12 Belle Haven Dr: Debra J Mcquaide 2004 RET and Debra J. Mcquaide to Thomas P. Murdock, $847,000

7 Burnham Rd: Andrea K. Suranyi to Karen M. Hoffman, $420,000

2 Carmel Rd: Robert W. and Sandra L. Sorabella to Stephanie B. Nash and Ryan D. Friel, $605,000

14 Carmel Rd: Gregory G. and Linda T. Manning to Robert W. and Sandra L. Sorabella, $849,900

13 Crenshaw Ln Unit 13: CA INT and Yvon Cormier to James A. Hackett and Sharon Atwood-Hackett, $1,350,000

11 Greenwood Rd: Phyllis E Howes T and Phyllis E. Howes to Steven T. Howes, $250,000

14 Hood Dr Unit 14: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Douglas J. and Patricia E. Wilkinson, $699,995

17 Taylor Cove Dr Unit 17: Taylor Cove Development to Kathleen E. Moriarty, $191,000


201 Georgetown Rd: William H. Howard to Cynthia A. and Joseph C. Famolare, $255,000

67 Ipswich Rd: Stephanie J. Mahoney and Harold W. Moody to David Johanson, $815,000

259 Ipswich Rd: Jacqueline and Matthew Denomey to Harriet Silk, $550,000

34 King George Dr: David and Lesley Johanson to Crystal Caissie and William Purcell, $596,000

253 Main St: Hayley D. Arnone to Joseph Arone, $106,253

230-a Middleton Rd: Merriwood RT and Edmond R. Leclair to Michelle L. and Mitchell Marcotte, $1,005,000


310 Donohue Rd: Thomas E. Flynn to Elias Ghadban, $285,000

148 Flower Ln Unit 2: Michael A. Ochs to Tariq M. Khairalla, $202,000

1 Foxhill Ln: Topnotch Homes LLC to White RET and Thomas J. White, $469,900

42 Frederick St Unit 16: John T. and Deborah A. Riley to John A. Macdonald, $245,000

10 Honeybee Rd: Wheeler Village LLC to Chris K. Murugami and Veronica W. Karanja, $544,900

32 Lantern Ln Unit 2: Cody Brodeur to Agostinho and Lillian R. Silva, $195,000

60 Loon Hill Rd: George L. Blackwell to Karla L. Smith, $296,000

469 Nashua Rd Unit 1: Hanson Lane RT and Diane M. Kozlowski to Sharon Hanebury and Melody A. Barkley, $65,000

1 Poplar St: Deborah G. Bunch to Kristina M. and Frederick P. Dannolfo, $311,000

97 Tanglewood Dr: Tierney FT and Christopher Tierney to Yessenia Guadalupe, $305,500

72 Varnum Rd: Fauvel Lorraine T Est and Joanne Dauteuil to Sophie P. Chhuon and Chetra C. Seng, $305,000


17 Andover St Unit 1: Ellen M. Law and Fred A. Mitchell to Dakota Evans, $145,000

28 Central St: Renee K. Baghdad and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Absolute Acquisitions Inc, $170,000

30 E Main St Unit 9: Jeffrey Jervah to Gregory N. Jones, $155,000

11 Web Rd: Marie Maguire and Michael Mcgravey to John A. Lightbody and Kaitlyn Sullivan, $395,000


18 Elm Park: James M. and Marjorie L. Freer to Alexander R. and Sophie A. Martin, $435,000

41 Groveland Commons Way Unit 41: Sheila M. Mahoney to David Cabral and Kathleen Worden-Cabral, $290,000

873 Salem St: Debra Ann T and Stephen J. Doherty to Alyssa M. and Michael P. Lima, $604,900


54 Bellevue Ave: KA&H LLC to Edmund C. Zimirowski, $385,000

112-114 Cedar St: Cesilia Vargas to Leonel M. Urbaez-Mendez and Veronica Vidal, $349,000

53 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 53: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to 59 Cotuit Street RT and Delore Depiano, $379,900

55 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 55: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to National RT and Samantha M. Murphy, $379,900

18-22 Essex St Unit 22: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to S3 Realty LLC, $104,777

73 Farrwood Dr Unit 73: George A. Macdonald to Deborah J. Adams, $245,500

34 Gilbert Ave: Kevin Klefti to Elisa N. Ngo-Biete and Serge M. Mune, $240,000

14 Hamel Way Unit 14: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Paula Monaco, $314,900

67 High St: Daniel Vasquez-Paridis to Jose C. Fabian-Ceballos, $330,000

118 Locust St Unit 118: Constance K. Moschetto to Krystal Kin and Sopphear Kim, $225,000

727 Main St: Peter J. Marino to Janet Barry and Kenneth J. Marino, $330,000

23 Manners Ave: Deborah A. and Todd M. Lajoie to HSBC Bank USA NA Tr, $259,250

6 Marble St: Saret Kim to Brett M. Morris, $317,500

440 North Ave Unit 20: USA HUD to Iryna Karneyeva, $115,700

440 North Ave Unit 157: Edlira and Elvis Hoxha to NJA FT and Thomas P. Gendron, $150,000

Plaistow Rd Lot 8: C Arthur and Custer A. Cole to 0 Plaistow Road LLC, $200,000

52 Rainbow Dr: Meghann and Nathan Basque to Brian Jobin and Mikaela Jordan, $390,000

201 Salem St: USA HUD to Stephen B. Mccarthy, $225,000

655 W Lowell Ave Unit 15: Robert E. Benjamin to National RT and Frank Cieri, $110,000

8 Westminster Ave: Lewis N. Gould to Cory M. and Jennifer B. Faro, $280,000


97 Beacon Ave Unit 97: Ines Perez to Henry E. Mejia, $125,000

71 Bigelow St: Nieves Gomez to Katherine Perez, $447,000

103-105 Bowdoin St: Lustenberger June C Est and Sandra Perillo to RJP Construction&Dev Inc, $252,000

77-79 Bromfield St: Rafael Disla and E D. Acevedo-DeDisla to Alexander I. Ramirez and Esperanza C. Mauricio, $505,000

73 Butler St: Laeson Donald L Jr Est and Karen Lawson to Ryan Rourke, $176,000

1-3 Currier St: Jose A. and Jeannette Santos to Michelle Lemoniel and Alexander Sanchez-Pujols, $460,000

46 Florence Ave: Manuel Colon to Julio C. Amparo and Dahiana A. Martinez, $305,000

42 Gilbert St: Sandra A. Riopelle to Gary D. Then and Ramona H. Ynoa, $349,000

465 High St: Jose M. Perez to Lorenzo Gabin, $429,900

11 Lawrence St Unit 607: JS 2 Homes LLC to Matthew Rasetta, $99,900

59 Lexington St: Juan Gonzalez to Elizabeth Martinez and Yesenia E. Cornelio, $475,000

395 Lowell St: Luis B. and Cecilia Leonor to Diverse Real Estate LLC, $437,000

11 N Boylston St: Dennis Kolodziej to Wilson R. Javier, $185,000

134 Newton St: Essex Management&Realty to Fernando Horton, $310,000

138 Newton St: 138 Newton St Land T and Action Homebuyers Inc Tr to Jose L. and Nathan L. Madera, $260,000

33-35 Oregon Ave: Pedro Y. Morel to Alfa Zorilla-Guzman, $385,000

25-27 Robinson Ct: Antoine J. Loreus to Ambioris G. Rodriguez, $419,000

39-41 Swan St: Gustavo Suero to Chantall P. Ontivero, $385,000

139 Water St: 1 Hardt LLC to 139 Water Street LLC, $260,000

159-163 Water St: Anthony and Ingrid Rodriguez to Cavallo02 LLC, $480,000

312 Water St Unit 1: Tomas Perez to Rudy A. Tejada, $155,000

205-207 Willow St: Dave and Maria Ortega to Norma Ortega, $395,000

48 Winthrop Ave: Bresnahan FT and Joseph M. Bresnahan to 48 Winthrop Ave LLC, $175,000


3-5 Annis St: Hung and Cindy Trinh to Maria Enerolisa-Ramos and Ignacio Lugo, $480,000

84-86 Brown St: Daoud Ramy and George Ramey to Lisandra Lugo and Juan J. Mejia-Feliz, $400,000

22 Christopher Dr Unit 22: Laura K. Bradbury to Barah Chbib, $232,000

55 Constitution Way Unit 55: Savary Michael D Est and F Peter Waystack to Stephen J. Demeule, $190,000

10 Emerson Ave: Jennifer Decunto to Christine A. Bane, $345,000

19 Hampshire Rd Unit 109: Bryan J. Moore and Kristina L. Dugas to Diana Parker, $233,000

163 Howe St: Gary T. Hammond to 163 Howe St RE LLC, $2,278,792

258 Lowell St: Katalex Properties LLC to Shawn M. and Jennifer L. Kirmes, $405,000

10 Roosevelt Ave: Julie Samara to Wassim Khiami, $250,000

3 Sequoia Dr Unit 3: Toll MA 4 LLC to Luis A. and Idlebrandina C. Taveres, $581,296

37 Tower St: Bishop Jessica Est and Laura J. Broe to Eden Alvarez, $222,500

16 Tyler St: Saint Christopher Props to Shannon M. Russell and Stephen J. Willis, $375,000

6-8 Washington Ct: Julia A. and Peter Edgerly to Steven J. and Sarah D. Rademacher, $408,000

19 White Ave: Thomas M. Niles to Jorge Hernandez and Lucila Martinez, $359,999

55 Woodburn Dr: Suzanne Leonhart and Lisa Spinella to Jason Leonhart, $400,000


416 Abbott St: US Bank NA Tr to Raymond Nickerson, $460,000

4 Fernview Ave Unit 2: Fortunatus LLC to Thomas C. Chase, $217,500

851 Forest St: L Mendes-Deoliveira and Christopher C. Deresende to Luis H. Perez, $655,000

119 Hickory Hill Rd: Mark Kiley to Kyle and Stephanie L. Worthley, $610,000

Johnson St Lot 47: Averka RT and Joseph J. Averka to Messina Development Co, $875,000

25 Martin Ave: Mary L. Dangelo to Dennis B. and Wanda M. Washington, $446,500

95 Pembrook Rd: Pembrook M&A RT and Myles A. Kelly to Tristan Lush and Loren Munro-Lush, $458,025

Rea St Lot 37: Averka RT and Joseph J. Averka to Messina Development Co, $875,000

Rea St Lot 36: Averka RT and Joseph J. Averka to Messina Development Co, $875,000

65 Sugarcane Ln: Thomas C. and Amy B. Lyons to Thomas and Tracy Beasley, $785,000

8 Walker Rd Unit 2: Paula Grant to Marylou Salois and Kathleen Hearty, $189,900

12 Walker Rd Unit 2: David R. and Kevin P. Towler to Debra J. Leno, $164,900

50 Wild Rose Dr: Blane FT and Alexander Blane to Thomas and Haley Massie, $735,000


351 Haverhill St: William D. Standley to Kevin P. Edmonds and Molly M. Schleicher, $510,000

21 Hillview Rd: Dinapoli Real Estate Prop to Thomas P. and Deborah M. Ward, $574,000

12 Marshall St: Schaefer FT and Janet M. Frasca to Stephanie Mcdonald, $550,000

200 Martins Lndg Unit 301: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Glenn C. Samson, $500,000

84 North St: Thomas Massie and Haley A. Mcdermott to Ryan and Katy L. Mcdermott, $512,000

199 Park St: Larkin Edson M Est and Kevin M. Larkin to Tieri RT and David M. Mccue, $320,000


9 Lighthouse Cir Unit C: Bradford P. Johnson to Barbara and Lucas G. White, $351,900

588 N End Blvd: JET T and Evelyn A. Zajchowski to David J. and Marie Ferris, $493,000

1 Sweet Apple Tree Ln: Heidi Stevens-Tatro to Todd Tatro, $140,000

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