7 Barron Ct: Mark C. and Erin L. Nardone to Zhengrong Chen, $1,680,000

200 Brookside Dr Unit A: Patrick L. and Myong S. Saunders to Helio J. Lombana, $310,000

147 Chestnut St: Richard F. Benson to Joseph J. and Joseph J. Benson, $500,000

3 Clinton Ct: Keith L. and Nicole M. Corcoran to Andrew W. Sievert, $365,000

4 Patriot Dr: Broullard RT and William C. Brouillard to Jason and Ann Thomas, $763,000

93 Pine St: Michael N. and Allyson M. Ciccia to Jeffrey and Jessica Lopresti, $900,000

22 Railroad St Unit 105: Agnes Dabek and Bradley Chalk to Tsz and Karen Yip, $300,000

300 S Main St: Donald B. and Elizabeth B. Abbott to Jeneva H. Panopoulos and Timothy J. Mcgrath, $437,000

170 Summer St: Richard Panock to Amy Gunther-Gribbel, $599,900

47 Woodland Rd: Caffrey Andover RT and Francis J. Caffrey to Francis J. Caffrey, $479,167


No Transactions in this Town


161 Bouchard Ave: Monique Viau-Lambert to Gitau Kariuki and Caroline N. Gitua, $344,000

2083 Bridge St: David A. Leriche to A L Prime Energy Consult, $425,000

20 Coburn Ave: Joan Paquette to Betsy Rivera, $335,900

91 Donohue Rd Unit 10: Shawn R. Fournier to Ana P. Silva, $210,000

59 Foxhill Ln: Topnotch Homes LLC to Catherine Monoxelos T and Catherine Monoxelos, $479,900

42 Frederick St Unit 13: Willie J. Hatley to Stephen G. and Cynthia L. Buckley, $236,500

95 Loon Hill Rd: Raymond J Gendreau RET and Kathleen A. Villemaire to Sarah M. Santiago, $330,000

650 Robbins Ave Unit 33: Joshua Crowe and Meghan Mcglinley-Crowe to Thais V. Silva, $140,000

81 Tamarack Rd: RFM Meadow Creek LLC to Konstantinos and Heather Tziotziouras, $665,000

43 Willow Ave: Jeanne T. Wagner to Abreu Construction RT and Abreu Constr Corp Tr, $165,000


20 Larch Rd: Larch NT and Michael P. Connelly to Elizabeth Mastroianni, $389,900

63 Pond St: Powell Edward C Jr Est and Shirley G. Powell to Blue Waters Vero LLC, $100,000


1 Dartmouth St: Pauline M. Avery to Emily and Tyler Hobbs, $375,000

10 Graeme Way: Esty Way RT and George A. Haseltine to Lorenzo N. Internicola, $635,000

198 King St: Bruce R. and Maureen B. Blomberg to Leslie C. Lopez, $367,500

151 Main St: Deborah R. and Stephen H. Billis to Glen Dike and Janine Tortorelli, $387,500


49 Alton Ave: Joshua M. and Kimberly J. Chabot to Brendan J. and Kristen M. Gallagher, $435,000

50 Ashworth Ter Unit 50: Steven Swanson to Kimberly Dusombre, $189,000

76 Blossom St Unit 76: Melissa Cardoza to Matthew Casey, $200,000

78 Blossom St Unit 78: Joseph F. Eldridge to Karen L. Benson and Erni E. Schimming, $239,900

260 Boardman St: Ivan Melendez to Josean C. and Luis Morales, $353,500

1077 Broadway: Dudley Frank J Est and Nancy Oneil to Robert M. Dudley, $375,000

51 Cedar St Unit 51: Leighton W. Young and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $115,681

4 Clinton St Unit A: Absolute Acquisitions Inc to Kelly Bogdanski and Jonathan Stone, $189,900

4 Clinton St Unit A: Michael Fleishman and Wells Fargo Bank NA to Absolute Acquisitions Inc, $126,000

45 Crawford St: Brunilda A. Garcia to Kayleen Khim and Deborah Kolodziej, $335,000

244 Farrwood Dr Unit 244: Juliane Bloise to Crystal B. Harding and Marco R. Zingariello, $230,000

26 Farrwood Pl Unit 26: John and Susan Kulungian to Haley A. Benson and Michael J. Carpenter, $300,000

69 Groveland St Unit 69: Bank New York Mellon Tr to Progresso LLC, $150,150

219 Groveland St: Stephanie L. Petrow to Gina Wilson and Kyle Wlodyka, $270,000

98 Haseltine St: Thomas F. Quinlan to Timothy R. Legrow, $335,000

19 Lansing Ave: Constantine and Xanthie Lazarakis to Jerry Urbaez, $375,000

326 Liberty St: Harry and Keri Bennett to Harry G. and Patricia A. Bennett, $250,000

3 Mackenzie Way Unit 3: Livingstone Dev Corp to Samantha J. Vinci, $329,900

27 Magnolia Ave: Sibling Investments LLC to Robert Harriman and Stacy White, $350,000

3 Mayflower Ln: Kevin M. and Michelle H. Connolly to Paul Desrosier, $464,000

59 Mercury Ter Unit 59: Mercury Terrace RT and Quinttin L. Tigs to John Brogan, $220,000

62 Merrill Ave: Justin M. Perry to Francesca and Mario Romano, $320,000

111 Middlesex St: Karima Kamal to Ariel E. and Virginia Batista, $325,000

55 Muriel Ter: Eileen Brown and Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Modern Solution Investmen, $160,000

34 Rainbow Dr: Matthew Kelan-Sullivan to Patrick K. Brewin and Molly Ragucci, $379,900

26 S Park St: Eleanor M. Faulkner and Stacy Dorazio to Nigel Godley RET and Glen Nichols, $285,000

65 S Pleasant St Unit B: Amy and Michael Mccarthy to Denise Minardi, $221,400

50 Sunrise St: Lorrie M. Busque to Ghislain J. Busque, $300,000

26 W Parish Ct Unit 26: Marina Zanelli to Krysta Lewis, $290,000

366 Water St: Carolyn J. and Harry M. Takesian to Tsholofelo Thekiso, $265,000

36 Whittier Rd: Remeliza V. and Thomas D. Swain to Maireni Cornelio, $200,000


90 Ames St: Frederick&P Cannon FT and Frederick M. Cannon to Wista Jean-Marie and Max Lambert, $245,000

232-234 Bailey St: Kania Martinez to Ignacio Morales and Georgina Figuereo, $466,000

300 Canal St Unit 8: Pacific Mills Acquisition to Southside Funding LLC, $4,150,000

201-203 Cypress Ave: Briana Lemieux to Bellelin R. Peralta, $380,000

133 E Haverhill St: Osvaldo Espinosa to Darlysha C. and Luis N. Gonzalez, $280,000

24-26 Falmouth St: 24-26 Falmouth Street LLC to Nancy Fernandez, $410,000

55 Farnham St: Purinton Realty LLC to Nicolas Rodriguez, $277,000

30 Lisa Ln: Kendall Gene P Est and Diane M. Croteau to Amado Martinez, $285,000

16 Logan St: Doris and Ruben Torres to Nelson D. Guzman-Polanco and Juan T. Guzman, $347,000

29 Marlboro St: JMF Realty LLC to Andres Guzman and Yeslie O. Solivan, $273,000

12 Mount Vernon Cir: Charles J. Saba to Joseph R. and Michael J. Abesamra, $430,000

436 Mount Vernon St: Joseph&Mary Guerin FT and Teresa L. Elliott to Carlos Andino, $310,000

484 Mount Vernon St: Thomas J. Delaney and Richard D. Reedy to Elizabeth Pincus and Adam Case, $335,000

193 Prospect St: Long Term Rentals LLC to Dinorah Mienkowski and Dikaury G. Nolberto, $410,000

292 Prospect St: 292 Prospect Street LLC to Friba LLC, $325,000

36 Stevens Ave: Frank L Korycki LT and Katherine Lacharite to Equestrin RT and Shawn M. Slattery, $230,000

312 Water St Unit 11: Tomas Perez to Jose M. Mercado-Cabrera and Gabriela M. Nunez-Ventura, $166,000

95 William St Unit 95: Agata Laspina to Cesar E. Ortiz-Payano and Andy J. Ortiz, $240,000


14 Anthony St: A&M Viti RT and Sharon A. Lee to Andres Lanfranco and Karla S. Rivas, $320,000

188 Berkeley St: Vivian Marmol to Ernestina Luna, $310,000

14 Buswell Ave: John S. Szabo to Ronald J. Gullage, $370,000

50 Causeway St: Steeves Glenn J 3rd Est and Tiffany M. Schinas to Merrimack Valley Builders, $260,000

3 Champy Ln: 3 Champy Lane RT and Kenneth J. Kalil to Steven A. and Najwah H. Miceli, $400,000

45 Christopher Dr Unit 104: Allan R Muise IRT and Allan R. Muise to Alison M. Slip, $199,000

263 Forest St: Tina Puleo and Richard C. Schneider to Kevin F. and Liane M. Giampa, $390,000

320 Forest St: James E. and Marilyn Cleary to Kelly and Brian Dhondt, $395,000

2 Oak Knoll Rd: Antonia Cardona to Hillary M. Nelson, $384,900

35 Oakmeadow Ln: Mojosaba Realty LLC to John Mcgovern and Amy Caldwell, $430,000

Old Ferry Rd: HB&CS LLC to Circle G LLC, $100,000

97 Pelham St Unit 97: Kavecki Sandra Est and Eugene Kavecki to Margaret Joyce, $195,000

16 Quincy St: White Georgiana K Est and Gerald F. White to Sunshine and Peter J. Matthews, $570,000

17 Rivers Edge Pl: Kevin D. and Jessica E. Bolduc to Hussinatu Bah, $390,000

945 Riverside Dr Unit 16b: Mary Alachy and Fadi Francis to Antoine R. Nammour, $187,000

1 Savin Ave: Dinoto Sam F Est and Frank P. Dinoto to James J. Brown, $240,000

19 Temple Dr: Kenneth F. and Zulima J. Mcphee to Nicholas Toupense and Courtney Penta, $345,000

45 Washington St Unit 34: Edward J. Rauseo to Susan A. Rossetti, $263,000


32 Abbott St: Naveed and Jillian M. Ihsanullah to Anthony and Karissa M. Severino, $712,000

10 Bear Hill Rd: Bernard FT and Fred P. Bernard to Anthony F. Lautieri and Shawna Bernard-Lautieri, $690,000

79 Blueberry Hill Ln: Contos RT and Michael P. Contos to Robert C. and Michela M. Fredrickson, $590,000

38 Edgelawn Ave Unit 11: Alex Volovick to Lekshr LLC, $206,000

49 Equestrian Dr: Wilfried Welsch to Ronaldo Maia, $855,000

74 Fuller Rd: Pamela E. Rasetta to Kevin and Michelle Connolly, $640,000

6 Garnet Cir: Brian P. and Kristen M. Dee to Nima D. Mahboubsedigh and Mandana Ghasemi, $645,000

33 Harold St: Goose FT and Matthew G. Gosselin to Matthew M. Sweeney and Kathleen A. Lenau, $450,000

148 Main St Unit B131: Susan L. Carroll to John and Carol N. Scrima, $204,000

61 Regency Pl: North Andover Realty Corp to Ricardo Dube and Paula J. Bendikian, $1,550,000

2 Surrey Dr Unit 2: Herman R. and Karen Benson to Mountassir Lalami and Holly Elderkin-Lalami, $259,900

365 Sutton St: David M. and Sara M. Morin to Iliya and Cari L. Tsinovoi, $589,900

51 Village Green Dr Unit 51: Florence Hubbard to Jacqueline King, $220,000

7 Walker Rd Unit 2: Sayed N. Bukhari to William F. and Marlene F. Cunningham, $199,000

42 Windkist Farm Rd: Brian D. and Susan M. Lucy to Alessandro D. Goncalves, $840,000

115 Windkist Farm Rd: Patricia A. Lambert and US Bank NA to US Bank NA, $531,000


44 Main St Unit 3: Property Acquisition Grp to Nicole L. Lapointe, $190,000

200 Martins Lndg Unit 1307: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Thomas J. and Patricia E. Macelhaney, $495,635

200 Martins Lndg Unit 1306: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Paul T. and Irene B. Walsh, $495,280

200 Martins Lndg Unit 1308: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Cosmo and Diane Albano, $451,015

200 Martins Lndg Unit 404: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to John G. Martorella, $348,540

200 Martins Lndg Unit 311: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Frank A. and Kathleen A. Micelli, $458,975

200 Martins Lndg Unit 309: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Alan and Judith M. Taylor, $467,565

200 Martins Lndg Unit 1407: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to John and Melanie Diamond, $493,015

200 Martins Lndg Unit 1408: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Donna M. and William E. Sheehan, $457,725

200 Martins Lndg Unit 1401: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to David and Karen Colangelo, $534,190

200 Martins Lndg Unit 405: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Arthur J. Gorrasi, $391,086

200 Martins Lndg Unit 1303: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Suzanne Flinn, $377,116

200 Martins Lndg Unit 302: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Veronica L. Drougas, $347,145

200 Martins Lndg Unit 406: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Francis J. and Patricia A. Fothergill, $529,710

4 Mount Vernon St: Alexander J. and Melissa J. Ehrenthal to Jacqueline A. and Stephen C. Iannessa, $690,000

7 Mount Vernon St: Stephen C. and Jacqueline A. Iannessa to Robert Santiano, $497,400

6 Oliver Swain Rd: Brian Le to Amy L. Miskavitch and Greg Weeks, $1,200,000


70 Brisette Ave: Riverside Constracting and Theresa B. Leone to David J. Broadhurst, $240,965

125 N End Blvd: Jean E. Gardner and Deborah A. Rita to Hector J. Andujar and Jason C. Plummer, $383,000

21 Rabbit Rd: FHLM to William Hart, $151,000

62 Rabbit Rd: North Carolina and Declan E. Hopkins to Eric D. Mignault and Arille L. Moyniham, $274,900