21 Abbot Bridge Dr: William L. and Elaine M. Trepicchio to Jeff M. and Jennifer Buono, $699,000

21 Algonquin Ave: William F. and Margaret E. Green to Eric M. Graff and Kelly R. Champagne, $849,900

14 Apache Ave: Jeremy and Nadia Barsamian to Sudhir and Rekha Murthy, $950,000

84 Bailey Rd: David Prater and Cynthia J. Bogatka to Nicholas and Meghan Burke, $720,000

10 Bannister Rd: Jeffrey M. Buono to Blake W. and Heidi K. Helveston, $645,000

8 Beacon St: Jeff and Andrea Korzon to Wanting Zhang and Dong Wei, $610,000

4 Beech Cir: Tracy L. Patane to Krzysztof M. Nowak, $450,000

12 Buttonwood Dr: Andrea L Carlin T 2013 and Andrea L. Carlin to Patrick R. and Courtney A. Barker, $1,425,000

19 Canterbury St: Philip J. and Elizabeth M. Derendorf to Bryan M. and Kara B. Cedorchuk, $575,000

6 Carter Ln: Joseph F. and C Della Sweeney to Manjot and Shonika Deol, $1,082,500

204 Chandler Rd: Bruce L. and Maureen A. Belbin to Janet R. Whelan, $520,000

16 Clark Rd: Eljo L. Harper-Lawrence and Clifford Lawrence to Steven Garten, $345,000

1 Colonial Dr Unit 6d: Frank J. Caci to Antoinette Arguso, $89,000

25 Crenshaw Ln Unit 2: CA INT and Yvon Cormier to Gerri B. and Jeff A. Weiss, $1,225,000

39 Crenshaw Ln Unit 39: CA INT and Yvon Cormier to Darlene F. Pellegrini, $1,225,000

9 Dairy Ln: James and Patricia Gillette to Benson Omoregbe and Anita Lot, $690,000

99 Elm St: Michael C. and Stacy H. Gillis to Evan and Jaime Dasilva, $746,500

151 Elm St: Thomas R. and Judith K. Hudkins to Reid C. Mccarthy and Gabriela A. Hernandez, $490,000

7 Endicott Rd: Mark F. and Amy Ranalli to Patcha LLC, $1,250,000

20 Enmore St: Daniel and Amanda Grzywacz to Mark and Caitlin Kudlate, $550,000

2 Garfield Ln E: Nicholas and Diane Pramas to Travis and Kristy Baker, $785,000

4 Glenmeadow Rd: Gerhard F. and Silke Schneiders to Sridhar Kadambala and Tapasya Srivastava, $1,210,000

7 Harper Cir: Michael R. and Jessica V. Digiorgio to Michael J. Mcguinn and Megan Tuttle-Mcguinn, $1,085,000

9 Korinthian Way: Bunker FT and David F. Bunker to Joseph E. and Julie K. Patterson, $495,000

237 N Main St Unit 10: Chunsheng Song and Yuanlin Dong to Kepei Sun and Chonghui Huang, $205,000

9 Phoenix Pl: Bruce H. Gilboard and B M. Panzier-Gilboard to Anjaneya K. and Shivani Singh, $855,000

34 Rutgers Rd: Daniel Rose and Lawrence White to Hung V. Le and Hang Vu, $530,000

1 Seminole Cir: Brett and Amanda D. Macquarrie to James A. and Amanda Smith, $860,000

35 Whittier St: Nancy K Jeton 2006 RET and Nancy K. Jeton to Michael R. and Jessica Digiorgio, $1,125,000

4 Wyncrest Cir: Victoria T. and Ronald A. Sartschev to Kevin E. and Meghan E. Ring, $980,000


11 Depot Rd: Deborah A. Macauley to Karin E Rando 2018 T and Shane M. Keegan, $475,000

88 Georgetown Rd: Hillary and Scott E. Kelley to Margot Nagan, $745,000

245 Main St: Nancy C. Woolford to Megan and Sam Wiebenson, $624,900

96 Middleton Rd: Linda C. Mullins to Alicia A. and David W. Peet, $512,000

14 Morningside Cir: Gina T Dussi T and Gina T. Dussi to Karen A. and Robert J. Corcoran, $860,000

23 Partridge Ln: Martin Murphy and US Bank NA to US Bank NA Tr, $486,000

63 Porter Rd: Michael J. and Martha H. Fisher to Sam Hijleh and Weam Alsarabi, $775,000

7 Sagamore Ln: Allison F. and George N. Georges to Ann R. and Peter Golovchenko, $1,125,500


239 Bouchard Ave: Justin A. Guziejka to Antonio H. and Helena G. Deoliveira, $290,000

1654 Bridge St: Raymond B. and Ruth A. Gendreau to Michael G. Pelletier, $370,000

28 Elizabeth Dr: Freckle International LLC to Leslie B. and Mark Beliveau, $466,000

17 Farm Gate Rd: Brian E. and Amy S. Glavin to Girgis F. Ibrahim and Sarah Sidarous, $545,000

256 Fox Ave: Stalin Cortorreal to Alpha and Saffiatu Barrie, $345,000

51 Frederick St Unit 85: Aldo Crugnola to Cynthia L. and Robert J. Thibeault, $235,000

17 Griggs St: Jonathan F. Parkhurst and Tracy J. Landry to Laura L. Loveless, $300,000

21 Hampson St: Rachel N. Thiru to Ramon and Briseidy Borgos, $420,000

12 Hanson Ln: Alejandro Maturell and Vivian Castanaza to Sebastian Szymanski, $590,000

28 Kilby St Unit 5: Armstrong Dennis E Est and Dennis E. Armstrong to Robert L. Milinazzo, $110,000

31 Lantern Ln Unit 8: 31 Lantern Lane LLC to James Torrice, $142,500

65 Lantern Ln Unit 7: Mindy L. Roman to Paul J. Mckinnon, $170,500

127 Old Rd: Jaret P. Moore to Anh N. Thi-Ho and Thack N. Nguyen, $365,000

6 Pagona Way: Zaana 17 LLC to Alex P. Chalmers and Danane Laleen-Chhor, $581,300

20 Stevens St: James W. Vinal to Gregory Cesar and Cartya Alexandre, $360,000

15 Stuart Ave: Cantin Therese M Est and Gail T. Polex to Banetza Lopez, $238,000

22 Sycamore Dr: RFM Meadow Creek LLC to Ramagopal V. and Sharada R. Deshpande, $660,000

141 Thissell Ave Unit 7: Mary Alachy to Brandon Maldonado, $175,000

51 Tobey Rd Unit 44: Christopher M. Deravil to Richard H. and Judith A. Dumais, $245,000


83 Baldpate Rd: Mairead and Michael Finnegan to Ashley L. and Stephen R. Leker, $690,000

1 Bayberry Ln: Eileen F. and James L. Fitzgerald to Gregory A. and Cynthia R. Zawislak, $513,000

38 Brook St: Fredrick G. Habeeb to Andraya J. and Brigham J. Lee, $442,000

4 Carleton Dr: Carleton Realty LLC to Berry Cooper RT and Thomasin J. Berry, $4,350,000

21 Charles St: Sacco Angelina Est and Lawrence W. Sacco to Amanda S. Fakhreddine and Blake J. Goedde, $390,000

1 Jewett St: Daniel F. and Helen L. Lee to Joseph A. Pfister and Rozanne B. Pifster, $426,000

4 Kenneth Rd: Ann M. and William W. Mccloskey to Jordan V. and Sean P. Dillon, $550,000


407 Diane Cir Unit 407: Madeliene E. Brown to Parsons FT and Clayton L. Parsons, $368,000

8 Groveland Commons Way Unit 8: Treacy Lambert to Ann D. Gill, $285,000


39 12th Ave Unit 39: Jane A. and Joseph Hovnanian to Jenny and Joel Lazala, $278,000

5-7 Arlington St: CBC Property Management to CD RT and Joseph Calnan, $510,000

42 Bellevue Ave: IT Haverhill Properties to Will A. Flores, $338,000

37 Cedar St: Elaine and Yuk K. Wong to Samuel Richards, $420,000

148 Cedar St: Marini Cynthia A Est and Michael M. Marini to Katiuska M. Cruz and Rosa C. Estrella, $430,000

6 Christian Cir: Yomaira Infante to Lainya Anjoorian and Mark Brown, $350,000

22 Clover Ln: Clover Lane NT and Timothy K. Kelleher to Peter Czar and Emily Treat, $420,000

97 Coral St: Eric A. Yemma to Louis T. Fossarelli, $285,000

129 Corliss Hill Rd: Livingstone Development to Lance T. Adie, $599,900

19 Fairview Farm Rd: Donna M. Mackenzie and Tamee Akstin to Jennifer Holland, $440,000

105 Farrwood Dr Unit 105: Todd M. Lariviere to Sandra Paiz, $215,000

33 Greystone Ave: Lance T. and Katie M. Adie to Jarrod and Erin Spalding, $395,000

8 Hannan Ridge Rd: Alicia B. and Robert J. Gildea to Jacki and Michael D. Byerley, $455,000

31-33 High St: Marco Canas to Brunilda Cruz, $195,000

160 Hilldale Ave: Linehan Realty LLC to Plasdist LLC, $1,940,000

709 Hilldale Ave: Leslie J. Obrien to David Chadwick, $300,000

67 Kathy Dr Unit 67: Richard A. and Wendy L. Wallace to Tiffany A. Maldonado, $229,900

16 Kristine Ln: Kevin Moore to Jeff and Tamee Akstin, $545,000

66 Lawrence St: Wyman RT and Jean M. Turcotte to Frank Dorio Jr T and Victor Fournier, $280,000

30 Littlefield Ct Unit 30: Pamela and Robert B. Uttley to Amal Noureddine and Diana Rouhana, $245,500

35 Mendum Rd: Essex Blue RT and Debra A. Goldberg to Mark Guerin, $119,000

54 Morgan Dr Unit 54: Fredrick A. Battistini to Richard and Virginia Rodier, $199,000

11 Myles Standish Dr Unit 9: Crabtree FT and Steven Crabtree to Krystal M. Diaz, $145,000

27 Newark St: GP 10 LLC to Edge Real Estate Invests, $200,000

36 North St: Risk Capital LLC to Ali Ogab, $460,000

24 Rutherford Ave: USA HUD to Garrett Powis, $186,000

32 S Central St: Anne M. and James K. Mercier to Maria L. Iannotti, $297,000

146 S Pleasant St Unit 146: Brian Molten to Peter E. and Shelbi L. Deacon, $281,500

37 Village Woods Rd: Constance and Michael J. Finn to Michael Zielinski, $448,000

84 W Rochambault St: Courtney and Jonathan Davis to Keith C. Lyons, $313,000

729 Washington St: 729 Washington Street RT and Victor J. Meola to Jennifer D. Silvestro, $270,000

27 Wellington Ave: Cheryl A. and Christopher J. Peters to Michael S. Story, $420,000


90 Beacon St Unit 4: Carlos Ruiz to Maria C. Mejia, $115,000

1 Conduit St: Sheehy James F Est and Brian J. Sheehy to Belkys M. Quezada and Ceferina Francisco, $465,900

12 Doyle St: Coque Realty LLC to Aderlin I. Gomez-Almanzar and Marino Lantigua, $445,000

10 Durso Ave: Helmut Floesser to Diana Maria and Francia A. Castillo, $345,000

4 Hale St: Pamela F. Belanger and Debra Gabriel to Daniel P. and Coleen B. Cuddy, $220,000

43 Jefferson St: Deborah G. Croteau to Najwa Y. Azzi, $369,900

64-66 Kendall St: Gloria Menjivar to Moises Medina, $415,000

592-594 Lowell St: Barry M. and June W. Kellner to Julio Pena and Carmen D. Paulino-Depena, $430,000

159-165 Myrtle St: Marquez RT and Jose L. Marquez to Manuel J. Javier, $430,000

4 Perry Ave Unit 4: Jordan R. Ryan to Wilson R. Javier, $200,000

53-59 S Broadway: Jai Khodiyar LLC to VN RT LLC, $425,000

339 Water St Unit 339: Luisa Polanco to Anndy R. Diaz, $210,000


50 Arlington St: Brian R. Sheehan and Katelyn M. Costello to Brian E. and Randall F. Reese, $307,500

22 Chadwick St: Joseph P. Monterisi to Luong Tran and Huong T. Mai, $221,000

45 Christopher Dr Unit 119: Anthony M. and Frank J. Messina to Dennis and Jane Szegedy, $205,000

124 Haverhill St: Scott Geddis and Elizabeth A. Licari to Roudeline Guerine, $369,900

11 Lincoln St: Gail Lollis to Eric N. Doyley, $302,000

485 Lowell St: Lewis D. Grasso to Endy Y. Gomez and Claudia C. Theado, $120,000

10 Marshall St: Richard and Nora Dipanfilo to Brian Connor, $480,000

5 Park Ave Unit 5: Juana I. Gonzalez to Georgina Y. Pena, $236,000

61 Riverdale St: Peter B. and Dolores A. Butterfield to Spencer Butterfield and Jeffrey Rubino, $259,000

25 Sequoia Dr Unit 25: Toll MA 4 LLC to Stephen P. and Patricia A. Pedi, $593,047

3 Tyler St: Eric T. Palmer to Taylor and Janelle Obrien, $365,000

6 Victory Dr Unit 6: Mckallagat Patrick M Est and Stephen T. Mckallagat to Jonathan and Jennelle Fraser, $285,000


46 Camden St Unit 46: Krishnakumar Rengasamy and Swathi Jamburi to Ishan and Megha Shah, $414,000

125 Coventry Ln: Steven A. and Sharon R. Corben to Kent A. and Jane C. Lyons, $885,000

80 Edgelawn Ave Unit 5: David R. Konze to Christopher R. Lippi, $197,500

4 Harvest Dr Unit 304: Yim L. Tong to Nilay Mukherjee, $327,000

20 Johnson Cir: 20 Johnson Circle RT and Bonnie Feola to Joseph G. Bruno and Courtney Knight, $660,000

148 Main St Unit A413: Hogan 2 RT and Deborah A. Hogan to Jennifer L. Cole, $255,000

88 Mill Pond: Kevin Begley to Lawrence F. and Mary E. Hancock, $385,000

1087 Salem St: RDM 1099 Salem Street LLC to Sandra F. and William E. Sipsey, $770,000

50 Tolland Rd: Abram and Ludmila Bekker to Paul F. Weidel and Denise M. Treacy, $449,900

174 Weyland Cir: Naijing Luo and Gu Qing to Shannon F. Slaughter and Eric P. Delorey, $689,000

31 Woodbridge Rd: 31 Woodbridge Road RT and Kenneth R. Reader to Paul and Kelley Macdonald, $475,000


10 Orchard Dr: Michael E. and Julianne F. Sullivan to Daniel V. Locke and Brittney C. Brady, $447,000

452 Park St: Eric Heins to James P. and Susan B. Demetri, $770,000

465 Park St: Kevin W. and Nicole A. Pryse to John G. and Marla D. Kacoyanis, $643,000


219 Beach Rd Unit 13: Jennifer L. Bergeron to John and Julie Manning, $290,000

4 Fanaras Dr: Liberty RT and Thomasin J. Berry to 4 Fanaras Drive RT and James Levasseur, $1,100,000

28 Forest Rd: 28 Forest Road RT and Timothy W. Learned to Carlyn Capolupo, $560,000

212 N End Blvd: Kevin P. and Lorraine Y. Boivin to Marc and Cynthia Burkhardt, $727,000

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