1 Aspen Cir: Mohamed W. Abdallah to Joseph N. and Amy E. Shirley, $715,000

22 Avery Ln: Antonio and Daniela Catricala to Steven and Amy Spencer, $885,000

15 Chestnut St: J&M Chestnut Street LLC to Mermaid Solutions Ent LLC, $877,500

69 Corbett St: Francis Morey and Suzanne Sharpe to Patricia Robitaille, $300,000

18 Dale St Unit 2f: Zhihong Gao and Qing Zhao to Manyao Yi and Zejing Xu, $440,000

11 Farrwood Dr: Elizabeth Billings FT and Elizabeth A. Billings to Tatiana Scott, $698,000

221 Lowell St Unit 2: Ronny Lizardo to James A. Pesaturo and Ivette Lourdes-Guzman, $240,000

48 Main St: Arco Properties LLC to Selbern Realty LLC, $2,600,000

18 Morton St: Paul J. and Susan M. Macinnis to Gail L. Ralston, $585,000

22 Oriole Dr: James and Noelle J. Statires to George A. and Shirley A. Mathew, $1,180,000

4 Penni Ln: Matthew R. and Catherine A. Mazzuchi to Yanyan Guo and Jin Qiu, $859,000

5 Porter Rd Unit 106: Heidi Duskey to Mark Burton and Karen Bramante, $235,560

166 Shawsheen Rd: Vincent J. and Joseph P. Santarlasci to Alexander J. Bourque and Allison T. Lex, $449,900

2 Waverly Dr: Paul and Barbara L. Nicholson to Justin and Erin Throwe, $617,000

12 Willard Cir: Warren F. Fitzgerald to Jason D. and Olivia Clark, $849,900


137 Bare Hill Rd: Home Repair Service LLC to Michael Perez and Linzy Startzell, $560,000

14 Bennett Rd: Janelle and Layne Jackson to Christopher R. and Stacey L. Palovich, $815,000

99 Herrick Rd: Daniel M. and Violet M. Caron to Daniel P. and Veronica Clemens, $695,000

130 Middleton Rd: Miriam Domer to Abigail and Charles Downing, $424,900

273 Washington St: Eric and Jessica Gooch to John Kirk, $465,000


366 4th Ave: Paul V. Karpinski to Noah Jackson, $329,900

95 Arlington Ave: Elizabeth C. Nutile and John C. Daigle to Julio C. Vilela, $275,000

14 Dallas Dr Unit 105: Christopher R. Jarvis to Alison Legault, $245,000

14 Dallas Dr Unit 108: Joseph R. and Gail M. Vachon to Jackie H. Brace, $210,000

13 Denby Ave: Gary W. and Catherine M. Wood to Kodzo Emlo and Ablavi Houngbedji, $400,000

100 Merrimack Ave Unit 115: Fernando and Vera L. Costa to Karen Baxter, $235,000

137 Nottingham Rd: Steven Peck to Salois FT and Gerald P. Salois, $400,000

156 Old Rd: Justin R. Valdes to Joanne Silva, $255,000

177 Saw Mill Dr: Hartnagle Judith E Est and Frederick R. Nelson to Jason and Brenda Finch, $399,000

7 Sesame St: James M. and Brenda M. Oneil to Andrew Ottman, $415,000

124 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 8: You-Pan Tzeng to Shannon M. Tzeng and Susan S. Han, $221,500

9 Winterhill Dr: Robinson FT and Kristen A. Locke to Christopher and Kelly Jackson, $455,000


1 Grapevine Cir: Arthur R. Osborn to Loriann and Matthew D. Kasberg, $725,000

193 Jewett St: Alicia-Fe Belisle to Georgette and Michael Dichicco, $495,000

568 North St: Emily C. Sweet and Weylin Symes to Tabor Lockwood-Degroot and Forreste E. Lombard, $450,000

109 Thurlow St: Gail E. Hedberg to Thurlow Street Realty LLC, $225,000

111 Thurlow St: Jeffrey T. and Nicole R. Johnson to Gail E. Hedberg, $12,000


62 7 Star Rd: Michael Crowe to Christen and Gregory Grugnale, $659,900


18 6th Ave: Camilo Severino and Aracelis Sifres to Maritza and Rafael Nina, $398,000

8 Bicknell Cir Unit 8: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Robynlynn A. Harwood, $387,500

20 Burnham St: Dianna M. and Sarah J. Crone to Elvin Vasquez, $292,000

Crystal St: Carroll B. Gustafson to Angela and Tony Sarkis, $290,000

Crystal St Lot 26b: Carroll B. Gustafson to Angela and Tony Sarkis, $290,000

60 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 60: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Carlos A. and Krystle Concepcion, $345,000

74 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 74: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Jonathan Comeau and Sarah J. Zanellis, $344,900

23 Howard St: Manuel Infante and Annie E. Lopez to Gabriel J. Garcia, $185,000

52 Howard St: 52-56 Howard Street RT and Frederick G. Habeeb to 52 Howard LLC, $550,000

88 Howard St: 88 Howard Street RT and Frederick G. Habeeb to 88 Howard LLC, $650,000

1 Hunters Rd Unit 1: Emily M. Magri to Christopher M. and Deanna M. Paolucci, $239,900

100 Hunters Rd: Nancy A. Carlson and Rody Carmichel to Daniel and Mary E. Doucette, $215,000

322 Kenoza Ave: Barbara Sheahan to Alexa M. and Joseph A. Cefalo, $375,000

631 Kenoza St: Rkaco LLC to Erin M. and Jonathan D. Wlodyka, $579,900

1008 Main St: Karen J. Kravits to Mia K. Cloonan, $379,900

142 Morgan Dr Unit 142: Nicole J. Borowski to Francis Abram, $227,000

30 N Broadway: Angel Tricoche to Yudelka Soto and Wilkins A. Reyes, $410,000

18 Observatory Ave: Roberto Lantigua to Elsa N. Espinal and Starlin Monero, $455,000

26 Peoples Pl: Erin and Justin Throwe to Jeffrey and Nicole Landry, $360,000

705 River St Unit 705: James M. Ferrick to Ashley and Michael Ferrick, $210,000

18, 20, 21 and 28 S Central St: Nelson D Blinn RET and Nelson D. Blinn to JJ Mccarthy LLC, $500,000

18, 20, 21 and 28 S Central St: Coppola John F Est and John F. Coppola to JJ Mccarthy LLC, $500,000

389 Salem St Unit 389: Jessica L. Frasca to Platinum Real Estate LLC, $272,000

68 Snow Rd: Brian and Frances Dilks to Lynda and Stephen Buffat, $580,000

9-1/2 Solitaire Dr: Harold Lahey and Wells Fargo Bank NA to Joseph G. Levis, $296,000

574 W Lowell Ave: April M. Chambers to Larry E. Chambers, $80,000

635 W Lowell Ave Unit 13: Andrew Sawyer to Emma J. Echavarria and Williw Olsen, $125,500

47 Wainwright Ave: Heather R. and Larry A. Gaither to Glenn A. and Shari L. Mcmains, $409,900

6 Wedgewood Dr: Mark and Maureen F. Tuttavilla to Erin M. and Robert C. Woitkowski, $510,000

39 Woodland Park Dr Unit 39: Stephanie M. Gauthier to Carroll 2017 T and Jill M. Carroll, $285,000


80-82 Abbott St: Essex Management&Realty to Javier Osoria-Aquino, $475,000

61 Clifton St: Cynthia Santiago to Tucker Cook and Allysha Roth, $296,500

65-67 Congress St: Juana A. Rodriguez to Winston G. DelOrbe, $446,000

3 Danforth St: Mark and Betsy Wladkowski to Michael J. Mercado, $393,000

7 Martha Ln: James B. and Robyn M. Whalen to Erika Ruiz-Merlos, $330,000

137-139 Myrtle St: Primrose RT and Audley H. Jones to Eneury Paredes, $360,000

16 Osgood St: Esty RET and Cheryle Zurwell to Luis D. Diaz, $325,000

312 Water St Unit 25: James W. Ruff to Jessica F. King-Green, $131,000


33 Adelaide Ave: Podroubnyi O. Vladimirovic to Charles Washington and Lucy W. Ndungu, $389,000

116 Brook St: Joseph D. and Meghan Chickos to Oscar Mwawu and Thandiwe Tembo, $430,000

36-38 Delmont St: Charbel G. Maroun to Hector S. Dilone and Yesika D. Cruz, $429,900

32 Eastbrook Pl: Leonard Foley and MTGLQ Investors LP to Andrew W. Tchate-Ndeugoue, $290,000

148 Edgewood Ave Unit 148: William Blunt to David Leahy, $267,000

14 Erhardt Ter: Andrew E. Nicholson and Liane E. Allen to Jean Rivera, $395,000

23 Hampshire Rd Unit 115: Vincent F. and Patricia M. Smarrella to Kimberly and Nicole Lucia, $260,000

11 Herrick Dr Unit 11: Walter J. and Darlene M. Babcock to Agatha Aiello, $470,000

58 Hidden Rd: John M. and Catherine J. Dessinger to Stacey and Steve Dupuis, $372,000

5 Highwoods Dr: Steven J. and Deborah M. Aleksa to Thomas M. Morgan, $611,000

203 Jackson St: Panarello FT and Karen I. Rapaglia to Sambo Mean, $333,000

17 Kimball Rd: Janice L Jundanian LT and Richard H. Jundanian to Renny S. Carroll, $520,000

3 Lancaster Rd: Todd D. and Michelle M. Polanowicz to Anthony Brooks, $420,000

7 Lavoie Ave: Benjamin A. Melo and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $235,000

54 Lincoln St: Thomas and Donna Jankowski to Reinaldo Brito, $365,000

45 Oak St: Dianna J. Lafland and Karen Dellicolli to Michelle Bertrand, $292,236

10 Overlook Dr: Morissette FT 2018 and Garry G. Morissette to Catherine J. Dessinger and John M. Dessigner, $500,000

76 Riverdale St: Mark A. Ventre to Ricardo and Lidiane Basilio, $595,000

1 Riverview Blvd Unit 5-204: Rachel J. Frechette to George J. and Barbara R. Desiderio, $269,900

100-102 Tenney St: Catherine A. Ball to Julio A. Metz-Chevalier and Cruz DeJesusMetz-Tejada, $320,000

105 Tyler St: Aiello 2015 T and Agatha Aiello to Milton R. Aparicio, $465,000

93 Weybossett St Unit 93: Tessa M. Holden to Erin A. Romano, $285,000

95 Woodburn Dr: Joanne M Boone RET and Lisa Centrella to Ana C. Costa, $440,000


234 Bridges Ln: Paul J. and Lorraine A. Mcgovern to Jayson and Theresa Desrochers, $824,900

36 Bunkerhill St Unit 36: Scott R. Flores to James M. Xenakis, $203,800

1 Clarendon St: Frank P. Peluso to Sorhaya Zamor, $492,000

10 Concord St Unit 10: Alyssa C. Hemmerich to Kevin F. Williams and Amira Alemu, $390,000

72 Farrwood Ave Unit 4: Li Z. Huang and Kayue Wong to Christopher R. and Lynn M. Beatrice, $205,000

4 Harvest Dr Unit 108: Kittles Charles W Est and Charles M. Kittles to Michelle C. Rios, $140,000

57 Marblehead St: Derek Bernat to Justin M. and Amy Fucile, $499,900

5 Village Green Dr Unit 5: Allan and Kimberly Segal to Michael A. Furbush, $242,000

12 Village Green Dr Unit 12: Dhiren Bhatia to Aksana Y. Sorokina, $259,900


3 Greenbriar Dr Unit 103: Hudson Mark D Est and Robert P. Hudson to Nicholas Hooper, $136,000

Martins Landing Condo Unit 1312: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Florinda Forlizzi, $520,000

10 Memory Ln: Christopher and Allison Nimer to Anthony D. and Luresa M. Provanzano, $980,000

27 Northridge Dr Unit 27: Suzanne G Hughes FT and Suzanne G. Hughes to Robert Blatchford, $378,000

14 Sherman Rd: Kristen C. Ward to Sherman Road 14 LLC, $270,000


3 Allen Dr: James A Bailey FT and Melissa A. Jackson to Kristen A. Bertrand and Darryl Eubanks, $359,000

20 Cable Ave Unit 16: Patricia A. Casey to Deborah Randazzo, $259,900

8 Linda Ln: Robert and Mary A. Curtin to Ricardo A. Medina and Garbriela M. Vergara-Reyes, $625,000

12 Partridge Ln Unit A: Evan J. Macksoud to William J. Murphy, $335,000

5 Quail Cir Unit B: Courtney M. Wilson to Kathleen Kallama, $176,000

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