Pictured here is Hersheypark's "Mix'd Flavored By Jolly Rancher" ride, which is identical to what "NebulaZ" at Canobie Lake Park is projected to look like. 

SALEM, N.H. — “NebulaZ,” a new family ride, is coming to Canobie Lake Park with construction set for this summer.

The ride is projected to be installed next to “Untamed,” a Canobie roller coaster, and behind the "Star Blaster" and "Antique Cars," according to plan renderings.

The 35-foot tall ride will feature four rotating arms that spin riders around to give the illusion that the arms intertwine.

The ride will be able to accommodate up to 32 guests each time with its eight gondolas that hold four people each.

Five hundred visitors will get to ride it every hour.

George Fredette a planning engineer for SFC Engineering Partnership, who represents Canobie Lake Realty Corp., sent a letter to Salem Planning Director Jacob LaFontaine saying “NebulaZ” will maintain the overall experience at Canobie Lake Park.

LaFontaine said Canobie Lake Park has yet to determine an opening date for the ride.

What is known now is where the family ride will be found in the park.

“NebulaZ” was originally intended to replace part of the Canobie Express train station. The amusement park informed the Planning Board in November 2022 of those plans.

LaFontaine told the Planning Board at its May 23 meeting that the park has proposed a new intended home for the ride next to the popular “Untamed,” and in front of a park maintenance building.

Most board members did not have any concerns with this location.

However, Alternate Member Linda Harvey voiced her concerns that the park is starting to put roller coaster rides closer to residential areas, instead of going with an interior park spot.

She said this could potentially cause noise complaints by neighboring residents.

Canobie hired planning consultants from Burlington, Massachusetts, to study an identical ride at Hersheypark in Hershey, Pennsylvania, to better understand how the ride operates and noises it makes.

A sound study was completed at the same time and found the ride would not violate limits set by the Salem Town Ordinance.

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