Gas prices in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and for the 50 states averaged together declined last week for the third consecutive week, according to the auto club AAA.

The average price for self-service regular gas in New Hampshire and for the U.S. as a whole now stands below the $2.50 per gallon milestone, auto club figures show. However, the average price in Massachusetts remains above the $2.50 mark.

Despite the three weekly price declines, averages in all three areas range from 12 to 24 cents higher than their levels at this time last year, according to AAA.

In Massachusetts, a 2.5-cent decline brought the state average for self-service regular gas to $2.555 per gallon on Wednesday, from $2.580 seven days earlier, the auto club reported. On the same day of 2019, the Bay State average was $2.431, or 12.4 cents below Wednesday’s figure.

New Hampshire’s state-wide average for self-service regular moved to $2.454 per gallon on Wednesday, compared to $2.480 one week earlier, according to AAA. On the same day last year, the New Hampshire average of $2.278 was 17.6 cents lower than Wednesday’s level.

The auto club published a U.S. national average of $2.496 per gallon for self-service regular gas on Wednesday. That was 4.8 cents less than the prior Wednesday’s average of $2.544. On the same day of 2019, the coast-to-coast average of $2.258 was 23.8 cents below Wednesday’s number.


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