81 Argilla Rd: Timothy W. and Janis A. Wright to Don B. Elrod and Asha Nadipuram, $610,000

5 Arundel St: Kathleen E. Carr to Matthew and Nora Johnston, $495,000

2 Bannister Rd: Pauline B. and Robert S. Hamilton to Richard P. and Katie L. Carr, $555,000

300 Brookside Dr Unit F: Muzaffer and Carin M. Yasli to Michael Lee and Angela Moon, $350,000

25 Brundrett Ave: Karen A. Robidoux to Barry and Theresa J. Mcquade, $500,000

3 Hackney Cir: Kristen E. Mcmahon to Adryen Oliveira, $632,000

36 High St: Barbara M. Kiley to Chelsea S. Mencio, $650,000

6 Longwood Dr Unit 7: Edward M. and Erin K. Stewart to Hallie and Laura Malitsky, $265,000

56 Lucerne Dr: Cathryn M. Crowe to Emily A. and Joel W. Keefe, $500,000

275 N Main St: Stephen and Gina Elbeery to Paul J. and Aubrey L. Ebbighausen, $685,000

2 Noel Rd: Cattle Crossing LLC to Xuejing Liang and Nan Zhang, $755,000

8 Seminole Cir: Joseph B. and Elizabeth B. Bardetti to Jason and Linda Deeken, $850,000

5 Stinson Rd: James J Wiseman Sup Nds T and Charles F. Wiseman to Gregory J. and Jacqueline B. Stimpson, $639,500

18 Summer St Unit 4: Cressey Richard M Est and Carolyn Cressey-Raber to Trevor Moore, $624,900

8 Sunset Rock Rd: Cornelia Lemaitre to Nan Shen and Pengyu Hong, $770,000

40 Washington Park Dr Unit 10: Washington Park RT and Ann M. Pozerycki to Sam Daher, $200,000

50 Washington Park Dr Unit 9: EM&SN Medeiros 2015 T and Sheila N. Medeiros to Thomas R. and Judith K. Hudkins, $200,000


39 Forest Ln: Christine C. Lang to Erica M. and Jared R. Lachance, $825,000

74 Herrick Rd: Cynthia A. and Paul L. Levasseur to Amanda J. and Kenneth A. Lamantia, $670,000

182 Washington St: Everbank to Pedro C. Desouza, $324,900


67 Allen St: Thomas A. and Sheryl A. Roy to Geoffrey Blanchette, $365,000

151 B St: Michael Griffin and Nancy Howe to Elias M. Mbogo and Sarah W. Ngugi, $334,000

209 Brook St: Carlton Shover and Constance Dzvene-Shover to Sandra B. Quiros and Luz Velez, $326,000

275 Donohue Rd Unit 9: Linda Monroe to William T. and Ryan Conlon, $255,000

87 Faith Ave: Karen E. Morgan to Jeffrey A. Roy and Amanda E. George, $305,000

31 Fox Hill Ln Unit 31: Topnotch Homes LLC to Raymond C. and Ann M. Seitsinger, $449,900

17 Foxhill Ln Unit 17: Topnotch Homes LLC to Vanessa A. Foley, $479,900

67 Hidden Rd: Marcia H. Marques and R Deoliveria-Marques to Gabriel V. Vieira-Martins, $450,000

502 Hildreth St: Brian D. Emero and Wilmington T NA to Wilmington T NA, $300,960

59 Jackson Ave: Patricia A. and Thomas C. Greenhalge to Michael J. and Edward J. Zerofski, $230,000

39 Lantern Ln Unit 5: Teresa V. Atwood to Uwaifo M. Asemota, $165,000

1083 Mammoth Rd: Glenn M. Gayton to Joseph D. Thomas, $285,000

74 Marsh Hill Rd: 94 LLC to Fox Run 2 LLC, $91,700

84 Marsh Hill Rd: 91 LLC to Fox Run 2 LLC, $91,700

94 Marsh Hill Rd: Draco Homes LLC to Fox Run 2 LLC, $91,700

100 Merrimack Ave Unit 80: David T. Niemaszyk to John J. and Laura J. Blangeard, $231,000

83 Montaup Ave: Dorathea Gness FT and Dorathea Gness to Marie S. and Kevin J. Fidrych, $320,000

28 Old Pasture Rd: Fox Run 2 LLC to Dongming Xie and Minzhi Yan, $545,000

100 Pemberton St Unit 17: Christopher M. Hamilton to Frank C. Deangelo, $100,000

526 Pleasant St: Bossiegilis Enterprises to Elaine T. Tonks and Paul L. Garneau, $360,000

668 Robbins Ave Unit 4: Michael J. and Beverly V. Bevens to Eric and Kelly Kerr, $50,000

35 School St Unit 15: Donna L. Houston to Nada Tema Realty LLC, $155,000

25 Shea St Unit 9: John L Laird IRT and Mary Moloney to Curtis Webster, $200,000

40 Surrey Ln: John F. Gargiulo and US Bank NA to US Bank NA Tr, $745,482

36 Tobey Rd Unit 34: Margaret M. Langlois to Kelly Lichtenberg and Lorraine Marino, $225,000


91 Lakeshore Dr: RLA Development LLC to Peter M. and Suzanne M. Lojko, $447,500


23 Pinewood Ln: 23 Pinewood Lane RT and Christopher G. Charron to Courtney A. Branscomb and Cody R. Potter, $440,000


8 11th Ave: Charles J. and Kathleen J. Moynihan to Andy P. Reynoso, $370,000

4 19th Ave: Robert F. Malynn to Nicholas A. Lapointe, $282,200

8-10 5th Ave: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to 8-10 5th Avenue LLC, $210,000

37 5th Ave: Dayle G. Taylor to Thu M. Pham, $188,500

253 Amesbury Rd: Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr to Gil and Jane A. Lawson, $245,000

847 Amesbury Rd: Charles Hall and Caroline J. Matterson to Scott Greene and Daniella Bardburn, $365,000

31-33 Ashland St Unit 5: David Sciuto to Daniel R. Diodati, $145,000

88 Bateman St Unit 88: Michelle R. Croteau and Todd A. Smith to Krista M. Nowlan, $249,900

113 Bradley Ave: Anthony E. Layman to Katia S. Tavaresmiranda, $440,000

204 Broadway: FNMA to Bernard Waigi, $212,000

11 Carleton Ave: Kyle FT LLC to Cassandra L. Murray and Melissa M. Nurray, $325,000

8 Carrington Way Unit 8: Lisa A. Michel to Andrea M. Gobbi and Elijah M. Heckstall, $314,900

84 Casablanca Ct Unit 84: Keri M. Cocozza to Peter Gangi, $206,000

35 Chestnut St Unit 35: Dimitrios Nikitas to K M. Rodriguez-Dejimenez and Antonio B. Jimenez, $230,000

42 Christian Cir: Settlemoir LLC to Brandon J. and Lusine K. Fox, $350,000

77 Cross Rd Unit 77: RKACO LLC to Nermeen Shaker and Sami Girgis, $309,900

5 Emma Rose Cir: JR Builders Inc to David L. Greelish and Scott H. Greene, $524,900

420 Hilldale Ave: Clair E. and Claire T. Brunault to Daniel and Jamie Dupuis, $207,000

114 Kenoza Ave: 114 Jenoza Avenue T and William J. Barron to Diverse Real Estate LLC, $367,500

227 Kenoza St: RLKJ LT and Jane Langlais to Deanna and Kevin P. Fetty, $465,000

1 Lakewood Ter: Linda E. Schena to William E. and Nancy J. Drapeau, $366,000

6 Littlefield Ct Unit 6: Bevelaqua Peter B Est and Anne S. Bevelaqua to Loriann Gangi, $265,000

526 Main St: Deanna Fetty to Danielle M. Bouchard, $354,900

7 Maple Ave: Danlin Group LLC to Haverhill Group LLC, $511,700

9 Mechanic St: Andrea M. Gobbi to John R. and Roberta J. Spencer, $282,000

28 New St: James W. Wrenn to Snow Cassell LLC, $191,000

220 North Ave: Theresa L. Brown to Kishan O. Joseph, $215,000

440 North Ave Unit 122: Joseph Jarro and Carmen Tiburcio to Patrick J. Horrigan, $142,000

98 Old Ferry Rd: Nina G. Esile to Gina Digiovanni, $311,500

19 Orchard Ave Unit J: Natasha Clark and Derrcik Eaton to Christine and Mark Mazzaglia, $162,000

7 Oxford Ave Unit 7: Melissa M. Mitchell and Cassandra L. Murray to Andrew T. Austin, $256,000

5 Patricia Ann Dr: Jacqueline Cabrera to Eamonn Bradley, $491,000

12 Scotland Heights Rd: Ellyn E. and Scott K. Sayers to Kaileigh and Marshall R. Daniels, $385,000

2 Towne Hill Rd: Lynda M. and Richard P. Roper to Dale A. Everitt and Gisela Rosardo, $615,000

11 Trumbull Ave: Admanfred LLC to Andres and Cortney Perez, $319,900

34 Upland Ave: Matthew A. Bradley to Rachele L. Gray and Uan F. Lounsberry, $319,900

43 Varnum St Unit 43: Belkis T. Polanco to Alonso Bonifacio, $154,963

645 W Lowell Ave Unit 16: Edward J. Arsenault and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to S3 Realty LLC, $102,000

645 W Lowell Ave Unit 7: Sean P. Ratcliffe to Mary L. Parisella, $138,000

70 Washington St Unit 207: Haverhill RT and Pasquale Franchi to Jitendra A. and Kalpana J. Patel, $249,900

341 Washington St: Charles Hope Co LLP to Haverhill Development LLC, $55,000

109 Westchester Dr Unit 109: Alan&Fredlyn Gaynor IRT and Robert Gaynor to Velten FT and Ann M. Velten, $313,000

35 Whittier St: Lisa J. Nadeau and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $250,000

195 Willow Ave: Jonathan Baker and Nirian Moser to Jadihel and Kelly Taveras, $460,000

12 Woodland Park Dr Unit 12: Levna NT and David Pevna to Kathleen A. Marble, $385,000


43 Adams St: Neal Crochetiere to Rency J. Taveras-Hicha, $290,000

81-83 Bailey St: William Tejada to Delinois Marc, $476,200

245-247 Bailey St: BRBS Properties LLC to Stephen Philipov and Todor Ialamov, $415,000

215-219 Boxford St: Thu Troung 2013 T and Sui V. Thu to Elvis F. Pierrot-Lara, $450,000

472 Hampshire St: Emelania Guitierrez to Rael Ortiz and Tomasa Ordonez, $359,900

21-23 Hilltop Ave: Edmund B. Lozowski to Esquirino Garcia, $200,000

20 Knox St Unit 27: US Bank NA Tr to Cedar Best Construction, $87,650

78-80 Lexington St: Jose M. and Eugenia Cruz to Ramona Salcedo, $490,000

8 Nelson St: William M. Kelliher to RJJM LLC, $115,000

12 Nelson St: AG&J RT and Wendy Y. Estrella to Belgris Martinez and Zachary Lizardo, $407,000

199 Newbury St: Annette Adames to Jose F. Almonte and Berkis M. Fabian-Polanco, $316,000

1 Perry Ave Unit 1: EBM Properties LLC to Roberto Reyes, $167,000

41 Pleasant St: Daher Group Inc to Alberto Espinal and Ruth E. Nolberto, $140,000

31 S Bowdoin St: Scott D. Apitz and Ditech Financial LLC to Chloe LLC, $180,000

91-93 Saratoga St: Gregorio Ortega to Maria A. Garcia and Johanny Javier, $434,000

25 South St: Marisol Ayala and US Bank NA to Chloe LLC, $158,000

91-93 Trenton St: German P. Lembert and Ana Delia-Lembert to Jose N. Grullon and Johanny D. Mendoza-Cruz, $420,000

12-12a Wendell St: Pedro F. Martinez-Tapia and Kelvin Nunez-Martinez to M F. Martinez-Calderon and Miosotis Del Carmen-Olivo, $424,000


22-a Adelaide Ave Unit 22a: Sean M. Murray and Michelle L. Finn to Hector Fabian and Nancy D. Silverio-Defabian, $200,000

19 Albion St: Johanne Frias to Rosena Mompremier and Jean Wantergus, $459,000

6 Anderson Dr: Joseph R. and Linda M. Ratte to Virgilio Velez, $413,000

5 Canobieola Rd: Theresa J. Delmonaco to 5 Canobieola RT and Christopher B. Cronin, $222,000

97 Currier St: Francis L. Murray to Jessica E. Stella and Michael J. Camuso, $220,000

4 Dewey St: Erik D. and Lauren S. Carratu to Salvator and Jessica Baio, $335,000

5 Dundee Ave: Tae H. and Kyung J. Cho to Iryna and Tadevush Batsevich, $410,000

9 Duston Dr: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Claudia Coronado, $294,500

3 Erhardt Ter: Cedar Real Estate Corp to Jonathan and Teresa Mailloux, $368,000

24 Golf Ave: Steven D. Rabito and Pacific Union Financial to Pacific Union Financial, $184,500

23 Hampshire Rd Unit 114: Maryellen Mcleod to EK LLC, $183,500

4 Hampstead St: OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC and US Bank NA Tr to James A. and Ellen M. Fitzgerald, $252,000

52 High St Unit 20: David G. Campanile to Siddharth Gehlot, $110,000

27 Laurel Ave: David B. Donovan to Orlando Torres-Ortiz, $265,000

58 Lyndale Ave: Peter and Loriann M. Gangi to Jennifer R. Haskell and Faithe E. Toomy, $412,000

3 Maplewood Ave Unit 3: Carmen Frias-Interrante and Gaspar J. Interrante to Mary M. Trainor, $260,000

30 Marjorie St: Hales Landing LLC to Maria Soares and Sarath Men, $494,900

411 Merrimack St Unit 1: New England Annual Confer to H&H Properties LLC, $570,000

8 Moison Ave: US Bank NA Tr to Bernardo Pena, $241,500

140 Oakland Ave: Daniel and Amy P. Magee to Jason Renda, $297,750

22 Perley St: Steve L. Lacroix and Wilmington T NA to Diplomat Property Manager, $333,000

52 Pine Tree Dr Unit 52: Toll MA 4 LLC to William E. and Mary E. Crosby, $668,019

194 Pleasant Valley St: Leonard and Brenda Dalberti to Stephany and Elizabeth Delacruz, $375,000

51 Reservoir St: Freckle International LLC to Carlos R. Castanaza, $235,000

1 Riverview Blvd Unit 6-201: Jodie Furey to Rachel A. Ling, $240,000

23 Stillwater Rd: Cynthia and Marshall Barchard to Vanessa and Fauster C. Boursiquot, $329,900

4 Tyler St: Barbara A. French to Oswalda Martinez, $396,000

16 Tyler St: Samuel B. and Mary E. Kalil to Saint Christopher Props, $215,000

147 Tyler St: Barbara A. and Mitchell P. Jacoby to Andrew M. Hepner, $389,000

45 Washington St Unit 59: Raymond W. and Theresa M. Moughalian to Ryan M. Beirne, $269,900


17 Andrew Cir: Pauline C. Dion to Saigayan Kugabalasooriar, $260,000

50 Avery Park Dr: Kevin M. and Kristine E. Lash to Kevin M. and Melanie M. Foley, $885,000

221 Blue Ridge Rd: Sandra E. and James P. Protopapas to William J. and Kimberly D. Mcnamara, $795,000

109 Blueberry Hill Ln: Thomas A. and Karen H. Trowbridge to Kathleen Carr, $730,000

16 Compass Pt Unit N1: Berry 114 Co LLC to Arun Kumar-Gupta and Mamta Gupta, $521,740

105 Farrwood Ave Unit 9: Ryan M. and Caitlin R. Piskadlo to Margaret N. Mchale, $200,000

6 Fernview Ave Unit 8: Daniel and Maranda L. White to Robert Palmisano, $151,900

30 Fernview Ave Unit 6: Jayson R. Martin to Dean J. Carrozza, $225,000

67 Fernview Ave Unit 4: Katie Leclerc to Vivekanand Patel, $210,000

66 Herrick Rd: Robert and Tracy Keen to Mark and Kelly Davis, $522,500

365 Massachusetts Ave: Earley IRT and George M. Earley to Karen L. and Robert C. Carberry, $383,000

279-281 Osgood St: Giles M. and Laurie B. Macdonald to Ralph and Antonietta Devito, $475,300

125 Palomino Dr: Thomas T. Dang and Chon T. Lo to Thomas Hart and Adrea N. Hunter-Hart, $667,000

11 Rosedale Ave: Joseph L. Pacios and Vickie A. Gallant-Pacios to Mohamed Douffir and Wissal Nouchrif, $640,000

1099 Salem St: RDM 1099 Salem Street LLC to Sukru and Ozlem A. Uluoglu, $820,000

9 Turtle Ln: William M. and Grace H. Durfee to Jeffrey F. and Amanda M. Zolla, $610,000

197 Vest Way: Kevin M. and Melanie M. Foley to Michelle L. VonHandorf, $725,000

1 Walker Rd Unit 6: Paul J. Morton to Eden Realty Group LLC, $185,000

221 Webster Woods Ln: Vibhash M. and Jagruti V. Desai to Shahriar and Elizabeth Ghandchi, $899,500

26 Woodbury Ln: Kettinger FT and Cheryl L. Kettinger to Joel O. Hanley and Kate R. Farnham, $487,000


3 James Millen Rd: Salvatore and Kathleen E. Onorato to Kyle D. and Erica L. Bradshaw, $965,000

13 Kingston St: US Bank NA Tr to Angelo and Lucio Perrina, $305,000

5 Mashie Way Unit 5: Meghan Callahan to Dennis J. and Tracey M. Frazier, $434,000

51 Mount Vernon St: Scott Vardinski and US Bank NA to US Bank NA Tr, $325,000

2 Scotland Hts: Edward X. Desousa and Sabina Barresi to Edward X. Desousa, $116,134


131 Atlantic Ave Unit 5: Lauren Kane and Theresa D. Kirrane to Katherine J. and Michael J. Delaney, $210,000

233 Beach Rd Unit C2: 233 Beach Road LLC to David Albertini and Aline A. Zorian, $459,900

30 Jak Len Dr: Jean M. Donovan to Brian and Patricia L. Fallon, $260,000