25 Alden Rd: Mark S. and Patricia M. Pelletier to Pantheon Andover RT and Thomas Anzuoni, $1,202,500

40 Colonial Dr Unit 2: Equity T Co to Denise M. Weadick, $212,000

148 Haggetts Pond Rd Unit 1: 148 Haggetts Pond Road RT and Laura Szekely to Helena D. Pereira, $950,000

85 High Plain Rd: JJG Construction LLC to Bartram&C Edwards RET and Bertram Edwards, $605,000

19 Jenkins Rd: Carroll Geoffrey L Est and Jason L. Carroll to Lamirage RT and John J. Hashem, $360,000

4 Mortimer Dr: Thomas Wessel to Kristen A. and Stephen D. Blumetti, $875,000

26 Phillips St: Annalee QPRT and Richard B. Abelson to Kathleen M. and Mark E. Eldridge, $2,750,000

55 Porter Rd: Alpha Development Corp to Geon Lee and Lisa Prescott-Lee, $1,725,000

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 1410: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Robert Leahy, $424,995

383 S Main St: Richard Barton and Joyce Labelle to Sai Builders LLC, $370,000

75 Stevens St: Tara L. Masih to Susan A. Scott, $397,500

15 Topping Rd: Kristen Howard and Ivy Krull to Dylan J. Roy, $358,000

20 Wabanaki Way: Jonathan I. and Sharon K. Crush to Laurie A. and Sean P. O'Connor, $770,000

100 Washington Park Dr Unit 5: Charles L. and Lorraine M. Guarnieri to Zenaide Gross, $150,000


4 Appleton Ln: JCG Investments LLC to Keith McCabe and Nollaig Morris, $849,900

17 Hunters Rd: James J. and Mary M. O'Malley to Christopher and Kathleen Pinette, $780,000

314 Ipswich Rd: Erin M. and Michael R. Gibson to Dana Oppedisano, $459,000

405 Ipswich Rd: Elizabeth L. and Eric T. Wootan to Erin and Michael Gibson, $649,900

43 Maple Ave: Marion G Hall 2010 RET and Marion G. Hall to Joseph M. and Katelyn Endicott, $550,000

Witchcrest Dr: Marion G Hall 2010 RET and Marion G. Hall to Joseph M. and Katelyn Endicott, $550,000


96 Derby St: Gannon Middlesex RT and Erin Gannon to Kelly Gagnon, $281,000

32 Desrosiers St: Morin NT and Paula M. Petengill to Richard W. Boissonneault, $325,000

93 Janice Ave: Adam M. and Tia M. Lagasse to William F. Torena and Carolina Sposito-Pereira, $315,000

43 Joseph Ave Unit 43: Luis M. and Maria C. Sousa to Michael Schloth and Samantha Miara, $276,000

350 Parker Rd: Jane I. and Edward E. Lecynski to David W. Dumaresq and Jane H. Bowie, $365,000

199 Passaconaway Dr: Dawn and Todd Guziejka to Adam M. and Tia M. Lagasse, $410,000

234 Pleasant St: Deborah J Savarese RET and Victoria L. Savarese to Vannak Pech, $560,000


34 Bradford Loop: 34 Bradford Loop LLC to Allison and Ross Meenan, $430,000

55 North St: Kingston FT and Charles M. Kingston to Sherry A. and Steven J. Tomey, $450,000


32 Benjamin St: Dena R. and Stephen M. Dehullu to Laura O. and Steven W. Brown, $675,000

11 Evergreen Ln: Early Camille Est and Nina Delfavero to Alfred L. and Paula L. Sordillo, $712,140


29 Atlanta St: Aaron M. Lemire to Josue Berberena and Shirley D. Mejia, $335,000

1116 Boston Rd Unit 1116: Carolyn Fu to Michelle C. and Norman C. Gould, $346,000

531 Boxford Rd: Richard A. Capano to Canute and Karen Kahn, $475,000

49 Cogswell Ave: Rana Cohen and Brandon Lamphear to Chunyu L. and Patrick B. Wyeth, $458,000

20 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 20: Deborah A. Duval to Michele Nevola, $340,000

156 E Coral St: Robert G. Bodwell to Brenna and Joshua Lundrigan, $345,000

35 Eastern Ave: Carrie B. Vosburgh to Proprietors Of Linwood, $325,000

128 Forest St Unit 128: Mercury Terrace RT and Quintin L. Tigs to Julie M. and Ronald Plourde, $245,000

21 Haley Rd: Cassandra Doyle-Cunha to Anna and Leonel Silva, $442,000

32 Haverhill St Unit 32: Kristen E. Mansell-Ciulla and Thomas A. Ciulla to Daniel C. Burrows and Erin R. Doherty, $311,000

160 Main St Unit 5: RB Asset Management LLC to Emmaus Holdings Inc, $66,500

160 Main St Unit 6: Apollo Design Services to Emmaus Holdings Inc, $37,000

811-813 Main St: Miosotty Baez and Richard DeJesus to Roberto Lantigua and Mirna G. Rosaria, $369,000

13 Mitchell Barrett Ln: Pereira FT and Helena D. Pereira to Daniel P. Iacone, $558,000

57-59 Moore St: Jose D. Palau to Alex and Jane Rapoport, $429,900

58 Mount Dustin Ave: Crystal E. and Daniel T. Chabot to Craig Gallagher, $320,000

4 Observatory Ave: Kara RT and Krista M. Blum to Johnny J. Rodriguez, $275,000

8 Oliver St Unit J: Karen A. Cleary to Ciji T. Ricker, $220,000

56 Orchard Hill Rd: David Y. Katz to Johanlet Medrano, $499,000

17 Scotland Heights Rd: Michael Roof to Claudia Montan, $415,000


45 Avon St: Christian Methodist Church to Lifeline Baptist Church, $450,000

22-24 Bailey St: Ana L. Veras and Luis H. Suarez to Aurelia M. Bernabel, $525,000

9 Boston St: Geraldine E. Jemlich to Ariel LLC, $395,000

2-4 Chester St: David Jukins to Sarah U. Delarosa and Francisco A. Espinosa, $425,000

26-28 Crosby St: Carmen Herrera to Ricky V. Gonzalez, $405,000

83 Farley St: Lisandro Dejesus to Rodolfo Dejesus, $145,000

51 Hamlet St: Michael C. Fortin to Ana L. Veras and Luis H. Suarez, $299,900

40-42 Holly St: Robert&Joann Conrad FT and Robert J. Conrad to BMI Real Estate LLC, $115,000

314-316 Lawrence St: Angel A. and Floralba M. Garcia to Sobeyda Fermin, $480,000

130 Newton St: Richard J Barrett RET and Richard J. Barrett to Michel Pelletier, $75,000

45 Oakwood Ave: Ariel LLC to Gerson Almonte and Marina L. DeAlmonte, $458,000

63 S Bowdoin St: Agripino Caba to Arelis Caba, $282,000

79-81 Thornton St: Richard J Barrett RET and Richard J. Barrett to Michel Pelletier, $200,000

4 Westwood Ter: Kim J. Wright to Leoncio Reyes and Welmiss N. Mendez, $388,000


24-26 Barker St: 24-26 Barker St Inc to Joanna Nunez, $425,000

25-1/2 High St: AMW NT and Andrew J. Woronka to Donald R. Campbell, $475,000

2 Spencer St: Matthew and Nicole E. Conrad to Justin Taveras, $310,000

9 Valley View Way: Sweeney LT and Kevin G. Sweeney to Rita D. Wells and Randall W. Miselis, $675,000


5 Bacon Ave: John F. Delaney to Richard Fantasia and Pia Amicone, $520,000

168 Campbell Rd: Benton INT and Susan B. Samoriski to Aleksandr Y. and Viktoriya I. Yasonik, $530,000

48 Compass Pt Unit 48: Chris and Lisa Louth to James F. and Kristina Silva, $464,900

25 Fernview Ave Unit 8: Lindsay Foy to Nicole M. Cronin, $184,000

119 Martin Ave: James B. and Carina S. Logue to John F. and Kristen L. Delaney, $600,000

64 Stanton Way: Stephen J. and Diane M. Pessinis to Kwesi T. and Jamie Moody, $735,000


20 Little Meadow Way: CJM Builders Inc to Tyler and Andrea Rhodes, $1,167,000

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5209: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Janet M. Langley, $398,201

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5102: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Letha A. Allen, $365,715

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5112: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Henry and Frances Graczyk, $351,990

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5109: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Beverly A. Roche, $348,180

1 Rodgers Cir: Amy Tobin to Nicholas J. Masse, $470,000

28 Winter St: Lillian F. Gunning to Frederick M Shaw&Sons LLP, $315,000

8 Wood St: Gerald X. Gerrior to Philip M. Bean and Donna Baptista-Bean, $25,000

12 Wood St: Gerald X. Gerrior to Philip M. Bean and Donna Baptista-Bean, $25,000


7 11th St W: Margaret A. Hurley to Marianne Brown and Catherine A. Duff, $353,000

57 Beach Rd: Jennifer and Michael Hart to Bradford Gillis-Berlied and Selena A. Berlied, $400,000

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