7 Arrowood Ln: John J. and Denise L. Oconnor to Hongbo Gu and Chen Lu, $849,000

20 Bobby Jones Dr Unit 20: James G. and Elizabeth Angelakis to David Prater and Cynthia J. Bogatka, $849,900

5 Donna Rd: Jian Wang and Yingxia Fei to Xiaoyan Yu and Saijun Zhang, $660,000

24-26 Dufton Rd: Stephen R. Pangione and Michael Oster to Alan L. Simao and Dori L. Howe, $530,000

1 Fern Rd: Benjamin L. and Erin A. Gibson to Brandon G. Bell and Jennifer Averill-Bell, $556,750

1 Francis Dr Unit 204: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Sandra M. and Nicholas E. Mastas, $339,630

168 Greenwood Rd: Rkaco LLC to Dipankar and Sonal Biswas, $815,815

69 Harold Parker Rd: Doris M Squibb T and Lee A. Squibb to Gregory Jones, $525,000

10 Hartford Cir: Christopher A. and Susan J. Rocca to Jeremy D. and Lisa G. Cohen, $650,000

174 Haverhill St Unit 319: Linda K. Topjian to Hao Chang and Yu Chen, $425,900

276 Highland Rd: Cynthia P. and Paul H. Hollenbeck to Brian and Stephanie Sweet, $685,000

12 Ivy Ln: Paul and Elizabeth Farnham to Joby and Sreeletha Eldo, $615,000

5 Knollcrest Dr: Borruso FT 2015 and Kathleen M. Borruso to Erik A. and Emily M. Martin, $835,000

14 Knollcrest Dr: John M. and Michele M. Odonnell to Richard Choi, $1,245,000

10 Longwood Dr: Jeanette M. Prince to Tian G. Lin, $169,900

100 Main St Unit M: Daniel H. Kowalski to Matthew W. and Cristina M. Addesa, $242,500

1 Midland Cir: Robert M. Cook and Therese Reed-Cook to Edward D. and Shannon Plowey, $769,900

19 Ravens Blf: 106 Ravens Bluff LLC to Daniel Sawl and Jenna Shedd-Sawl, $752,500

7 Regency Rdg: Lot 88 RT and Samuel H. Nork to Robert J. and Angela T. Brown, $2,450,000

13 Rennie Dr: JHC VFC RT and Virginia F. Caswell to Benjamin L. and Erin Gibson, $610,000

87 Salem St: Frank E. and Paula D. Zavrl to Warren and Laura Empey, $2,488,000

362 Salem St: Lawrence K. and Gail B. Wangerin to James A. and Thyra S. Sherman, $700,000

7 Scotland Dr: Kathryn M. Feinberg to Brian P. and Kathleen A. Linder, $1,217,750

30 Shawsheen Rd: Stephen R. Martin and Susana F. Ferreira to Michael L. and Sharon J. Belcher, $635,000

5 Stratford Rd: Byron E. and Kristi L. Bride to Xi Cai, $563,900

14 Timothy Dr: John and Theresa Colonna to Daniel and Amanda Gryzywacz, $815,000

9 W Knoll Rd: Kirby Lewis and Janelle Klann to Diran A. and Diana S. Balekian, $725,000

42 Walnut Ave: Mark E. Elledge and Amy M. Earl to William G. and Karen K. Carey, $631,000

10 Washington Park Dr Unit 9: Amy Sullivan to Daniel Silva, $170,000

25 Wethersfield Dr: James A. and Thrya S. Sherman to Brandon and Lauren E. Mckenzie, $1,045,000


10 Hoveys Pond Dr: Michael P. Maguire to Franklyn Tamalenus, $1,253,000

15 Morningside Cir: Linda M. Carnevale to Jeffrey and Ellen Callahan, $1,065,000


9 7th Ave: Ghiziana Iosif-Arndt to Thomas and Amy Costello, $329,900

93 A St: Michael and Kristin Manoukian to Sepiria Kiggundu and Irene Namubiru, $389,900

37 Burgess Farm Rd: Rainbow Builders Corp to Jih-Ping Chern, $559,900

36 Chapman St: Michael A. Lappin and Martha L. Iarrapino to Ryan Middlemiss and Yosibel C. Valdez-Dicuru, $349,500

100 E 6th St Unit 7: Karl F. Moore to Jessica C. Araujo and Tiago Gregorio, $205,000

55 Francis St: Brian and Alisha Callahan to Bruce L. Coutu, $340,000

62 Frederick St Unit 36: Sarah E. Koch to Charlene Torla, $267,000

96 Frederick St Unit 55: Gregg R. and Carol Sanborn to Kelsey R. Sturtevant and Jordan Hudlin, $248,000

11 Glenwood Dr: David Sergi and Rhonda E. Lacy to Stephen Kamau-Chege and Nancy Muthoni-Kamau, $400,000

11 Gloria Ave: Jodie L. Walsh to Jonathan and Marlene Rivera, $380,000

551 Hildreth St Unit 11: Pellerin RET and Robert J. Pellerin to Nilsa C. Taveras, $221,400

27 Kilby St Unit 6: Daniel Ryan to Cody R. Balestrieri, $135,000

1327 Lakeview Ave: 1327 Lakeview Avenue LLC to Tinnirella Real Est Hldgs, $425,000

33 Litchfield Ave: Ryan and Ashley Harris to Willie and Tammy M. Guzman, $369,000

99 Malwood Ave: Robert&Jean White FT and Jean M. Ames-White to Lisa A. Lanteigne, $355,000

530 Mammoth Rd Unit 32: Matthew L. and Donna Slavich to Simon Chen, $315,000

100 Merrimack Ave Unit 65: Maria Clarizia to Kristine B. Johnson, $225,000

16 Monte Rd: Ellen T. Whelan to William and Constance A. Marcotte, $514,000

149 Myron St: William G. White to Kellian R. Hartshorn and Patrick M. Dalrymple, $325,000

89 Oak Ter: John P. and Kelly A. Dechristopher to Brianne F. Dancoe and Alexandra C. Fuller, $300,000

281 Old Marsh Hill Rd: Geulakos LT and Patricia Geulakos to Luke A. and Sarah E. Koch, $395,000

5 Pagona Way: Zaana-17 LLC to Bobby Rathsombath and Sandy Thongkhamsouk, $513,000

185 Passaconaway Dr: John J. Griffin and Sharon Stagnone to Richard J. and Sandra L. Gay, $295,000

415 Pelham Rd: Bonnie M. Gantz to Jonathan F. and Tracy J. Parkhurst, $525,000

476 Pelham Rd: Ralph P. and Kerry L. Pinto to Gary and Debra Lucas, $359,900

100 Pemberton St Unit 15: MTGLQ Investors LP to Ankush Kohli, $110,000

18 Percy St: Michael D. Furbush to Joseph and Joyce Mulvaney, $285,000

22 Quail Dr: Victor M. and Irene M. Lima to Nicole Hynes and Luis A. Cotto, $549,000

668 Robbins Ave Unit 9: Richard G. and Donna M. Patterson to Ronald Poole, $115,000

700 Robbins Ave Unit 14: Nilsa Carmona to Richard D. and Joanne C. Desharnais, $156,000

16 Sycamore Dr: RFM Meadow Creek LLC to Amer El-Kerdi, $690,630

144 Thissell Ave Unit 5: Michael Carnevale to Thomas Scionti, $119,900

36 Tobey Rd Unit 27: FNMA to Thomas Demange, $245,000

51 Tobey Rd Unit 41: US Bank NA Tr to Sean Hamel, $190,000

17 Washington Ave: Ram P. Bhatt to Daniel R. Silva and Kerry A. Charbonneau, $348,000

7 Wildwood St Unit 15: Matthew M. Barbere to Poliana S. Guimaraes, $127,000

10 Wisteria Path: Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr to Investment Connection LLC, $160,000


28 Baldpate Rd: Mary S Vaughan T and Mary S. Vaughan to Colosn FT and David S. Colson, $490,000

30 E Main St Unit 3: Scott Lias to Carl M. Wilson, $106,000

30 E Main St Unit 8: Peter A. Barrows and Susan E. Mackay to Rajvir Singh, $229,000

22 Long Hill Rd: Deborah J. and Scott M. Nelson to Mark J. and Shayne M. Ostrowski, $677,500


1 Carleton Rd: Constance M. Apicella to James F. and Sreya P. Shepard, $630,000

352 Center St: Michael Crowe to Christine A. and Eric R. Hill, $658,800

206-b King St: Cynthia L. and Norman W. Baker to Brian and Elizabeth Singleton, $595,000


58 Bailey Ct: Greg Galbraith and Laura L. Riggsbee to Antonio Calvagno and Maria F. Fichera, $481,500

104 Brickett Hill Cir Unit 104: Madeleine C. Maguire to Edlira and Gramos Hoxha, $280,000

Broadway: Asadoorian Charles Est and Charles Asadoorian to Gerard Boucher, $70,000

244 Broadway: Sobhan S. Owens and HSBC Bank USA NA to HSBC Bank USA NA Tr, $232,000

93 Cedar St Unit 93: Maximo E. and Lucianne Pelaez to Patricia L. Belton and Jason W. Logan, $245,000

1 Cherry St: Crowne Property Acq LLC to Gbaruc Construction Co, $125,000

49 Commonwealth Ave: William J. and Yurie Kozack to Christina M. and Stefanos Gkoudoulas, $405,000

42 Country Hill Ln Unit 42: Jaclyn W. Webber to Kelli C. Accardi, $257,500

40 Crystal Ct: Guilda and Richard Morin to Michael S. Oster and Stephen R. Pangione, $449,000

92 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 92: Dmitriy Katalichenko to Richard Calhoun and Amy Harnois, $320,000

7 Dodge St: Robert M. Brown and Krista M. Kallio to Joshua T. and Winnie L. Metcalfe, $239,000

323 E Broadway: Cheryl Fitzgerald-Wadman and Matthew K. Wadman to Amy M. and Michael J. Vets, $550,000

459 E Broadway: Bradley W. and Claudia R. Small to Daniel and Jennifer Lee, $1,050,000

8 Fairfield St: Patrick J. and Renee Vance to Kristopher Rodgers-White and Maria C. White, $289,240

53 Ferry Rd Unit 53: Reynardo Perez to David Smith, $265,000

11 Gale Ave: Charles X. Karris to Christopher J. and Kimberlee A. Landers, $358,900

23 Golden St Unit 23: Rkaco LLC to Debra J. and Joseph J. Lavita, $344,900

9-11 Grand Ave: Paul V. Brennick to Alondra Alvarez-Irizarry and Fridaury Marte, $320,000

17 High St: Gabriel Garcia to 401-411 Jackson St LLC, $570,000

51 Hyatt Ave: Leslie Balogna to Meredith Charlesworth, $356,000

64 Kenoza Ave: Lorraine Post Bldg Assn to Kenoza Avenue Properties, $250,000

56 Lamoille Ave: Alyssa and Todd Rabeau to Veronica C. Tryon, $340,500

10 Lansing Ave: Dana Defranco to Gilberto R. Perez, $320,000

64 M St Unit 64: Ellen L. and Philip J. Miceli to Ryan and Stephanie Gary, $265,000

539 Main St Unit 1: MTGLQ Investors LP to Evan Kelleher, $130,000

8 Marble St: Robert J. Letourneau and Robert Letoirneau to Marcelo Kopper, $485,000

8 Myles Standish Dr Unit 3: William J. and Daniel S. Daly to Edward Middleton, $155,000

74 Orchard Hill Rd: Barbara Latulippe to Paul R. Pignone, $587,500

19 Orchard St Unit F: Kathleen S. Hamilton to RJH Holdings LLC, $178,000

55 Perkins Ct Unit 55: John J Capomaccio RET and John J. Capomaccio to Laurie J. and Robert E. Oneill, $305,000

20 Polk St: Konstantina Papantoniou to Alyssa F. and Christopher J. Bosch, $355,000

2 Pond St: Barbara A. Souliotis to Roost Living LLC, $120,000

55 Powdermill Rd: David S. Pappalardo to Bradley D. and Jami S. Norman, $335,000

38 Prescott St: Matthew E. and Nicole M. Luhrs to Eva and Joaquin Luciano, $319,900

133 River St: Mass Property Buyers LLC to 133 River Street RT and Carlos R. Monmtemor, $465,000

205-207 River St: River Valley Realty Corp to Clos Ties Inc, $300,000

19 Rosemont St: Foxy RT and Kenneth G. Matthews to Jonathan Flynn and Sarah N. Mcconnell, $285,000

10 Russett Hill Rd: Alan R. and Cheryl F. Cote to Fredy O. and Marta A. Martinez, $446,000

649 S Main St Unit 649: Faithe Toomy to Jesse and Michael Connolly, $265,000

131 S Park St Unit 131: Maria Scaglione to Katerina Mooers and Garvin M. Moore, $359,900

117 S Riverview St Unit 117: James and Patricia Bragan to Jesse Bolles and Kaitlyn Onufrak, $290,000

92 S Webster St: Bradford Unlimited Corp to Bridget J. and Michael D. Pinette, $376,000

33 Silver St Unit 33: April and Jeffery R. Collins to Joel B. and Maegin A. Roberts, $276,000

10 Swasey St: JAM NT and Manuel Infante to 401-411 Jackson St LLC, $780,000

51-53 Thomas Ave: Charles D. Labella to Jaime Alicea, $362,000

35 Vernon St: Edward A. Rainen to Erin and Krystyna M. Callagy, $290,000

46-48 Vernon St: Vernon Street RET and William O. Frieswick to 46-48 Vernon Street LLC, $850,000

132 W Meadow Rd Unit 27: Ann M. Leblanc to A Noori-Tooranposhti, $227,000

32 Washington Ave: Maria Macario to 401-411 Jackson St LLC, $575,000

42 Washington Ave Unit 42: Mimoza Kendella and US Bank NA to US Bank NA Tr, $337,218

70 Washington St Unit 108: Haverhill Realty Dev T and Pasquale Franchi to Peter E. and Renee T. Ruecker, $229,900

53 Westminster Ave: Danielle and James M. Owen to Leandro R. Flete-Almonte, $385,000

14 Whitney St Unit 14: Richard J. Lambert to Rhonda E. Lacy, $347,500

8 Whittier St: Jill D. Gauthier to Winwin Properties LLC, $153,275

30 William Ave: James A. and Tammy L. Silva to William Olivieri, $519,900


19 Acton St: Merrimack Valley Habitat to Kiriza B. Zihalirwa and Bora K. Kiriza, $140,000

21 Acton St Unit 21: Merrimack Valley Habitat to Dieudonne T. Kankolongo and Chantal N. Tshamala, $140,000

19-21 Alder St: R A. Estrada-Castaneda to Roberto C. Rojas and Angela M. Paulino-Derojas, $480,000

24 Barnard Rd: Linda G. and Robin L. Arsenault to Tammy Sinvil, $293,000

192 Boxford St: Esperanza Abramson to Francisca E. Antonio and Vicente Castillo, $349,900

105-107 Cambridge St: Vicente Guzman to Eddy I. Guzman, $300,000

23-25 Cornish St: Michael Clancey to Juan P. Brito and Jahaira A. Villa, $383,000

10-12 Custer St: Ruben A. Torres to Marcia Mella, $499,000

264 E Haverhill St Unit 19: K&G RT and Kamil Dahne to Julian Santiago, $110,000

264 E Haverhill St Unit 24: K&G RT and Kamil Dahne to Julian Santiago, $113,000

17 Glenwood Dr: Deborah A. Morrissey to Yris Caceres and Antonio Martes-Reyes, $290,000

577 Haverhill St: Jose A. and Juana Gomez to Betania Veras and Rosa Rodriguez, $400,000

36 Hobson St: Jose Delcarmen and Julia M. Jorge-Delcarmen to Ramon Corporan and A A. Rosario-Decorporan, $459,000

17 Inman St: Flor M. Vargas to Richard B. Almonte-Ortiz, $330,000

25 Mckinley Ave: Alex N. Dominguez and Alba R. Nunez to Rafael E. and Fatima X. Flores, $350,000

96 Park St: Migdalia Ramos to Domingo G. Espinal and M D. Gonzalez-DeEspinal, $270,000

17 Plummer Rd: Teresa Zawadzki RT and Henry P. Zawadzki to Jason Zawadzki and Cherie Healey, $160,000

206 S Broadway: Nunez LLC to AMS Holdings LLC, $325,000

118-124 S Union St: 86 Salem Street RT and Anthony R. Silva to Esperanza Realty Corp, $500,000

22 Sargent St: Jose L. Ortega to Mirka Rojas and Angel Santana, $271,000

3 Tudor Ave: John P. Healey to Marcos Urena, $305,500

1 Vandergrift St: Jody and Susan Stafford to Arturo Diazmontes-Deoca and A Rodriguez-Deguzman, $295,000

109 Wachusetts Ave: MTGLQ Investors LP to Rosa Alcantara, $260,000

308 Water St: Darren Hope to Chase Mckenley, $295,000

312 Water St Unit 30: James Ruff to Juan Garcia, $127,500


19-21 Annis St: William Realty LLC to Flerida and Isradelfy V. Lantigua, $515,000

21 Arnold St: Daniel and Dan Griffin to Maroun Bechara, $375,000

15 Ashford St: Daniel Loughlin to Ashley Kneeland and Michael Anderson, $400,850

112 Baltic St: Edward J. Welch to Michelle A. and Joseph A. Centore, $320,000

34 Butternut Ln: Kellyann and Jason M. Coughlin to Brian W. Caldwell, $399,900

14 Cherry Hill Cir: Robert J. and Theresa D. Wholley to John K. Alves-Souto and Sonia Pereira-Dossantos, $370,000

45 Christopher Dr Unit 118: Barbara B. Furnari to Janis L. Verbicky, $204,900

49 Comet Rd: Courtney A. Myers and Eric M. Gonynor to Jenna L. and Addison J. Ward, $386,000

73 Comet Rd: Joaquin and Eva Luciano to Amanda F. Espinal, $285,000

88 Currier St: Richard J. and Sharon R. Harrington to Cheryl Denisco, $394,000

65 East St: Mejia Investments LLC to Jose Lugo, $359,900

19 Fairview Ave: Century Builders Inc to Fred and Dorothy K. Luyimbazi, $482,500

35 Harvard Ave: Kathryn Mcsurdy and Mark Boilard to Robert T. and Donna L. Freni, $330,000

12 Heritage Ln: Mark C. and Dawn E. Lester to Eric and Michelle M. Valarezo, $432,000

49 Hillcrest Ave: Nancy Macedo to Joseph D. Ditullio, $322,000

197-199 Howe St: David Locke to Methuen Senior Living LLC, $1,825,000

52 Jane Rd: Bonnie L. Weekes to Paul and Deborah J. Parent, $355,000

25 Joy Ter: Joanne M. Sylvia to Nicole C. Rocha, $299,000

170 Maple St: Mark D. and Mary T. Saraceno to Michael T. and Julie A. Doyle, $380,000

27 Marjorie St: Hales Landing LLC to Paulina C. Sanchez and Hector M. Gomez-Baez, $514,800

375 Merrimack St Unit 23: Dennis W. Matthews to Karina Calderon, $185,000

69 Oak St: Lillian L. Corricelli to Margaret Njoroge, $369,900

46 Old Ferry Rd: John E. Deloury to Circle G LLC, $500,000

10 Pelham Ave: Steven Miceli to Emily E. Murphy and Jonathan R. Linehan, $285,000

114 Pelham St: Janice R. Fugge and Carol A. Bascio to Janice R. Fugge, $163,800

116 Pleasant Valley St Unit 1: JTG Fit RT and John R. Grossi to SCF RC Funding 4 LLC, $11,777,667

6 Quincy St: Shalimar M. Quiles to Romery Gonzalez and Marta Diaz-Degonzalez, $540,000

82 Rolling Ridge Ln: Bethzaida Jorge and Julio Guerrero to Michael and Ann Reid, $480,000

12 Sunny Ave: Francis Stewart to David Romero, $517,000

1-3 Tremont St: Peter J. and Diane Troy to Marcus Cezard, $430,000

7 Turner St: Gosselin Ronald R Est and Lynn A. Storey to Wilmer Castillo, $279,900

39 Tyler St: Gasper Investment Inc to Wanderson A. Pimentel, $405,000

131 Weybossett St: F Richard Holmes to Girolamo Properties LLC, $150,000

12 Winchester Ave: MIM RT LLC to Jeremy Kraft, $340,000

98 Wingate Ave: Azin Zarrasvand to Mercedes Marcano, $439,900


25 Alcott Way Unit 25: Mary J. Mahoney to Manley M. and Amy Petit, $335,000

2 Bannon Dr: Leonard W. Carpenter to Michael Sposito, $655,000

235 Candlestick Rd: Barret T FT and William C. Barrett to Zhong and Weiling Li, $834,900

12 Carriage Chase Rd: Stewart 1996 RT and Lora E. Stewart to Daniel and Jennifer Mancini, $849,000

197 Carter Field Rd: Paul and Kelley Macdonald to Frank and Kim M. Rondinelli, $950,000

405 Chestnut St: Michael and Jennifer Mandolese to Gregory R. Hoisington and Sarah S. Epstein, $600,000

111 Christian Way: Eprp Holdinmgs T and Robert S. Parker to John and Carol Loi, $705,000

44 Cobblestone Cir: Sanjeev and Susana Venkatesan to William C. and Janice M. Brouillard, $645,000

100 Colgate Dr: Priscilla A. Wilson to Jeffrey E. Wilson and Janine Raby, $420,000

18 Compass Pt Unit N2: Berry&114 Co LLC to Roberto E. Desousa and Livia Deoliveira-Sidney, $216,900

1801 Dogwood Cir Unit 1801: Kathleen S. and James F. Cain to Amira H. Hassanein, $490,000

23 Fernview Ave Unit 5: Kate Ricciardone to Alexandre M. Coelho, $223,500

85 Flagship Dr Unit D: TBSW LLC to 85E Flagship Drive LLC, $550,000

2 Harvest Dr Unit 108: James S. Hannon to Leonard R. and Beverly D. Shuman, $293,000

4 Harvest Dr Unit 301: Nancy A. Titilah to Stephen and Kathleen Duke, $324,900

342 Marbleridge Rd: William D. and Sylvia M. Whittaker to Matthew A. and Melissa A. Scott, $580,000

70 Martin Ave: Pybus Timothy A Est and Timothy Pybus to Kyle J. and Kristina M. Scandore, $449,000

82 Mill Pond: Gaynor Checkoway to John Mcguiggin and Joellie Colon, $415,000

23 Old Farm Rd: Michael D. and Stephanie M. Katz to Jonathan and Jennifer Strauss, $640,000

100 Osgood St: J&B Jolly RT and Janel A. Jolly to Mark and Kathryn Boilard, $450,000

163 Salem St: Charles R. Florino to Hrazia B. Donoahoo and Grazia B. Donohoo, $690,000

31 Village Green Dr Unit 31: Jennifer G. Sullivan to Daniel P. and Crystal Kelley, $235,000

45 Waverley Rd: Jamie and Briana Vachon to Cynthia Woodward and Stephanie Green, $385,000

130 Windkist Farm Rd Lot 9: 9 Windkist Farm Road RT and Christopher B. Cronin to Rodrigo Ballon and Vannessa Camacho, $899,900


4 Bigham Rd: Gary J. and Kerri A. Gannon to Daniel M. Covey and Elisia Giove-Krafchin, $565,000

8 Bigham Rd: Justin A. and Katherine Araniz to Brad R. and Allison Cataldo, $555,000

88 Central St: Matthew and Tracey Barber to Katharine C. and Edward M. Snook, $560,000

96 Haverhill St: Donna M. Lucci to Alexandria Brennan, $390,000

21 Hillview Rd: Callahan IRT and Timothy J. Callahan to Dinapoli Real Est Props, $425,000

1 Marshall St: Sandra Frongillo to Patrick L. and Jennifer M. Magee, $501,000

19 Marshall St: Thomas and Debra J. Stanzione to Justin A. and Katherine Araniz, $600,000

140 Park St: Edward S. and Sandra A. Conron to Caroline Jamur, $605,000

24 Pine Ridge Rd: David G. and Lillian M. Collins to Alec and Melissa Radzikowski, $535,000

7 Plymouth St: Brandon G. and Jennifer A. Bell to John and Sandra Glynn, $500,000

10 Spruce Rd: Aloisi Maril W Est and Lucille Jones to Alfred Rolli, $475,000

12 Sylvia Rd: Wellington Baker Assoc to Thomas and Katherine Hill, $415,000

16 Westward Cir: Leatrice J. Laschi to Gary J. and Kerri A. Gannon, $694,000


188 Beach Rd Unit 11: Nina and Reinhard Schumann to Pamela R. and Steven R. Parker, $363,000

9 Collins St: Settlemoir LLC to Arthur M Thomas 4th RET and Arthur M. Thomas, $77,000

50 Dock Ln: 50 Dock Lane RT and William S. Pratt to Charles F. Hurley, $399,000

191 Elm St Unit C3: JG Fitness RT and John R. Grossi to SCF RC Funding 4 LLC, $11,777,667

59 Ferry Rd: Allard FT and Phillip Allard to Michael Lawrence, $630,000

20 Folly Mill Rd: Kevin Karpenko RET and Kevin Karpenko to Charles A. and Lynne R. Karpenko, $449,000

31 Forest Rd: Elizabeth and James Cloonan to Meghan E. Okeefe, $270,000

8 Mason Ln Unit 8: Leonard J. and Suzanne G. Dilorenzo to Tanya M. Thorpe, $439,900

561 N End Blvd: Delia D. and Peter J. Lundy to James E. and Sharon E. Boes, $480,000

7 Partridge Ln Unit D: Helen Holder to Alan and Carol Oconnor, $335,000

65 Rabbit Rd: Joseph J. Warren to Scott A. Warren and Holly L. Mello, $125,000

1 True Rd: Anne G Jones LT and Anne G. Jones to Erica L. Capolupo, $365,000

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