It’s probably too soon to see an effect in gas prices from last week’s plunging crude oil prices, after Russia and Saudi Arabia began a trade war that substantially lowered the price of crude. But drops of a nickel or more per gallon last week in the retail price of gasoline in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and for the United States as a whole should whet our appetites for cheaper driving.

According to the auto club AAA, the average price of self-service regular gas in all three regions now stands below $2.40 per gallon. The three averages also now are lower than their levels at this time one year ago.

Last week’s decline marked the ninth straight week in which the Massachusetts average moved lower. For the New Hampshire and the U.S. national averages, it was the second straight weekly decline, auto club figures show.

The Massachusetts average price for self-service regular gas dropped to $2.398 per gallon on Wednesday, a 5.7-cent decline from the prior Wednesday’s $2.455, according to AAA. On the same day of 2019, the Massachusetts average of $2.448 was 5.0 cents higher than Wednesday’s price.

In New Hampshire, a 4.7-cent decline brought the average price for self-service regular gas to $2.333 per gallon on Wednesday, compared to $2.380 seven days earlier, the auto club reported. On the same day last year, the New Hampshire average of $2.360 was 2.7 cents above Wednesday’s level.

The U.S. 50-state average lost 7.1 cents last week, falling to $2.345 per gallon for self-service regular on Wednesday, from $2.416 the prior week, AAA announced. On the same day of 2019, the national average of $2.497 was 15.2 cents above Wednesday’s figure.

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