight of the favored teams won (this contest is about winning, not spreads).

Only two real upsets, with Detroit winning in Arizona and Carolina winning in L.A. (Chargers).

Stay tuned. There's more of this coming in Week 4.

Six road teams are favored this coming week, which means we have to be on our game just picking winners.

As for Week 3, I had one of the upsets, Detroit over Arizona, but missed on the close ones, including Minnesota losing to Tennessee, Atlanta blowing another huge lead against Chicago and Dallas falling short in Seattle. Honestly, that's too many "risks" and I paid for it.

I went 7-7-1 -- including the Eagles-Bengals tie -- which was below average for the week, with more than half the entries having 8 or more correct picks.

The first (Pats point total) and second tiebreaker (amount of correct picks) were needed in Week 4. All of the Week 4 T-shirt winners were within two points of the Pats point total (36). The other tiebreaker was needed as a few entries were tied at "34" points, Those that had 10 or more picks won.

Please note: Winners can pick up their T-shirts at the side door circulation entrance of The Eagle-Tribune office, 100 Turnpike St., North Andover, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Thursdays.

Week 4 winners

Abe Abdulla of Lawrence

Mike Groves of Hampton, N.H.

Bryan Long of North Andover

Matthew Hale of Amesbury

Brendan Rigby of Haverhill

Joel Holzwasser of Sudbury

Jeffrey Donahue of North Andover

George Khoury of Salem, N.H.

Kathy Murphy of Hampstead, N.H.

Garrett Hammond of Haverhill

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