131 Andover St: Paul R. and Marilyn S. Nolan to Alan L. Simao, $499,000

29 Glenwood Rd: Lydia F Richardson LT and Lydia F. Richardson to Erik J. and Lisa G. Perkins, $925,000

2 Hearthstone Pl: Colleen Maloney-Benedix and Kevin Benedix to Matthew and Leandra Davis, $904,000

7 Ivana Dr Unit 7: Haggetts Pond Road RT and Diana Cormier to Peter F. and Kelley M. Quinlan, $899,900

1 Meadow View Ln: Frank Y. and Inkyung Shin to Alex and Kristin Lau, $910,000

155 Osgood St: Theodore R. and Shannon E. Witman to Dean A. Christensen and Jane E. Olingy, $650,000

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 4205: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Susan J. Leblanc, $196,600

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 4106: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Sharon A. Berg, $196,600

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 195: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Usha and Madan L. Zutshi, $749,975

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 4211: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Joan K. Thibault, $119,800

1 Scotland Dr: Lawrence W. Jones and Alison L. Connell to Edward S. Poitevent and Leigh Bastable-Poitevent, $1,052,500

23 Topping Rd: Michael and Erin Cunningham to Nadine Collier, $400,000


34 Curtis Rd: Clyde and Jan Sylvia to Christine M. and Robert J. Marino, $525,000


34 Arthur Ave: Madelin M. Mejia to Vannara Ouk, $314,900

100 Frederick St Unit 72: Christopher and Colleen A. Longtin to Patrick Sheehy, $256,875

36 Greenmont Ave: Alexandre and Maria Vitorino to Kerry Fantasia and Michael Hoey, $370,000

27 Kilby St Unit 1: C&L RT and Linda M. Pillsbury to Rita Kwan, $132,000

1275 Lakeview Ave: Gail A. Pratt to Rosa I. and Emilio J. Fernandez, $275,000

14 Lantern Ln Unit 4: Kate H. Mattar to Evan A. Parkhurst, $159,300

106 Leonard Ave: Geovanny A. Cardona and Amaris Castillo to Jordan and Domenique Cancela, $415,000

160 Loon Hill Rd: Coljack Development Corp to Peter and Kathryn Farrell, $665,000

701 Marsh Hill Rd: James J. and Cheryl A. Doyle to Daniel Leclerc, $427,500

23 Meadow Creek Dr: Moose Crk Land Developers to Jeffrey R. and Michelle M. Hulburt, $275,000

316 Richardson Rd: Cathy Richardson and Chris Garrison to Edilson A. and Elis A. Forte, $384,000

124 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 2: Paul J. Sicard to Jamie L. Elliott, $222,000

7 Wildwood St Unit 3: Rosa Fernandez to Min Hu, $105,000


255 E Main St: Patricia A. and Thomas R. Lane to Melissa J. and Stephen S. Horemiotis, $710,000

41 East St: Judith E. Corey and Maureen Corrigan to Michael J. Selig, $745,000

2 Larkspur Cir Unit 2: Paul T. and Susan M. Mcdonough to James J. O'Malley and Mary Mcconnell-O'Malley, $590,000

28 Lisa Ln: Dolores Caruco-Mahoney and Matthew Mahoney to Charles A. and Valerie Durney, $880,000

1 Mohawk Cir: Carlton S. and Gail Waitt to Jordan J. Scally, $360,000

8 Old Jacobs Rd: Leon Deroian to Paul and Todd Surpitski, $81,000

54 Searle St: Charles A. and Valerie Durney to Brendan L. and Jennifer L. Beaver, $575,000

14 True Ln: Melissa J. and Stephen S. Horemiotis to Judith Labranche, $635,000


10 Atwood Ln: Evergreen RET and Albert C. Couillard to Dayle L. and Scott W. McKenna, $599,900

30 Pinewood Ln: Angela M. and Zachary C. Alexanian to Anne M. and Michael Palmieri, $630,000


6-1/2 Baldwin St: Philip A. Burns to Rudy E. Felix-Calderon, $380,000

68 Elm St: Nicholas L. and Rachel Shanahan to Angela M. and Sandra T. Thibedau, $240,900

88 Franklin St Unit 88: Adam Conceicao to Raymondo Gonzalez, $317,000

19 Germain Ave: Heather A. Cunningham and Tarren L. Kelloway to Catherine A. and James D. Crawford, $340,000

85 Greenough St Unit 85: Bradford Unlimited Corp to M and P Jeyarajasingham, $359,000

179 Groveland St: 179 Groveland Street T and Patricia J. Jardine to Joseph Ambrosino and Christopher Zielinski, $227,000

637 Kenoza St: Rkaco LLC to John K. Cooper, $557,000

53 Lake St: Donald Walton to Cruz Cisneros and Flor I. Tejada, $260,000

189 Lowell Ave: Jeannette and Xavier Veras to Nancy Lee, $335,000

4 Marble St: Jose Jarro and Carmen Tiburcio to Nicholas Zimenez-Polanco and Herson Rodriguez, $412,000

73 Marshland St: Rolando E. Melo to Elvin Ramirez and Antuane Rozas, $475,000

4 Myles Standish Dr Unit 5: Viola Tomm to El-Khiati Bassil and Lamiaa Malki, $174,000

57 Naples Rd: Jose M. and Priscila A. Bastos to William T. Jannino, $380,000

27 Orchard St Unit C: Orchard Realty Investment to Pamela L. Anastasi, $289,900

29 Orchard St Unit D: Orchard Realty Investment to Micheline Bruno, $304,900

61 Perkins Ct Unit 61: Laura A. Zappala to Mary E. and Raymond G. Autiello, $250,000

1 Prospect St: Michael I. Cassell and Alex Castro to Wendy M. Baez, $455,000

42 Riverview St: Michael A. and Tina M. Mello to Kayla M. Norton and Michael B. Provencher, $290,000

33 Rosemont St: Benito and Maria Delacruz to Paul G. Turner, $264,900

211 S Main St: East West Capital LLC to Mark S. Melikian, $305,000

18 Wainwright Ave: Salvatore Tavilla T and S3 Realty LLC Tr to Calla Home Investments, $235,000


86 Beacon St Unit 6: John W. Murphy to Stephen Eulie, $100,000

58-60 Dartmouth St: Miguel Billilo to Luz Gonzalez and Sandra Martinez-Henriquez, $425,000

178 E Haverhill St Unit A: Robert A. Donahue to Ana J. Jerez-Salcedo, $175,000

65 E Pleasant St: Kopacz John Est and Michael J. Kopacz to Jessica I. Guzman, $322,000

906 Essex St: Omaly Dominguez to Yngrid M. and Jose M. Taveras, $337,000

6 Jordan Ave: Karim A. Vargas to Victor M. Jorge, $500,000

63 Knox St: Henry Torres to Jose A. Martinez, $270,000

21 Lenox Cir: Jeannine A. Pare and Joel T. Habib to Paul Nartiff, $250,000

27 Louisberg St: John T. Greige and PNC Bank NA to PNC Bank NA, $312,720

30 Midland St: Winston Almanzar to Amos and Gisela Vachier, $422,000

9 Pembroke Dr: Jeanne S. Devani to Francisco and Gladys M. Santiago, $360,000

592 S Union St: Cedar Real Estate Corp to Julian A. Paniagua and Pedro Ramirez, $265,000

147 Spruce St: Eulogia Castro to Cleidy DelRosar-Espinal and Yukeidy C. Espinal, $412,000

52 W Kenneth St: Iraba Cordero to Antonio Zabala, $425,000

31 Wedgewood Dr Unit 31: Praxedes M. Rosario to Edwin Castillo, $238,000


74 Arnold St: Limary Medina to Juana A. Rodriguez, $279,900

45-47 Bicknell Ave: Mitchell J. and Donna J. Charest to Mariana Acosta, $460,000

117 Camden St Unit 117: Antonette N. Miller to Moises Hiraldo, $225,000

50 Danbury Dr Unit 15: Charles E. Farrington to Maritza Vega, $152,000

110 Elm St: Jane E. Crafton and Louis H. Gaudreau to Jose J. Jimenez, $324,900

57 Hampshire St: Schruender Sheila Est and Diane Degaspe to Margaret A Doyle T 1998 and Margaret A. Doyle, $130,000

90 Harris St: Richard J. and Donna L. Zangri to Christopher D. Blondin, $397,500

9 Hawthorne Ave: Molly T and Cynthia J. Akroyd to Thuyloc T. Vu, $250,000

339 Howe St: Helen Silva to Penelope Cornelio-Silfa, $202,350

90 Marshall St: Kelvin and Tracy Nguyen to Antonette N. Miller, $385,000

26 Sable Run Ln: Richard M. and Denise J. Peterson to Linda M. Levesque, $520,000

57 Washington St: Sharon A Mckay T and Sharon A. Mckay to Americo and Patricia Reyes, $430,000


16 Andrew Cir: Chirag S. Chowhan and Nipa S. Purohit to Mitesh and Dimple Patel, $270,000

18 Copley Cir: Frederick C. Scheer to Brian and Octavia Lagrasse, $670,000

234 Dale St: David Cronin to Mohamid S. Abdelhamid and Saida Innab, $285,000

5 Glenwood St: US Bank NA Tr to LS Property LLC, $348,500

4 Harvest Dr Unit 323: Allison L. Mariano to Angela G. Sateriale, $207,200

88 Mablin Ave: Terri L. Petzold to Yiu F. Wong and Yihan Liu, $450,000

201 Marbleridge Rd: Wesley and Nicole M. Caron to Rory N. Nguyen, $610,000

11 Mill Pond: 11 Mill Pond NT and Shelley A. Abrahams to Allan Oucho, $350,000

122 Rosemont Dr: Sorhab and Judith Ahadian to Benjamin and Jessica A. Weiner, $775,000


6 Greenbriar Dr Unit 108: Bharat and Gita Patel to Bibesh and Anjana Shrestha, $195,000

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5101: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Marbella RT and Ellen M. Ford, $477,505

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5105: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Judith A. and Guido Reitano, $337,195

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5107: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Robert P. and Dorothy Scott, $494,340

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5106: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Gary and Denise Grosse, $442,510


9 9th St W: Jo-Ann M. and Stephen M. Keisling to Kerry Oneill IRT and James P. Maselan, $696,000

63 Lafayette Rd: Anne G Jones LT and Anne G. Jones to Salisbury Town Of, $160,000

28 Meaders Ln: Georgina F. Fraser to Martha L. and Walter A. Smith, $369,900

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