132 Andover St: Stephen P. and Barbara B. Garrity to John R. and Kimberly Moriarity, $460,000

3 Patriot Dr: Marcia S. Jacobs to Kyle S. and Lisa M. Hintlian, $742,500

9 Wedgewood Dr: Jason and Moriah Karalexis to Richard and Janine Bellitti, $704,000


693 Main St: Finance Of America Revrse to Damien and Mabel D. Stefanidis, $560,000


76 Glennon Ave Unit 76: Christine M. Bahry to Maria B. and Antonio C. Pires, $255,000

29 Hillcrest Rd: Jason M. and Caitlin Tevepaugh to Richard W. Decoste and Stephanie M. Lenzi, $269,900

19 Honeybee Rd: Wheeler Village LLC to Natthan Ralls and Paula M. Kerrigan, $534,950

20 Lafayette St: Frances M. Lhussier to Johathan J. and Katie R. Ferraro, $300,000

71 Lakeshore Dr: James M Sullivan FT and James M. Sullivan to John and Catherine Casey, $305,900

100 Merrimack Ave Unit 130: Theresa M. Bourque to Charles E. Bryan and Kimberly A. Clinton, $217,000

100 Pelczar Rd: Prime Group Inc to Basant Shanker, $549,900

100 Pemberton St Unit 3: Freckle International LLC to Justin P. Hudon, $123,500

1 Spruce Ln: Spartan Homes LLC to Luiz A. DeLaia-Lacerda, $602,900


No Transactions in this Town


5 Ashcroft Cir: Beverly J Bennett RT and Bruce R. Bennett to Wayne Griffen and Lisa M. Pittella, $324,000


18 10th Ave: George and Sheri L. Hewett to Michael Alsheimer, $325,000

25 Auburn St: Treetop Home LLC to Octavia Nankunda, $329,900

71 Auburn St: Eric V. Dorman to Carla M. and Wayne S. Michals, $223,000

153 Broadway Unit 2: Allan P. and Patricia J. Paduano to Matthew and Timothy M. Collins, $170,000

1091 Broadway: Susan Boylan RT and Susan L. Boylan to Jonathan M. and Kelly S. Boylan, $123,640

1452 Broadway: Edge Real Estate Invests to Miguelina Duffy and Leandroo Jacquez, $285,000

56 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 56: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Cardinal RT and Joyce Robito, $359,900

88 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 88: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Yovani Martinez, $339,900

59 Dexter St: Jeanne M. and Steven A. Santos to Angela Soto-Gonzalez and Victor J. Vega, $215,000

62-68 Emerson St: 66 Emerson Street RT and Richard Benson to Emerson Street Investment, $560,000

4 Fairfield St: Valerie A. and Beverly A. Cote to Teresa and Timothy J. Benoit, $324,900

154 Farrwood Dr Unit 154: Mounir Jermany to Priscilla L. Dragani, $232,500

213 Franklin St: Pamela A. Roberts to Elvis Vasquez, $280,000

39-41 Green St: Donna and Richard Poissant to Donaldsons Development T and Nathalie Cook, $295,000

40 Hamilton Ave: Ellen K. and Joseph P. Meaney to Courtney E. Choate and Anthony S. Lombardo, $340,000

2 Hartswood Dr Unit 2: Maryann and Richard F. Hollis to Nancy Smith, $341,000

6 High St: Glennys M. Diaz to Juan D. Diaz, $437,000

7 Hunters Rd: Steinberg Jane Est and Robert D. Mckillop to Henry K. and Jong Choi, $229,000

6 Marion St: Elsa C. Figueroa to Dora M. DeMurillo and Wuilfredo Murillo, $346,000

12 Minot Ave: Kevin Fontes to Margaret R. and Michael J. Shultz, $435,000

50 Morgan Dr Unit 50: Krista D Carwardine LT and Krista D. Carwardine to April M. Lyskowsky, $245,000

56 Portland St: Alex F. Loyola to Maryvelisse Nunez and Eurin R. Terrero, $352,000

21 Rutherford Ave: James and Kristin Grenier to Corintha C. Thurlow, $268,000

33 Studley St: Deborah M. Reyes and Rebecca M. Roy to Kaitlin M. Anderson and Charles P. Safron, $381,000

24 Victor St: Jeffrey Cuesta and Crystalynn Veras to Kelvin J. Correa, $410,000

1113 W Lowell Ave: Kathleen and Raymond P. Simmons to Cruz Cisneros and Flor I. Tejada-Coto, $356,000

103 Whittaker Ave: William D. Hrubo to Adrian and Melissa Ricketts, $285,000


22 Amherst St: Marcia M. Michaud and Nancy M. Fay to Paul Nartiff, $140,000

14-16 Archer St: DMB Real Estate LLC to Cepeda Investments LLC, $620,000

18 Archer St: DMB Real Estate LLC to Cepeda Investments LLC, $620,000

58 Dracut St: LLB Construction Inc to Fernando and Nicole Ricart, $350,000

11 Lawrence St Unit 705: Barbara E. Allen to Ali Abo-Laban, $71,500

Lowell St: Kofi B. Asare to 24-26 Barker St Inc, $22,400

69 Midland St: Joyce and Gerald Robito to Johanna DeLosSantos and Pablo E. Santana-Mendez, $452,000

106 Park St: Danissa Germosen to Juan Peralta, $430,000

37 Pleasant St: Daher Group Inc to Jose Espinal-Torres and Meybelin Tatis, $467,000

118 Walnut St: Foluso Omotola-Olubanjo to Domingo E. Morales, $250,000

97 Wesley St: Bernarda Cardenes to John and Constance Moschetto, $350,000


4 Anthony St: 4 Anthony Street NT and Roberta P. Zilinsky to Villella Construction Co, $279,000

23 Boylston St: Wayne S. and Susan Feugill to Angela Delrosario and Juana Henriquez, $396,000

34 Burnham Rd Unit 301: Riverside Drive LLC to Frank T. and Nancy Maguire, $242,000

38 Comet Rd: Michael E. Young to GP 10 LLC, $190,000

13 Danielian Way: Loryce and Sherif Elhamawy to Abdelghani Bhalla, $515,000

4 Dow St: Apkarian Rose A Est and David J. Apkarian to Amy Blount, $300,000

6 Gaywood Cir: Shauna Ruffen and Wells Fargo Bank NA to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $261,252

2 Liams Ln: Pinnacle Builders LLC to Nelson and Maryam Lourenco, $579,995

26 Magna Rd: Richard J. Bellitti to Leonardo and Sonia M. Jerez, $420,000

48 Memorial Dr: Cote Laura Est and William Perez to Edward A. Hanson, $335,000

31 Oakcrest Cir: Gary Wilson to Matthew S. Wilson and Christina F. Proulx, $310,000

311 Pelham St: Empire Construction Group to 311 Pelham Street LLC, $130,000

1 Riverview Blvd Unit 9-102: Michael B. and Roberta Anderson to Paul and Paula J. Savastano, $269,000

40 Westland St: Jose and Johanny Guillermo to Samaria Polanco and Xavier Lora, $410,000


119 Blueberry Hill Ln: Cort D Szafarz RET and Cort D. Szafarz to Isaac Maxmen and Kaitlyn James, $640,000

171 Brentwood Cir: Rose P. Sandoval and Lee B. Kinberg to Denise Grimley, $925,000

53 Cedar Ln: Thomas J. Beasley and Tracy R. Tanner to Christopher J. and Janine Bourque, $569,000

314 Clark St: Clark Street LLC to MBD Realty LLC, $970,000

79 Cortland Dr Unit 79: Barbara J. Grasso to Miroslawa and Philip Puglisi, $645,000

1 Harvest Dr Unit 113: Julie Mazeika to Peter J. and Anna K. Jervinis, $285,000

3 Harvest Dr Unit 304: Sylvia A. Craven to Erin Locke and Felipe Maia, $320,000

265 Hay Meadow Rd: Anthony R. and Renee L. Serrano to David and Nicole Hruban, $690,000

28 Hewitt Ave: Nigel Godley to Stephanie Godley, $550,000

148 Main St Unit S527: Laporte Carol A Est and Thomas C. Laporte to Jacqueline H. Stern, $252,900

66 Meadowood Rd: David A. and Nicole Hruban to Alberto and Sandy Callwood, $455,000

809 Turnpike St Unit 101: Truangle RT and Karen B. Gallitz to Mason RT and David M. Trovato, $55,000

809 Turnpike St Unit 103: Truangle RT and Karen B. Gallitz to Mason RT and David M. Trovato, $55,000

809 Turnpike St Unit 102: Truangle RT and Karen B. Gallitz to Mason RT and David M. Trovato, $55,000

809 Turnpike St Unit 104: Truangle RT and Karen B. Gallitz to Mason RT and David M. Trovato, $55,000

9 Walker Rd Unit 3: David R. and Kevin P. Towler to Jayson R. Martin, $132,500


32 Northridge Dr Unit 32: Laurence and Donna Tucker to William and Sheila Berry, $498,000

405 Park St: Joseph M. and Kelly Ellis to Ireneo and Nandugga Sserubombwe, $413,000

9 Viewcrest Rd: 9 Viewcrest Road LLC to MPM Co LLC, $165,000


36 Kendell Ln: Christina Dechene to Raymond Landry and Carl Lesage, $103,000

304 N End Blvd: Eric T. and Melissa H. Corkum to Tia Defeo-Fraulini and Gene Warren, $887,000

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