8 Azalea Dr: Jennifer and Youn K. Kim to Philip J. and Christina F. Abrams, $770,000

39 Birch Rd: Irene E. Riberdy to George D. and Natalie D. Koontz, $480,000

8 Fairfax Dr: Jodi A. Festa to Katherine L. and Matthew Weisman, $770,000

31 Fleming Ave: Fleming Ave Andover LLC to Christos P. and Amanda Kalavantis, $849,900

164 Haverhill St: Lisa Johnson and Henry Venuti to Tapan H. and Kuntalben T. Maniar, $665,000

5 Monarch Ln: Twin Birch Development to Jeffrey and Vanessa Tonello, $1,320,000

11 Phoenix Pl: RJJ Properties LLC to Sean R. and Karen C. Mccarthy, $969,900

5 Porter Rd Unit 101: Morey RT and Barbara A. Morey to Stephen C. Hoctor, $405,000

459 S Main St: James P. and Michelle Preston to Scott W. and Lauren D. Sprague, $380,000


239 Main St: Pardo FT and Lawrence Pardo to Circle Properties RET and David Schneider, $740,000

62 Topsfield Rd: 62 Topsfield Road NT and John E. Morris to Jessica A. Grigg and Bart Groves, $690,000


128 A St: Lisa Findlay to Justin Ducom and Ashley Alvarado, $337,000

44 Chestnut Rd: Joseph L. and Jennifer C. Lussier to James E. and Susan StPierre, $474,900

195 Jackson St: Warren Ngeouyang and Sunlin Hem to Katrina Costa-Diaz and Alex Diaz, $380,000

215 Passaconaway Dr: John J. Mccarthy and Wells Fargo Bank NA to Gaspar Investment Inc, $295,000

51 Phineas St: Alicia A. Burley and Santander Bank NA to Brian and Jeffrey Sirois, $244,000

36 Scott St: Kurt A. Verteramo to Robert and Diane Sullivan, $406,500

15 Tellier Way: Kinjal and Pritesh Patel to Jessica Silva and Alexander M. Gorman, $599,000


No Transactions in this Town


9 Atwood Ln: Evergreen RET and Albert C. Couillard to John R. and Nancy S. Bourgeois, $574,900

Birchwood Ter: Roger&Lucy King LT and Rita J. Roche to Daniel and Heidi Silva, $457,000

1 Cranton Ave: James E. and Jean E. Spurr to MC Homes LLC, $200,000


7 Sister Rd: Elizabeth and Madjid Yaghmai to Lot 139 LLC, $200,000

84 Arlington St Unit A: Christopher W. Simon to Meredith A. Fowler, $180,500

22 Bard St: Diverse Real Estate LLC to Rafael Hidalgo and Richard Hiraldo, $365,000

62 Brickett Hill Cir Unit 62: Heidi and Michael Connelly to Raymond S. and Sally A. Lavigne, $295,000

48 Dudley St: Bank Of America NA to Marie R. Previlus, $275,625

526 E Broadway: Scott D. Marquis and HSBC Bank USA NA to HSBC Bank USA NA Tr, $540,747

188 Groveland St: Michael J. Vets to Homesphere Realty LLC, $173,500

33 I St: Ellen P. Ford to Rosemarie Daher and Michael S. Davis, $373,000

11 Juniper Wood Dr: Kim M. Corsaro to John Mustapha, $240,000

318 Kenoza Ave: Rosalind E. Carroll to Mark L. Feeney, $299,900

49 Kent St: Palmeter Carl A Jr Est and Carina A. Jones to Mattd LLC, $165,000

2 Mulberry St: Gerald D. Boisvert to Geraldine Mccarthy, $156,250

64 Old Yankee Rd: Daniel&D Elsemiller RET and Diana Elsemiller to Luz E. and Robert N. Colarossi, $550,000

12 Oliver St Unit F: Joan Henry to Winthrop RT and Kathleen A. Guselli, $171,700

29 Orchard St Unit B: Orchard Realty Invests to Andrew J. Tuthill, $289,900

241 River St: Luciano Nunez-Lantigua and Qarelys M. Yolentino to Shakyra Arias and Richard Hiraldo, $438,000

470 S Main St: Sheila B. Krim and BNY Mortgage Co LLC to US Bank NA Tr, $245,000

19 S Prospect St: Lauren D. and Scott W. Sprague to Marie J. Joissaint, $301,000

47 Upland Ave: Rebecca Valeri to Andrew and Rachel Benjamin, $355,000

635 W Lowell Ave Unit 1: Jimflan FT and Deborah A. Flanagan to Willie Olsen, $135,000

1 Whittier Pl: Brittany Baggett to Juan Hernandez and Amariliz Vasquez, $322,000


493 Andover St Unit 493: Ramon and Belkys Reynoso to Alphonsina Disla, $220,000

74 Bennington St: Sol M. Rijos and Joanelys Toro-Grey to Eridania Reyes-Paulino and Jose M. Reyes, $430,000

651 Broadway: Border Market LLC to JCB Hldg LLC, $530,000

51 Dana St: Alicia C. Kasper and Quicken Loans Inc to Hermes Godoy, $253,000

36 Gilbert St: Victor J. and Harriet J. Balestracci to Lexjim LLC, $173,344

85-87 Shawsheen Rd: Premium Properties Inc to Yahaira D. Delossantos, $500,000

17 Shepard St: Key Polymer Building LLC to Key Polymer Real Estate, $5,500,000

81-83 Stearns Ave: Wandy R. Rodriguez and Leiby A. Vargas to V E. and Anyeli Sanchez-Caraballo, $520,000

57 Steiner St Unit 1: Kristin Korbey to Alexandro J. Rodriguez and Santana Maria, $259,000

57 Sunset Ave: Rodolfo Tejeda and Agustina M. Almonte to Darvi R. and Yandra Lantigua, $451,500

10-12 Webster Ct: Junior G. and Ana Y. Delahoz to Yegor and Natasha Yegorov, $355,000


90 Bay State Rd: Joyce L. Axford and Lakeview Loan Servicing to Lakeview Loan Servicing, $218,400

61 Berwick St: Juana I. Gonzalez to Jose Espinal, $505,000

21 Buttonwood Dr: Fidelity House Inc to Axis Property Solutions, $196,500

58 Conrad St: Ross A. Faucher to Kraig Sherwood, $343,500

23 Copley Dr: Ryan M. Shea to Christian and Kimberly L. Boyle, $515,000

115 East St: James P. and Kenneth M. Homsey to Jason C. and Heather L. Plunkett, $340,000

10 Foreside St: Bruce A. and Susan M. Macdougall to Susan M. Grande, $424,900

46 Magna Rd: William J. and Ileana E. Gallagher to Joseph H. Rivera and Breanne C. Rogers, $409,000

121 N Lowell St: Hillner Dorothy J Est and Mark W. Hillner to PB Realty Homes LLC, $240,000

7 Phoebe St Unit 9: Toll MA Land 3 LP to Eric and Christina Sideri, $551,995

945 Riverside Dr Unit 18b: Ali Razvi and Shabana Riaz to Shirley Berard, $205,000

8 Sabrina Ct: William and Bonnie L. Oleary to Daniel R. and Krystyne E. Goodhue, $540,000

5 Tucker Ter: Homes At Great Oaks LLC to Janice B. Carey, $549,900

189 Tyler St: Davis Carter and Tracey Lord to Katelyn Kimball and Zoe Porter, $350,000

71 Union St: Edward E. Ovitt to Jose Guillermo-Capellan, $415,000


89 Beverly St: Morgan Gager to Boyle FT and Bernard Boyle, $359,500

25 Edgelawn Ave Unit 10: Mark J. Caggiano to Ashley R. Walsh, $219,900

280 Holt Rd Unit 1: New England Aviators LLC to Rebecca Harvey, $53,500

41 Mark Rd: Stephen Sherwin and Nicole Edwards to Neil J. and Lisa M. Rosenberg, $479,900

347 Massachusetts Ave: WK Real Estate Inc to Michael Oreilly, $459,900

14 Walker Rd Unit 5: Christopher S. Nashed to Precious O. Isibor, $245,000


14 Adam St: Lawrence E. and Dawn L. Tremblay to Daniel and Theresa M. Ouellet, $750,000

10 Gordon Rd: Mark and Kym Fischer to Brendan and Amy Vraibel, $540,000

3 Parsonage Ln: Carolyn C Fortin T and Carolyn C. Fortin to Mark and Kym Fischer, $772,000


103 Folly Mill Rd: Paul R. Lepere to Steven Drouin, $129,900

4 Pleasant St: Alana L. Gilbert to Danielle K. Conti and Eric D. Rozzi, $480,000

95 Rabbit Rd: Meetinghse Rlty Invst 100 to MHC 62 LLC, $4,845,000

6 Thomas Morgan Ln Unit 6: Judith and Ronald Macpherson to Alison L. Weaver, $209,272

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