Home teams rule with only two weeks to go

Sports editor Bill Burt poses with the new sports tech T-shirt. 

When the New England Patriots win, I do too ... most of the time.

It seemed like a typical Patriots game in Pittsburgh, even while it was going on. The Steelers lead, but blow the game. Or the Patriots take it; however you want to look at it.

Usually, when I pick very few underdogs, like I did in Week 15, I’m usually near the top.

Well, I was near the top this week, despite selecting only nine of 15 winners. What happened? Home teams dominated the Sunday games.

While nine correct picks doesn’t sound like a lot, only 25 of the 323 entries picked 10 or more winners.

The first tiebreaker -- the Patriots point total -- came into play as it usually does and nobody was within nine points of the Patriots 10 points.

Each week a maximum of 10 winners are awarded “I Beat Burt” sports tech T-shirts.

As for Week 16, the Thursday night schedule is over and there will be two more games on Saturday and 14 games on Sunday.

With five home underdogs, expect another “upset-filled” weekend of NFL games.

Good luck. 

Week 15 winners

Carl McDonald of Hampstread, N.H.

Dan Cain of Salem, N.H.

Rich Rosenthal of North Andover

Brian L. Tremblay of Georgetown

Jimmy Grant of Haverhill

Pat Archibald of East Hampstead, N.H.

Marie Freeman of Salem, N.H.

Bill Collins of Newton, N.H.

Robert Dennis of Salem, N.H.

Tim Day of Haverhill

Jim Ahearn of Haverhill

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