7 Steeple View Drive Unit 7: Vincenzo&D Manzo IRT and Francesco R. Manzo to Terese M. and Richard Pandolfo, $410,000


183 Derry Rd: Brian G. Smets and Lisa Brooks-Smets to Tyler J. and Amanda J. Moore, $436,533

122 Hemlock Ln: Jigsaw Builders LLC to Concord T Co, $625,000

18 Shaker Heights Rd Unit 18: Frederick W. and Sheree L. Miller to Rosemary and Edward S. Zapolski, $323,000

N/a Lot 14: Sawmill Grant LLC to Jigsaw Builders LLC, $56,200


No Transactions in this Town


12 Arrowhead Rd: Timothy J. and Theresa L. Jordan to Michal J. and Ryan E. Copley, $419,933

Bunker Estates An Adult C Lot 109: Snowdon Angelina S Est and Richard R. Snowdon to Karen Galante, $195,000

Cella Dr: Gennaro Cella to David A. and Kimberly M. Lobley, $162,000

408 Collettes Grove Rd: Derek W. Vitiello to James F. Hannon, $330,000

4 Cunningham Dr: Kevin A. and Teryl A. Ouellette to Carmencita Beltran, $255,533

11 Dolores Ave: Mccarron 2018 T and Ann Mccoole to Denzil E. Mitchell, $250,000

16 Eastgate Rd: Daniel J. Kump to Andrew E. and Carina J. Sherman, $474,000

84 Hampstead Rd: Michael Ocallaghan to Hector Tavares and Alicia Berroa, $270,000

80 Lane Rd: John E. and Sherri A. Panaro to Michael Igoe and Kristen Fiore, $255,000

110 N Shore Rd: Labelle LT and R James Labelle to Paul T. and Michelle Carr, $449,933

12 Perley Rd Unit 1: Brian D. and Ashlie J. Shea to Jessica R. Lavoie and Brian Bottari, $219,933

18 Squamscott Ave Unit 18: US Bank NA Tr to Peter P. Agri, $340,000

6 Symphony Ln: John and Ashley Lovely to Nicole Salisbury and Rachel Toal, $425,000

6 Tiger Tail Cir Unit R: Jennifer L. Ouelltte to Kaitlyn N. Ellis and Henry F. Ortega, $232,000

27 Windham Depot Rd: David T. and Michelle M. Dalton to Jennifer L. and Philip S. Ouellette, $339,933

7 Winter Hill Rd: Jennifer Gonzalez to Darryl F. and Dawn Horning, $300,000


155 Hampstead Rd: Andrew E. and Carina J. Sherman to Meghan E. Deyermond, $325,000

265 Main St: Mary L. Mclean to David C. and Krista M. Pas, $335,000

Odd Fellows Rd Lot C: Irene Groenewal to M B&L M Sciocecheti FT and Michael B. Sciocechetti, $300,000

3 Owens Ct: Talia&Alyssa Realty LLC to Chase Realty Group LLC, $850,000

39 Russett Ln Unit 39: Suzanne M. Gradomaison to Danielle West, $340,000

289 West Rd: Capelle Russell B Jr Est and Elizabeth Capelle-Neal to Stpehen J. and Karen L. Waystack, $150,000


19 Chapel Rd: Edward M. Stevens and Cathy J. Pascoe to Nathan A. and Loralie Thostenson, $797,733

Cusack Rd Lot 34: Linda J. Casella to Shea&Ihrig Bonfire Assoc, $243,000

79 Dunvegan Woods Unit 79: Gloria H. Goudreau to Norma L. and Joseph Tarascio, $230,000

Gookin Court Condo Unit 1: Ann M. Samson to Mark Alemsis and Tammy J. Fratus, $175,000

65 Hampton Mdws Unit 65: James B. and Elaine M. Irving to Daivd G. and Teresa A. Nicholson, $514,933

700 Lafayette Rd: Donald L Tuholski RET and Donald L. Tuholski to Jay F. Sands, $650,000

200 Landing Rd Unit 18: Huot FT and Jon F. Huot to Ryan Mccarry, $143,000

311 Mill Rd: Settlemoir LLC to Diona M. Roberg and Christina Orio, $230,000

N Shore Rd: Laura L. Regis to Wayne F. and Carolyn J. Kenney, $65,000

33 Ocean Blvd Unit 5: Alexandra Levay to Steven M Lospennato RET and Steven M. Lospennato, $410,000

33 Ocean Blvd Unit 11: Philip W. and Cathy L. Canney to Russell F. Saundres and Stephanie A. Saunders, $510,000

405 Ocean Blvd Unit 7: Karen E. Galante to Norman&Doris Ballad FT and Norman M. Ballard, $329,933

867 Ocean Blvd: Beach House RT and Shane B. Hamel to Derek Hamel, $950,000

905 Ocean Blvd: Elaine Maria RET and Elaine Maria to Thomas M. and Kristen Clancy, $949,000

19-a Pine Rd: T&M Wanyo FT and Theodore Wanyo to Michael C. Lefebvre, $569,933

124 Post Rd: Andrew Hadden and Jacquelyn M. Schultz to Connor C. Dubois, $380,000

N/a: Figment Properties LLC to Andrew J. Debenedietis, $370,000

N/a Lot 1: Carah K Kiley LT and Carah K. Kiley to Regina A Odryna LT and Regina A. Odryna, $790,000

N/a Lot 23: Ronald J. and Evelyn M. Brennan to Edward M. Stevens and Cathy J. Pascoe, $619,933


32 Ash Drive Unit 32: Dorothy A. Farrell to Richard and Barbara Hineman, $310,000

11 Church St: Greenwood Lake Lodge LLC to 11 Church Street LLC, $500,000


40 Buckingham Drive: Michael R Aramento RET and Michael R. Aramento to Joel Cantos, $518,000

1 Faye Ln: Jeannete P Fitzgibbons T and Jeannete P. Fitzgibbons to Michael E. and Jenny Mckitrick, $459,933

158 Fieldstone Drive Unit 158: AC3 Contrating LLC to Lisa M. Cook, $228,000

83 Gilcreast Rd: Joel&Maithao Cantos FT and Joel M. Cantos to Matthew R. and Lindsey A. Crawford, $505,000

10 Lawson Farm Rd: Bildoeau Norman A Est and Susan J. Evers to Kimberly M. Botz, $345,000

Londonderry Rd: Yeldrig Partners Of NH to Windham Realty LLC, $925,000

79 Oakridge Drive Unit 79: Brandin E Swisher RET and Brandin E. Swisher to Osmosis Properties LLC, $194,933

2 Quincy Rd Unit A: Carol A. Nestor to Christine M. Martinez, $246,000

21 Robin Hood Drive: Billa and Kathleen M. Bhandari to Maria G. and John J. Basnett, $439,933

4 School House Rd Unit 4: 381 Mammoth Road LLC to Victor T. and Carine T. Mbuyi, $610,000

12 Spruce St: Christopher and Lisa Cook to Nicholas S. and Hannah M. Valentine, $450,533

15 Trolley Car Ln Unit A: Stephanie Cram-Kiernan to Susna Janino and Joseph Jannino, $238,533

272 Winding Pond Rd Unit 272: William F. Burke to Nicole Gagnon, $214,933

N/a Lot 27-28: HSL RET and Tai-Deh Hsu to GJC Development LLC, $745,000

N/a Lot 50b: Thomas P. Murphy to Lorna Sabbins, $448,533


59 Amesbury Rd: RE 12 2017 LLC to Ryan R. Sanborn and Jaime M. Shields, $299,933

27 Currierville Rd: Father&Son RT and Todd Fitzgerald to Meghan S. Feran, $385,133

25 Evergreen Drive Unit 25: Richard A. and Barbara J. Lavalley to Maria N. Titlon, $365,933

Heath St: Charles F. and Kathleen F. Marden to Todd Fitzgerald and Michael Flanagan, $205,000


32 Balcom Rd: James Hudson and Jennifer Belbin to Sokpheap Som and Thavary Thach, $420,000

18 Innisbrook Drive: RJ Mccarthy Dev LLC to Allen M. and Nicole A. Fernandes, $535,000

2 Loretta Ave: Sarah J. and Ryan P. Hurley to Roger E. Brooks, $262,000

42 Mammoth Rd: James V. and Elizabeth Cryan to Nancy Buxton and Paul Hubert, $295,000

166 Marsh Rd: Steven and Marion A. Bergeron to Marsh Road LLC, $338,133

363 Old Gage Hill Rd: James W Petersen Built to Michael Nim and Shirley Su, $510,066

9 Powderhorn Drive: Skyview Estate LLC to Michael J. Allen and Paula Gaudette, $527,000

192 Westfall Rd: Kenneth R. and Carol M. Gariepy to Kathleen Stacy, $548,400


60 Forrest St: Gary Carreau to Jessica L. Caruso and Jason P. White, $400,000

57 Kingston Rd: Richard and Erin Barbato to Eliabeth and Jose R. Gomez, $391,000

182 Plaistow Rd: PNP Realty LLC to Taylor Moylan, $159,933

48 Pollard Rd: Bruce A. Desmont to Brittany A. Day, $219,000

N/a Lot 5: Mark Schena to Kevin S. Joyce, $300,000


12 Braemoor Woods Rd Unit 205: Edward and Pauline Endyke to Derek and Lucille Gendron, $318,000

4 Brook Rd Unit 10: Kristi L. Whiteford to Ramesh B. Potturu, $129,533

4 Brook Rd: Sheng Y. Deng to Idir Gherbi and Anna Marunowska-Gherbi, $125,000

25 Catalpa Rd Unit 25: DHB Homes LLC to Gary M Goldstein RET and Gary M. Goldstein, $552,800

Cluff Crossing Rd Lot 12: National RT and Frank A. Cieri to Wei Chen, $118,000

117 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit 14: George T. and Marie Wilford to TTBLTR Inc, $140,000

35 Colonial Drive: Robert A. Hickey to Jonathan B. Seammon and Briann Brockway, $424,533

5 Cortona Way Unit 5: Black Brook Realty Tuscan to Laszlo P. Kindrat and Ganna Supreneko, $494,933

7 Cortona Way Unit 7: Black Brook Realty Tuscan to Changlin Huang and Xingxing Sheng, $489,933

Duston Rd Lot 23-632: Duston RT and Susan C. Shields to Cedar Crest Salem LLC, $2,400,000

2 Jericho Ln: Andrew J. and Kelliann Lawrenson to Antoine J. and Jaime Hajjar, $474,000

42 Kelly Rd: Brian M. Macdonald and Holly E. Bedrosian to Cartus Financial Corp, $552,000

42 Kelly Rd: Cartus Financial Corp to Jose and Allison Hernandez, $552,000

27 Lamplighter Ln: Old Silver Farm Corp to Michael Kearney, $250,000

3 Lancelot Ct Unit 9: William J. Manoney to Yucel and Sibel Aydogan, $110,000

17 Longwood Rd: Labbee Suzanne L Est and Rodney A. Labbee to Daniel and Allison Mccabe, $372,533

325 Main St: Dream Homes Corp to Jeremy A. Nerl and Emily A. White, $389,000

8 Martin Ave: Anthony and Mathilda Wilmot to Chelsea A. Cormier, $360,000

122 N Main St: Jaqueline Escobar to Daniel B. and Michelli Getchell, $284,000

3 Nathans Way: Jose and Allison Hernandez to Joshua and Emily Marion, $400,000

50 Northwestern Dr Unit 2: Analana LLC to Lucia Investments LLC, $255,000

50 Northwestern Dr Unit 3: Analana LLC to Lucia Investments LLC, $255,000

24 Orchard Ter: Joshua C. Connor to Jason Wilson and Megan Wilton, $285,000

4 Rena Ave: Derek and Lucille Gendron to Alicia Gendron, $407,466

5 Rena Ave: Jill A. Simmons to Joshua C. and Breanna L. Connor, $390,000

5 Rosewood Ave: Erkan and Hatice Duzenli to Justin J. and Alicia C. Lozowski, $402,000

75 S Policy St Lot 31: Martin Taylor and FNMA to Martin Taylor, $40,000

36 Sylvan Drive: Paula L. Russell to Nathan and Nicole Danek, $480,000

7 Timber Woods Dr: KLN Construction Co Inc to Jason and Kathleen Barrett, $714,000

8 Town Farm Rd: Nicole Danck and Nathan Danek to Shawna F. and Michael A. Maccario, $369,933


5 Aruda Rd: Gina M. Coppola and Chad M. White to Michael R. Pilotte, $350,000

286 Main St: James N. and Jean A. Tolman to Victoria Lauretti and Karen Zundell, $215,000


14 New Zealand Rd: 12-16 New Zealand Rd LLC to 12 NRZ LLC, $1,325,200

3 Walton Rd: Smithtown Property Mgmt to Old Town Vet LLC, $420,000


19 Ash St: Salvatore D. and Jean Morando to Andre C. Serpa and Alison J. Morando, $230,000

39 Bear Hill Rd: Michael and Karen S. Laliberte to Ralph B. and Marianne Omaley, $642,533

Chadwick Pl Lot 2: Range Road Estates LLC to Robert Woodman and Jayne Budron-Woodman, $499,866

23 Glendenin Rd: Wood Meadow Land Dev LLC to Charles J. Fischette and Tanya Y. Hei-Lau, $825,000

Hawthorne Rd: Amanda M. Hayden to Pliskin FT and Robert V. Pliskin, $525,000

81 Heritage Hill Rd: William J. and Duyen Andreolli to Timothy J. Robbins, $2,900,000

24 Kent St: Philip W. and Patricia Grant to Olga and Sebastian P. Grzejka, $646,000

4 Lancelot Rd: Xiaohua Jinag to Lin Jiang 2019 T and Xiaohua Jinag, $125,000

15 Lavender Ln: Windham Marblhead Props to William J. and Duyen Andreoli, $275,000

19 Morgan St Unit 19: Morgan St LLC to Richard Hartel and Constance Hertel, $655,400

24 Morrison Rd: Anthony I. and Stacey L. Bruzzese to Peter Soares, $599,933

11 Stacey Cir Unit 11: Debora Yssa to Brian F. Bourque and Erin Whipple, $315,000

1 Thorndike Rd: Stonebrook Land Dev LLC to Charles Brunelle, $270,000

13 York Rd: 13 York Road NT and Gary M. Dortona to Deborah J. Forte, $900,000

N/a Lot 24: Susan Maguire to Nathan G. and Carin D. Rogers, $250,000

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