Two Methuen entries have perfect week

It appears readers enjoy the new sports tech "I Beat Burt" T-shirts with the 2019 contest breaking records for entries. 

Perfection doesn't happen often in the NFL. The last time an NFL team was perfect was 1972, the Miami Dolphins.

While it's not that rare, perfection, when it comes to picking games it doesn't happen often, maybe one or, at best, two weekends per year.

Well, it happened this past week with three entries getting all 13 games right -- Kevin McElhinney (Methuen), Conrad Karcz (Dracut) and Arlene Lennon (Methuen).

All three were not among the original 10 T-shirt winners -- the maximum -- but all will be given T-shirts for their accomplishment.

All three "perfect" entries are basically being rewarded for selecting the biggest upset of the week, Atlanta over host Carolina (a 6-point favorite).

As for the other 10 winners, all were within six points of the Patriots point total (17), and had 11 or 12 correct selections.

I had a good week getting 10 out of 13 right. I believed Houston would beat Baltimore, and I was wrong (that won't happen again). I also had the Colts losing to the Jaguars, believing Nick Foles would help the Jags. I was wrong again.

Week 11 winners

Edward Bonenfant of Haverhill

Dick DiBurro of Haverhill

Bina Beauregard of Amesbury

Carl Clarke of Salem, N.H.

Ron Savastano of Methuen

Michael Slauter of Hampton, N.H.

William McAvoy of Newton, N.H.

Mary Paquette of Salem, N.H.

Pauline O'Hearn of Methuen

Geo Dionne of Haverhill

*Kevin McElhinney of Methuen

*Conrad Karcz of Dracut

*Arlene Lennon of Methuen

* -- denotes perfect week



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