55 Andover St: Wayne D. and Susan L. Nader to Jieyu P. Chen and Ruie Zhang, $675,000

88 Andover St: Dorothea Leblanc and Edward C. Ferragamo to Matthew and Amanda Strong, $300,000

3 Archer Ln: Cadence Capital Group LLC to Douglas J. and Toby Emerzian, $685,000

12 Basswood Ln: Katherine M. and Joseph R. Malarney to Gwendolyn Cugine, $1,355,000

12 Binney St: John S. and Cynthia E. Distefano to Ethan Hildebrand and Molly Lewis, $353,000

6 Burnham Rd: Michael T. and Amanda J. Phillips to Romy Eichner, $413,000

5 Chester St: Samuel P. and Susan Mclellan to Andrew K. Campbell and James M. Stuart, $625,000

4 Colonial Dr Unit 9b: Somerset Properties LLC to Scott C. Hunt, $170,000

10 Colonial Dr Unit 4b: Mark Menezes to Ellen and Christopher Cunniffe, $130,000

6 Countryside Way: Thomas D. and Denise L. Keough to Meredith E. and John H. Reid, $650,000

3 Delphi Cir: Lori J. and Robert Moccaldi to Jason A. and Karen E. Reilly, $614,900

2 Fun Flight Cir: 2 Fun Flight Circle RT and James A. Vieira to Matthew and Holly Glynn, $710,000

85 High Plain Rd: Dubocq Elsie H Est and Renee J. Vigoroso to JJG Construction LLC, $450,000

372 Lowell St: Anne M. Concemi to Migdalia Diaz, $475,000

247 N Main St Unit 11: Martin Rita S Est and Thomas F. Caffrey to Muxuan Kang and Xiaoni Wu, $230,000

354 N Main St Unit 302: Todd A. and Sharon C. Pattison to Richard Licciardi, $161,000

450 S Main St: Black Sun Investments LLC to Uyen Le-Kong, $700,000

20 Saint James Dr Unit 20: Russell and Sharon Mcgrath to Abdullah Chahin and Neda Safadi, $675,000

136 Salem St: William F. Douty to Heather and John W. Normandie, $540,000

363 Salem St: Cox IRT and Brett W. Cox to John B. Cervone and Kristy Partlow, $654,000

1 Shawnee Cir: Marie A Brown RET and Marie A. Brown to Laurence W. and Jac-Lyn Gibson, $854,000

7 Westwind Rd: Jason A. and Karen E. Reilly to Mary B. Mola, $480,000

109 Woburn St: Elizabeth C. Chapman to Samuel P. and Susan N. Mclellan, $750,000

19 Wolcott Ave: Mark and Christine Barsanti to Timothy P. Martin and Lindsey J. Sansone, $778,000


53 Great Pond Dr: Maria J. Malin to Geoffrey S. and Shannon E. Bessin, $687,000

15 Gunnison Rd: Joseph E. and Karen A. Mallon to Kate O. and Michael W. White, $800,000

119 High Ridge Rd: Robert H. and Susan King to Andrew and Sheri Carey, $1,040,000

15 Roberts Rd: North Shore Drive RT and Robert J. Eisenberg to Reyitos J. Krische and Noelia Miranda, $605,000

51 Townsend Farm Rd: David E. and Lara E. Maher to Michael R. Carey and Emily D. Hinchey, $1,030,000


19 Belair Ave: Sabrina Benitez and Robert Lopez to Christopher J. Pereira, $369,000

324 Colburn Ave: William J Zannoni Inc to Peter Kabingu and Rose Kariuki, $590,000

70 Derby St: Loon Hill Development Inc to Alisson G. Ferreira, $470,000

102 Forest Park Rd: David P. and Pamela A. Duncan to Nicole Brady and Matthew Deveau, $330,000

14 Fox Hill Ln Unit 14: Elizabeth E. Mackey to D M Salvi T and David A. Salvi, $520,000

110 G St: Matthew R. and Melissa J. Breault to Nicholas S. Robinson, $439,900

100 Merrimack Ave Unit 7: Frank J. and Donna M. Brucato to Paul A. Redmond, $224,000

935 Methuen St Unit 15: Parsons Diane T Est and Nicole A. Parsons to Oscar A. Siqueira-Miranda and Melanie L. Miranda, $235,000

94 Parker Rd: JRV Homes Inc to Joseph A. and Ana P. Mirabella, $499,900

44 Shelton St: Abreu Construction RT and Abreu Constr Corp Tr to Sumin Sandhir, $497,000

37 Spare St: Michael P. and Norman J. Cox to Settlemoir LLC, $225,000

74 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 6: Matthew J. Stone and Erin E. Paul to Estela R. Fernandes, $212,000

125 Varnum Rd: Jamie and Heidi S. Jussaume to Sameth En, $535,000

41 Wagon Wheel Rd: Lucia Petros to Robert Lopez and Sabrina Benitez, $495,000

596 Wheeler Rd: John T. and Sharon A. Cole to Timothy Dy, $482,000

111 Winsor Dr: James J. and Jane F. Wilson to Alvaro N. Amaral, $449,900


171 Pond St: Charles B. and Emi N. Rollins to Joseph D. Simeone, $440,000

4 Richardson Ln: Nancy J. Dimento-Jerome and William C. Jerome to Nicole and Thomas Izzo, $1,060,000


1004 Alyssa Dr Unit 1004: Heather E. and Michael B. Lunt to Friel FT and Charles M. Friel, $415,000

5 Briscoe Rd: Mary E. and Roger E. Cowley to Alyssa Diluigi, $387,500

183 King St: Emily C. Foti and Nicholas W. Graziano to Jaclyn and Jonathan Benson, $520,000

10 Pheasant Ln: Clare and Jonathan Perkins to Andrew W. and Brea A. Plummer, $605,000


59 14th Ave: Joseph J. Long to Alex P. and Laurie Marchegiani, $434,000

27 5th Ave Unit 1: Scott Robertson to Paul Partridge, $85,000

977 Amesbury Rd: George A. Sacco to AL Realty Partners LLC, $450,000

64 Arlington St Unit A: Daniel Gill to Bryan M. Comeau, $150,000

93-95 Beach St: Alpine Village Realty LLC to Abel and Rosaura Guzman-Perez, $381,000

5 Bicknell Cir Unit 5: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Anna M. and Frederick D. Johnson, $385,000

51 Caledonia St: Charles and Meagan R. Parker to Robert C. Cabrera, $320,000

2 Cross Rd Unit 6: Martha Sykes to Halima Amal and Mimoun Hammouti, $330,000

54 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 54: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Kevin R. and Nellie Mccann, $364,900

181 Farrwood Dr Unit 181: Maureen Filliger to Colleen Finocchiaro and Gail Oconnell, $237,500

17 Garden St Unit 17: Nicole Hong to Phillip E. Castro and Natalie Duran, $300,000

59 Grove St: Brandon Baldassari and Ashlee Murray to Edward A. Burt, $286,500

20 Hamel Way Unit 20: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Salahuddin J. Muhammad, $329,900

65 Hancock St: Mary T Sargent T and Mary T. Sargent to Cole P. Murphy, $299,900

415 Hilldale Ave: Jason G. Labella and Savanna N. Clements to Patricia L. Zagarella, $399,000

4 Janet Rd: Reynaldo D. Rodriguez to Minelys and Molly Sanchez, $350,000

5 Jefferey Ln Unit 5: Marguerite A. and Thomas J. Carifio to Gregory M. and Lauren E. Quirion, $243,000

430 Kenoza St: Sirois Daphne A Est and Efronia N. Lagasse to Kahley M. and Michael E. Apostolou, $400,000

38 Kristine Ln: Adrian and Lissette Santiago to Jessica L. Copeland, $510,000

10 Lawrence Rd: Jenifer L. Curtis to Rebecca L. Decoff and Lindsey M. Wilson, $320,000

149 Lowell Ave: Fassio RT and Paula Bacon to Alexander L. Mohr, $324,000

797 Main St: Anthony M. Waelter to Lauren A. Waelter, $157,000

2 Mendum Rd: Alex N. Trenchovska and Aleksandar Trenchovski to Manuel Delossantos and Vivian Suarez, $330,000

40 Morgan Dr Unit 40: Stacy M. Marshall to David Memmolo, $255,000

91 Mount Vernon St: Jennifer A. and Mary E. Grillo to Charles W. and Patricia M. Mathison, $237,200

9 Myles Standish Dr Unit 6: 9 Myles Standish 6 IRT and John P. Arahovites to Janis L. Pare, $167,000

19 North Ave: Alexander F. and Carolyn A. Collier to Heather R. and Larry A. Gaither, $574,900

440 North Ave Unit 67: Mamiko Sakurai to Mercedes Richards, $195,000

440 North Ave Unit 107: Eric F. Kilgour to Fazil M. and Yasmeen M. Zakaria, $149,900

42 North St: Olga I. Juarbe and Antonio Pagan to Hector Melendez, $371,000

55 Old Yankee Rd: Lori Regis to Anthony R. and Sorina Puzzo, $465,500

200 Primrose St: Mass Machine&Metal Fab to Primrose Properties LLC, $135,000

9-11 Proctor St: Maria Seballo to Arianny Diaz and Roselito Tejada, $415,000

8 Red Maple Rd: Bianca N. and Blanca N. Kooken to Mark D. and Rachel Guida, $490,000

31 S Riverview St: Jennifer and Luis Defex to Alvin B. and Ferliannie Bonilla, $335,000

21 Saint James Ave: Libby Jane G Est and Bruce E. Nunn to Judy Eaton, $275,000

33 Sawyer St: KNJ Investments LLC to Matthew S. Noonan, $415,000

24 Sherman Ave: Mercier FT and Norman C. Mercier to Cody A. Kucker, $282,000

11 Smith St: Ryan A. Quinton and Tais W. Statucka to Joseph D. and Thomas P. Labrecque, $350,000

54 Steeplechase Ct Unit 54: Christopher N. Kinney to Mark A. Elliott and Michael W. Smolak, $193,000

49 Talmuth Ave: Brittany C. Edwards and Kevin S. Thibault to Jason R. Mccarthy, $298,000

77 Valley View Ave Unit 77: Ronald E Aubin IRT and Roseanne Wallis to Eric F. and Rachel M. Kilgour, $285,000

46 Washington St Unit 202: Maria S. and Peter Martellucci to Tians Brothers LLC, $170,000

330 Water St: Matute Realty Inc to Kevin P. Lee and Alexis N. Lykins, $410,000

121 Whittier Rd: Helen Chase to L&B RT, $236,000


8 Adams St: Maria Thomas to Gerardo Matos and Rosbeidy Y. Gracesqui-Pena, $295,000

23 Bodwell St: Juan F. Dominguez to Miguel A. Romero-Jimenez and Estefany R. Duran, $341,000

7-9 Boxford St: David R. Lamattina to Carlos R. Calcano-Sierra and Katherine N. Vasquez, $534,000

20 Chester St: Arcenio Tavarez to Danny M. Gutierrez, $399,000

199-a Chester St: Paulo J. Loureiro to Mercis S. Florencio-DeDiaz and Fulvio R. Diaz, $321,000

68 Durso Ave: Michael and Magda Barbosa to Chelxis Guzman-Then, $335,000

12 E Haverhill St: Ana S. Rodriguez to Johnny Difo and Maribel Morrobel-Acevedo, $480,000

31-33 Easton St: IMC Realty LLC to Gabriel Rosa, $460,000

276-280 Essex St: New Eng Annual Conference to 5-9 Mill Street LLC, $330,000

56 Gilbert St Unit 56: Matthew Boucher to Maria Thomas, $220,000

293 Hampshire St: 293 Hampshire RT and Bart J. Mchugh to 6-12 Hampshire Street LLC, $130,000

190 Jackson St: Gillberto Taveras to Adriano Javier and Yessica A. Araccna-Javier, $402,000

24-26 May St: German D. Pimentel to Hugo E. and Maria L. Deleon, $512,500

110 Newton St: Dianna R. Rosario and Audalina Martin to Carlos A. Rosario, $271,000

17 Pilgrim Rd: PGM RT and Gina L. Lautieri to Patrick Rocha, $418,000

22 Pleasant St Unit 6: Juana Gomez to Freddy and Josefina Abreu, $185,000

115 Prospect St Unit 3: Chris-Sco Corp to Doel Lopez and Raquel Rivera, $305,000

250-252 Prospect St: KYM Properties LLC to Gap Apartments Lawrence, $721,600

350-352 S Union St: Valery E. Jerez to Juan Lopez-Vasquez and Laudy D. Ortiz, $350,000

87-89 Saunders St: Paul F. Boshar to LLB Construction Inc, $100,000

9 Silesia Ct: Mark and Theresa Berube to Daniel Berube, $175,000

8 Swan St: Jose Batista to Victoria Ranieri and G Vanderhorst-Batista, $480,000


80 Ames St: Shelley A. Nault to Alan R. Nault, $48,124

111 Anderson Dr: Kathryn A. Colon to John P. Amaral, $400,000

15 Briarcliff Dr: Chadi Chakar to Paul J. and Gail K. Bova, $416,500

188 Broadway Unit 8: Spring Glory LLC to Ferreira Holdings LLC, $125,000

34 Burnham Rd Unit 401: Riverside Drive LLC to Kathleen A. Lawson, $246,000

58 Chippy Ln: Barbara R. Naroian to Kyle and Amanda Hutton, $370,000

45 Christopher Dr Unit 136: JJJM LLC to Nancy L Autiello IRT and Anthony P. Autiello, $215,000

3 Combination St: Alfred Deberardinis and Lisa M. Turgeon to Eric H. and Carol V. Thidemann, $329,900

7 Constitution Way Unit 7: Sharelle R. Lopez-Howarth to Andrew and Xuelan Defillippo, $200,000

40 Danbury Dr Unit 13: Nadia Abrahamina RET and Sarkis Abrahamian to Yatin and Diptiben Patel, $130,000

110 Dracut St: David A. and Cynthia A. Lafave to Olivio O. Gondinho, $475,000

5 Druid Hill Ave: Robert J. Egan and Shawna Smith to Paul Cruz, $385,000

178 East St: Jinx L. Desell to Elsa C. Figueroa, $330,000

19 Falmouth St: Thomas M. and Joanne M. Roberts to Sidney B. Semedo, $410,000

187 Hampshire St: Michael L. Pollack to James E. Marin, $380,000

227 Hampstead St: Joseph J. Jozokos to Rayshon Payne, $455,000

109 Harris St: Matthew L. Jalbert and Jade M. Parker to Joseph Dolben, $359,000

34 Haymeadow Rd: Rosa N. Reyes to John A. Ricci and John M. Villanueva, $447,000

26 Herrick Dr Unit 26: J&J Holzman RT and Judith S. Holzmann to Lela and William Tatarouns, $460,000

10-12 Larchwood Rd: Ivan and Angel Diaz to Jesus M. Rosario, $472,000

70 Lorenzo Cir: Alfred J. and Carol A. Dipietro to Geronimo Fana, $382,000

4 Memorial Dr: Eileen J. Marchand to David A. and Lisa A. Meskell, $345,000

468 Merrimack St Unit B: Atlantic RT and Kenneth Knight to NSER Property Hldg LLC, $380,000

160-162 Oakland Ave: Juan A. Lopez and Mabel Y. Yalenzuela to Kris and Junot StClaude, $460,000

214 Pelham St: Rochelle M. Arinella to Marco Recinos-Ordonez and Rosa D. Recinos, $235,000

10 Perley St: Christopher J. Bettano to Carl A. and Carl A. Bettano, $291,250

74 Pine Tree Dr Unit 74: Toll MA 4 LLC to Jeanne M. Dennis, $669,749

600 Prospect St: Elias Z. and Philippa E. Ata to Jason Burgess, $550,000

945 Riverside Dr Unit 8d: Melissa Edwards to Nicole Padilla, $215,000

1 Riverview Blvd: Nancy L Autiello IRT and Anthony P. Autiello to Linda Mele, $305,000

9 Savin Ave: Carlos A. Quintal to Kathy Amato, $485,000

8 Tucker Ter: Homes At Great Oaks LLC to Jason and Robyn Naroian, $620,000

6 Winstead Ave: Kelmyn Realty LLC to Francheska J. Montas, $375,000


38 Compass Pt Unit 38: Kenan Resic and Ranjana Sharma to Anand and Smita Rangoli, $500,000

59 Farrwood Ave Unit 4: Jan A. Haverhals and Diana Hernandez to Ryan F. Maguire, $220,000

1 Fernview Ave Unit 6: Mee-Jin Kelly to Matthew Macdonald, $222,000

37 Fernwood Ave Unit 12: Rosemary T. Leccese to Meghan E. Kelley, $222,000

148 Main St Unit A105: Edwina M Fredo FT and Irene M. Cox to N6 Properties LLC, $240,000

148 Main St Unit F441: Kenneth F. Strobel to TAG RT and Timothy A. Giard, $180,000

157 Old Cart Way: 157 Old Cart Way NT and Monte D. Kramer to David F. and Christina T. Castillo, $715,000

386 Sutton St: Patrick and Catherine Mccrossan to Matthew R. and Sarah Veazie, $440,000

12 Young Rd: Lesley S. Folensbee to Ben and Kristen R. Pieratt, $510,000


9-r Abbott Rd Unit B: Swanview Investments LLC to Rebecca G. Anzuoni, $740,000

9 Abbott Rd Unit A: Swanview Investments LLC to Devon F. and Elisa C. Hogan, $699,900

113 Central St: Michael D Salem Jr FT and Michael D. Salem to Ryam M. and Gina R. Patti, $550,000

132 Chestnut St: Matthew R. and Sarah E. Brown to James R. Wells and Katherine A. Birkemose, $510,000

10 Eisenhaure Ln: Michael L. and Nancy C. Boyle to Matthew R. and Sarah E. Brown, $699,000

46 Main St Unit 4: Sullivan Investment RT and James P. Sullivan to 46 Main Street Unit 4 RT and Peter C. Sfikas, $101,500

21 Nichols St: Smith Sons Plumbing&Htng to Ryan C. and Kimberly L. Strout, $860,000

40 North St: Chochrek Lois M Est and Cheryl Chochrek to Francis M. Lobello, $470,000

4 Patley Rd: Cameron Morgan to James Celeste and Michelle Agahigian, $415,000

7 Shady Hill Dr: Uyen Le-Kong and Alan Kong to Athanasios Metropoulos and Maria Pantazelos, $575,000


29 12th St W: Donovan Dorothy A Est and Leslie A. Quinlan to Anthony Finocchiaro, $328,000

17 1st St: Terry V. Anderson to Stephen A. Roth, $350,000

53 Bridge Rd: Timothy W. Lamprey to West Lebanon Realty LLC, $550,000

105 Folly Mill Rd: JJP Custom Homes LLC to Dale Grasso, $125,000

246 N End Blvd: David J. and Patricia M. Carbevale to Bryan and Pamela Champagne, $330,000

18 Old County Rd: Decm LLC to Derek P. Weldon, $449,000

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