116 Andover St: Jr Grady Co LLC to Lara P. Frati, $325,000

14 Evergreen Ln: Wilson H. Horsley to Caroline B Grady T and Todd E. Grady, $900,000

26 Haverhill St Unit A: Sheila A. Ryan to Madison E. Marasca and Joel M. Berger, $312,000

5 Linda Rd: Christopher M. Robichaud to John Lu, $517,500

111 Main St Unit 1: Girouard NT and Mary Girouard to Anthony E. and Deborah Turiano, $550,000

250 N Main St Unit 10: Theresa S Estella RET and Nonnie-Marie L. Estella to Theresa Lavoie, $254,900

24 River St: Townsend Nelson E Est and Ellen M. Gagnon to Heritage Builders Inc, $250,000

36 Washington Ave: Katelyn V. Crowley to Jason and Kristi Barbieri, $750,000

3 Westwind Rd: Cynthia M Sexton RET 2018 and Erin Plows-Doyle to Evgueni Opredelennov and Antoaneta Anguelova, $500,000

56 Wild Rose Dr: Karyn L. Stonis to Sean P. and Emily S. Oconnor, $710,000


9 Perkins Way: Mary E. Brown to Cabinetry Unlimited Ent, $426,000


635 Arlington St: Julie C. Jones to Mohammed Alkhulaifawi, $372,000

275 Donohue Rd Unit 13: Adam and Bonnie Quinn to Bonnie Flynn, $247,500

11 Lakeshore Dr: Bigelow FT and Elizabeth A. Bigelow to Carlos R. Castanaza-Zapata, $220,000

1960 Lakeview Ave: Northbridge Restoration to Kimberly and Gail Quigley, $316,000

204 Pleasant St Unit 5-1: Surjeet Jassal to Kirabir S. Khurana and Banni S. Kaur, $112,500

700 Robbins Ave Unit 18: Rosalind Harris to Brightview Properties LLC, $130,000


11 Harris Way: Sean T. Curtin and Robin K. Lang to Benjamin Hodges and Jillian Nazzaro, $830,000


No Transactions in this Town


26 10th Ave: LJV Development LLC to Cesar Nunez, $320,000

45 11th Ave: Jeannie B. Fraser and Edward B. Vadeboncoeur to Dana J. and Joseph P. Blair, $317,000

31-33 Ashland St Unit 5: Daniel R. Diodati to Justin Gagne, $159,000

17 Fay Pl: Rkaco LLC to Francisco T. and Jussiana M. Dias, $380,000

13 Ford St: Jane Novak and Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $155,000

42 Hall St: Adam J. and Luisa F. Silva to Edgar A. and Edicer E. Baez, $342,000

3 Hamel Way Unit 3: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Rhonda Merrill, $325,000

15 Hamilton Ave Unit 15: Meagan Kelleher to Autumn L. Alper, $312,250

369 Hilldale Ave: Ralph R. Mazzotta to Lynn Garceau, $360,000

200 Kenoza Ave: Louis A. Morelli and Kathleen A. Pearson to Armando Ayala, $300,000

26 Lancaster St: Maria E. Navarro and Tomas Santos to Francisco A. Gudiel-Aragon, $285,000

562 Main St: Huda N. Goda and Marina Gomes to Oladis R. Anziani, $465,000

960 Main St: Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr to Hildo Compres, $239,000

17 Myles Standish Dr Unit 12: Diane M. Baker to Betsy and Vivian M. Perez, $167,000

440 North Ave Unit 80: Filomena and Luigi Fusco to Brian Curtis and Lynette Jensen-Curtis, $193,325

32 Observatory Ave Unit 3: 32 Observatory RT and Hassan Hussein to Victor Diaz, $137,500

13 S Elm St: US Bank NA Tr to Derek and Julie Holmes, $200,000

96 Summer St Unit 2: K&N 2006 RT and Nancy L. Calverley to Bryan M. Corso, $132,500

11 Sun Valley Dr: Sean K. Melvin to Elysha and Matthew R. Mcmahon, $373,500

10 Whitcomb St: Laura and Michael Zaino to Maria G. and Mariano Mendez, $480,500


41 Atkinson St: Yelmis A. Hiraldo to Raul G. Torres, $353,000

21 Bellevue St Unit 1: Chloe LLC to Pavel and Yuli Khaykin, $70,000

18 Chelmsford St: Wilberto and Iris Cruz to Ramon D. and Rosanna M. Dominguez, $230,000

6-8 Chester St: Scott Williams to Erik Garcia, $460,255

154-156 Farnham St: Yohanny Cespedes to Oscar Mahecha-Diaz, $486,000

215 Ferry St: Oscar Torres and Rachelle Bustos to Ileana Ramos and Edwin Reyes-Colon, $309,000

11 Lawrence St Unit 801: Chloe LLC to Matthew L. and Carla Rasetta, $81,900

30 Milford St: Union Milford Homes LLC to Ana B. Urena, $175,000

201 Olive Ave: J&E Doucette RT and Edward J. Doucette to Zoila Disla, $330,000

9 Orange Ave: Israel and Safiely M. Franco to Roberto A. Morales and Lileisi Soto, $362,200

78-80 Park St: Jesus Trejo to J DelRosario-Dedeleon, $470,000

195-199 S Union St: Almeidas Property LLC to Jose Batista, $651,500

44-46 Sanborn St: Pedro Almanzar-Thomas and Ana Y. Trinidad to Nieves Delacruz-Guerrero, $360,000

50 Shepard St: B G Peck Co Inc to 9th Act LLC, $2,900,000

134-136 Union St: Union Milford Homes LLC to Ines M. Armando and Victor J. Villa, $175,000

30-32 Washington St: 30-32 Washington Street T and Joseph Shelzi to Joel E. Reynoso-Perez, $329,000

15-17 Wesley St: Dulce Espejo to Laura M. Ferreira and Sander J. Vargas, $429,900


20 Birute St: Eleanor E. and Kenneth W. Scherig to Kenneth W. Scherig, $245,000

21 Hampshire Rd Unit 113: Anne F. Matthews to Timothy D. Murchison, $200,000

41-43 Hardy St: Christopher J. Martel to Carlos Espinal, $463,500

54 Hill St: Edwin K. Barnes and Donna Frazier-Barnes to Ferdinand Imafidon and Brithny Dolcius, $500,000

10 Huse Rd: Rachel D Torres RET and Diane M. Bernier to Maria I. and Florencio Figueroa, $323,000

596 Lowell St: Brooks Properties 3 LLC to New Balance Athletics Inc, $8,000,000

2 Mariah Dr: Maple Park Reserve LLC to Jose Pina, $609,900

221 Oakland Ave: Evgueni Opredelennov and Antoaneta Anguelova to Fatima X. and Rafael Flores, $317,500

615 Prospect St: Macoul RT and Kenneth L. Macoul to Yanile A. Cave, $455,500

6-8 Walnut St: Keith J. and Corey Griffin to Manuel Lopez, $468,000

45 Washington St Unit 63: Sean M. and Kellee A. Quinn to Judith Ahadian, $270,000


101 Edgelawn Ave Unit 9: Adarsh Kumar and Vibhu Sawhney to Daniela Morari, $262,000

49 Elmwood St: Susan Hennessy to Jake and Ashley Shields, $390,000

26 Glenwood St Unit 26: Ethan Barlow and Lucero M. Zepeda to Lawrence and Leslie Welch, $320,000

350 Greene St Unit 310: 350 Green Street 310 RT and Robert R. Wilkins to Pamela H. Mitchell, $311,000

120 Kingston St Unit 120: Timothy Horan to Christopher S. Stuetzle, $273,500

16 Lincoln St: 5 Star T and Joseph P. Stella to Wan X. Ye and Nicole Yanting-Huang, $539,900


4 Boxwood Rd: Christopher C. and Lovella B. Baker to Daniel M. and Deborah R. Mahoney, $605,000

2 Hannah Graves Way: Gail M Giglio 2016 FT and Gregory A. Giglio to Harshita S. and Vishal Sood, $1,200,000

84 Haverhill St: Jason S. and Rachel Casey to Wei Wu, $512,000

6 Olde Coach Rd: Jane C. Brooks to Christopher T. Accetta and C S. Deliyiannis-Accetta, $915,000

180 Park St: 180 Park Street T and David W. Martin to Sing Park St LLC, $589,000

14 Swan Pond Rd: William J. and Sheila M. Berry to Michael A. and Melissa C. Wilson, $514,000

27 Winter St: Gerard J. Bulman and Laura K. Mcilroy to Phillip and Jillian Hidy, $535,000


253 Lafayette Rd: Seabury Rizzo RT and Anthony Rizzo to 1 Lafayette RT and Jitendra G. Patel, $31,343

10 True Rd: Lee W. Emery to Julie A. Doughman-Johnson, $266,850